Petteway, Robertson County, Texas

This webpage is devoted to the settlement of Petteway in Robertson County, Texas.

We're searching for old Petteway photographs and interesting stores, and biographies of families that once lived in Petteway or currently reside in the Pettiway Community. The Bulletin Board is available to post your questions, comments and old photos for our readers.


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Welcome to Len Kubiak's Texas History Series

Texas Flag that flew over Petteway, Texas

Comanche Indians that once controlled the praries of Petteway, Texas


Wecome to the old Robertson County community of Petteway. Petteway is located three miles east of Twin Oaks Reservoir on Farm Road 2293 in north central Robertson County. This website contains the history of the settlement and autobiographies of many of the early-day settlers. This website also contains a partial listing for the Petteway community cemetery (now called the Heard Prarie Cemetery).

This is a webpage under construction. I need your old Petteway photos and family biographies.


Len Kubiak

Received the following email from Heather Petteway Elston : I am a Petteway and I stumbled across your website while doing some research. I have found your website interesting and helpful, and when I am finished with my research I can send you some pics and info that I have from my family that settled and lived there. My father is Mark Petteway. My grandfather is John C Petteway Jr., 1st son of John C Petteway and grandson of Mark Ignatious Petteway.

We go to and contribute to the Petteway Cemetary picnic each year.

Heather Petteway-Elston


By Leonard Kubiak with contributions from Friends of Petteway Texas !

For thousands of years, the region that was to become Petteway and Robertson County was home to a variety of Indian tribes that made their villages along the Brazos river and hunted the area that eventually became Calvert.

Artifacts identified as belonging to the Paleo-Indian (10,000-6,000 B.C.) and Archaic (6,000-200 B.C.) cultures have been found in the area, indicating it was continuously occupied for more than 10,000 years. When the first Europeans arrived in the region, it was dominated by Tawakoni, Tonkawa, and Waco Indians. Occasionally, Comanches, Kiowas, and Lipan-Apaches came into into the area, hunting buffalo and raiding enemy Indian villages. Large buffalo herds grazed upon the open prairies between the Trinity and Brazos rivers in the early 1800s.

Up Until the civil war era, Comanche Indians Still Claimed the Petteway Region as Their Home.

Then the territory came under Mexican jurrisdiction although still settled primarily by Indians. In order to gain greater control of the territory being claimed by the French and worried about the expanding influence of the United States, the mexican government began issuing land grants to bring in white settlers from the States and make them Mexican citizens.

Santa Anna, President of Mexico in the 1820's

In 1825, Robert Leftwich, agent of the Tennessee Colony, received a commission from the Spanish government to bring 800 settlers to Texas. Adjustments were made which allowed Sterling C. Robertson (17851842) to become impresario of the large tract.

Robertson's land was organized as the Mexican municipality of Viesca in 1830. However, after the death of Ben Milam at San Antonio in 1835, the citizens of Viesca voted to rename their municipality Milam.

Robertson County Established (1837)

On December 14, 1837, the Second Congress of the Republic of Texas created a large county out of Bexar, Milam, and Nacogdoches counties, and named it Robertson, for the early impresario. The earliest known white settler in the area that became Robertson County was Joseph Harlan, whose 1837 land grant lay five miles south of what is now the site of Calvert. A trickle of settlers continued arriving in Robertson County until the 1850's when the population began to swell as a result of settlers moving from the Old South bringing their slaves with them. Between 1850 and 1860, the slave population of Robertson County increased from 264 to 2,258. By 1860 40 percent of the county's families owned one or more slaves, and two of the county's largest slaveholders, B. F. Hammond and Reuben Anderson, each owned 100 or more slaves.

After the war ended and slaves were freed, a large contingency of Polish settlers arrived in the area boosting the population of Robertson county. Then the coming of the railroad began creating a network of new towns across the face of Texas including Bremond, Calvert, and Franklin in Robertson County.

Petteway Founded in 1887

Toward the late 1880's, a prarie community was established northeast of Bremond called the Petteway community, named for Michael Micajah (Mike) Petteway, who operated the local general store.

Some of the other early-day Petteway settlers included Stanley Barkowiak who operated the local cotton gin, George H. and Susannah Lambkin Brantner and their family who were farmers, Rev. Alex Edgar Jones and Ida Mae Joyce, Baptist Minister and his wife and others.

By 1900 Petteway had three churches, two schools, three stores, a cotton gin, and a gristmill. The Petteway post office operated from 1887 until the mid 1930s.

After World War II the production of cotton diminished, and the area turned to ranching.

With the arrival of Alcoa Aluminum in Texas in the 1950's, much of the area land was purchased by Alcoa in the 1960's to mine coal. At this time, the population of Petteway dropped to a handful.

Petteway Cemetery

The Petteway Community Cemetery (Also Called Heards Prairie Baptist Cemetery and Post Oak Cemetery), is located about 8 miles east of Bremond, Texas on Farm Road 2293. The following listing is curtesy of Gerrie Dickens Yates, the area historian. We hope to add more information in the near future.

Albrecht, Lorena Mayfield Gaines Died 1971

Anderson, Billie Jean Brantner Mayfield Born Jul 11 1938

Aucutt, Rufus; Born Jan 10, 1883 Died Jun 15, 1883

Autrey Frances Mellissa Lyon Jul 23, 1953 Apr 22, 1998 D of Walter and Bobbie Rogers Lyon.

Avadondo Pauline (Infant) Dec 21, 1933 Oct 14, 1935 D of A. and J. Martinez Avadondo.

