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Welcome to the Reagan Bearkat Teachers Page

This page contains photos and listings of former teachers, coaches, principals, and superintendents.

Send me your old photos or stories about your teachers and I'll add them to the website. Any original materials will be returned to you after I've scanned them. Let's keep the site growing.

Reagan School Mascot-The Bearkat


MARY KIRKPATRICK, Teacher at Reagan, Texas
Mary Kirkpatrick (1953)
Mrs. Tom Kelly, Teacher at Reagan Texas in the 40's and 50's
Mrs. Tom Kelly, 1950
Berthie Crow, Reagan Teacher in 1946
Berthie Crow (1946)
Coach Greg, Rockdale Teacher in 1950's
Coach Greg(1952)

Mrs. T.D. Taylor
3rd Grade-1949
Mrs. Sibyl Burnett, Teacher in Reagan Texas in the 1930's and 1940's
Sibyl Moorehead Burnett
Dorothy Ruth Lane(1945)
Mrs. Tom Kelly, 1945
Mrs. Tom Kelly (1945)
Cecil Phillips, 1946
Cecil Phillips (1946)
Mrs. Truett, Reagan Teacher in the late 1940's and early 1950's
Mrs. Truett-1946
1st and 2nd Grades
Mrs. Truett, Reagan Teacher in the late 1940's and early 1950's
Mrs. Truett-
1st and 2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. A.B. Lewis, Reagan Texas teacher
Mrs. A.B. Lewis
Superintendent's Wife
High School Teacher in 1945/46

Former Reagan Texas teachers, Dorothy Lane (Niesen) and Bertie Crow
Former Reagan Teacher, Dorothy Lane (Niesen) (1945-1947)
(on the left)and fellow teacher, Bertie Crow, the music
and 7th and 8th grade teacher.

Reagan Teachers in the 1940's (Miss Truett of Kosse, Margaret Clark and Dorothy Lane
Teachers Miss Truett, Margaret Clark, and Dorothy Lane (1945/46)

The following story about former Reagan teacher Miss Truett comes to us curtesy of Donna Joan Wyatt Bradley, daughter of the Reagan Methodist minister, William Ray Wyatt.

Joan Wyatt was only about four when the family moved to Reagan; she began school there in in 1948 and was in Ms. Truett's first and second grade classes. Joan recalls what a great teacher Ms. Truett was. Even though she was teaching two grades at the same time in the same room, she gave individual reading instruction to allow gifted students to advance more quickly and not keep them in lockstep with the class; she would get her classes busy working on their lessons, then sit and listen to us read. When a student was able to read aloud to her a reader textbook all the way through without missing any words, a new reader was issued. Joan loved to read and had already been taught the rudiments by her older sisters before she even started school, so she was able to advance more quickly. She remembers one time having Ms. Truett issue three readers in one day to her and a classmate, Mary Alyce Matthews. There were no "gifted programs" in those days, but Ms. Truett was ahead of her time in seeing the need for children to advance at their own rates. Joan loved school and learning and would hurry up with her first-grade lessons in order to be able to listen to the second-grade lessons being taught by Mrs. Truett.

Ms. Truett also encouraged nature study and took the classes out on little field trips around the Reagan school to find and identify plants and animals they had studied in science lessons. She also assigned us a list of things to find on our own to teach us to be observant, curious and inquiring, and our treasures and discoveries were brought back to school to be shared with the rest of the class -- algae, cocoons, various rock formations, arrowheads found on the school grounds, bugs, different species plants, wiggletails in a pint jar of rainwater, empty birds' nests, etc. We also learned to bird-watch out those huge glass windows in the classroom, and how overjoyed we all were the first time we saw a scissor-tail! What a wonderful time we had!

In second grade, I recall vividly being given a riddle to think about during our "down time" in the afternoon when we were supposed to sit quietly at our desks with our heads down on our arms to rest:

"White sheep, white sheep on a blue hill;
When the wind stops, you all stand still;
When the wind blows, you all go away.
White sheep, white sheep, where do you stay?"

We were to raise a hand and get permission to talk when we came up with an answer, and I solved this one as I rested and gazed out those big old windows -- the white sheep were the white clouds in the blue sky!

In third and fourth grades, Mrs. Whatley, the new principal's red-headed wife, was Joan's teacher, but the Wyatt family moved during Joan's fourth grade year and relocated to Mineral Wells, Texas, leaving behind the wonderful little town of Reagan, Texas, and many precious friends and memories. "

Reagan Teachers in early 1940's: L-R BACK ROW: Mr Hughes, Mr Lynn, Mr Doyle, Mr Sullivan. MID ROW: Miss McCurry, Miss Creager, Miss Thorn. FRONT ROW: Mrs Burnett, Miss Blain, Miss Brunso.(Photo Curtesy Pauline Nutt Malone of temple)

Edythe Watkins taught home economics there in 1942/43. It was her first teaching position and she was only 19.

Received the following email from Shelly Hobdy Smith (shelbydelin74@yahoo.com) regarding her great-grandmother, Mary Rossamond Barclay, who was a former Reagan teacher:

My great-grandmother is Mary Rossamond Barclay, who was born in Reagan, daughter of Samuel F Barclay and Anna Eliza Jones Barclay. She received her teaching certificate in 1913. She taught at Reagan sometime between then and 1920 when she married Edmund Drew Hobdy.

Thanks, Shelly Hobdy Smith.

Mary Rossamond Barclay, Reagan teacher between 1913 and 1920. Photo courtest Shelly Smith.

In 1912, Ben S. Peek was hired as Reagan school superintendent And Ed Robbins served on the school board.

Misses Dovie Davis, Marion Peyton and Elvie Price were teachers at Reagan in 1907.

Reagan Teacher, Miss Dovie Davis (1909)

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