Ayers Robert Lee "Bob" Dec 16, 1930 Living H of Virginia Grace McLeod; children Melinda, Beverly and Virginia

Ayers Virginia Grace McLeod Jan 06 1933 Nov 3, 2004 W of Robert Lee "Bob" Ayers; M-7-6-1952; Children Melinda, Beverly and Virginia; D of Carl and Hattie Rebecca Jones McLeod.

Bailey Elizabeth Ann McLeod Oct 10, 1930 Living W of Joe Anderson Bailey. M 9-11-1954, Robertson County, Texas. D of Carl and Hattie Rebecca Jones McLeod.

Bailey Joe Anderson Mar 26, 1927 Living H of Elizabeth Ann McLeod; M 9-11-1954, Robertson County, Texas. S of William Edgar and Myrtle B. Anderson Bailey.

Barclay B.W. Aug 17, 1847 Aug 18, 1847 S of David and Mary Jane Barclay

Barclay David Oct 8, 1829 Jan 1, 1889 H of Mary Jane Barclay. Served in the Confederate States War. M 7-28-1842 in Jasper County, Texas. Served in 1st. Regiment, Texas Infantry State Troops.

Barclay Mary Jane Aug 4, 1825 Mar 3, 1908 W of David Barclay. M 7-28-1842 in Jasper Co., Texas.

Barnes Mary E. Dec 18, 1878 Oct 2, 1880 D of M and S.A. Barnes

Bates Arthur Lee Oct 1, 1881 Aug 13, 1922 H of Eunice Bates

Bell Melvin Eugene Apr 11, 1930 Oct 4, 1998 S of Eugene and Mary Jane Josling Bell

Benge John Edgar Apr 8, 1902 Jun 2, 1988 U.S. Army, WW II. S of John Rufus and Henrietta "Addie" Andrew Benge. Grandson of Thomas Jefferson and Mary Ann Woods Benge.

Benge Marshall L. Aug 19, 1896 Jul 13, 1897 S of John Rufus and Henrietta "Addie" Andrew Benge. Grandson of Thomas Jefferson and Mary Ann Woods Benge.

Benge Mary Ann Woods Nov 10, 1844 Jul 19, 1918 W of Thomas J. Benge

Benge Thomas Jefferson Jul 15, 1838 Jun 24, 1925 H of Mary Ann Woods Benge; No Headstone.

Berg Verna Aliene Oldham Feb 3, 1913 Sep 8, 1982 Born Robertson County, Texas; Died surfside, Texas, not Houston, Texas. D of Johnnie and Orrie Mae Jones Oldham.

Bodiford Josephine C. Bibes Petteway Dec 24 1875 Dec 2, 1948 W of Michael Micajah Petteway, m 5-3-1898 in McLennan County, Texas. 2. W of James Cole Bodiford. D of Augine R. and Jean Marie Bibes. Her parents are buried at the Calvert Cemetery. Have Confederate Pension Application.

Boring John Frank Dec 5, 1884 Apr 3, 1970 H of Lillie Mae Wilkenson Boring

Boring Lillie Mae Wilkenson Mar 7, 1913 Sep 28, 1998 W of John Frank Boring

Brantner Bauna Vista Rae Jul 1, 1911 Jan 5, 2004 W of Hubert W. Brantner. Have Obit. D of David and Olah McAllister Rae.

Brantner Charles Clyde Jun 11, 1945 Mar 25, 1983 S of Clyde Willard & Cleo Cunningham Brantner

Brantner Charles Melvin "Mann" Jul 17, 1932 Living H of Doris Porter Brantner; S of Horace Shay and Mabrey Elizabeth Petteway Brantner.

Brantner Charlie Apr 7, 1850 Mar 21, 1860 S of George H. and Susannah Lambkin Brantner

Brantner Christelle Slaughter Jun 6, 1920 Jan 8, 2001 W of Paten W. Brantner; D of Elmer and Clara Jenkins Slaughter

Brantner Cleo M. Cunningham Oct 11, 1915 Sep 8, 2001 W of 1. Guy Allen 2. Clyde W. Brantner.

Brantner Clyde Willard Aug 12, 1914 Jul 29, 1964 H of Cleo Mae Cunninghan Allen Brantner. S of John Luther and Nora Lloyd Brantner.

Brantner Doris Lyndal Porter Mar 31, 1934 Oct 20, 1979 W. of Charles M. Brantner. D of Elbert & Oma Porter.

Brantner Florence Jessie Hall Oct 15, 1894 Jun 8, 1977 W of Roy Leslie Brantner, Sr. D of Samuel and Mary Jane Quick Hall.

Brantner George Sep 10, 1856 Jun 24, 1910 S of George H. and Susannah Lambkin Brantner

Brantner Horace Shay Sep 1, 1891 Jan 6, 1943 H of Mabrey Elizabeth Petteway. M 7-25-1910. S of John Mathious and Margaret Jane Johnson Brantner.

Brantner Hubert Willis Dec 31, 1911 Living H of Bauna Vista Rae Brantner. S of Horace Shay and Mabrey Elizabeth Petteway Brantner.

Brantner Infant Son Mar 24, 1905 1910 S of Nora Lloyd and John Luther Brantner

Brantner Infant Son 1912 1912 S of Nora Lloyd and John Luther Brantner

Brantner Infant Son 1942 1942 S of Carl L. "Jack" and Juanita Morehead Brantner.

Brantner Infant Daughter 1944 1944 D of Carl L. "Jack" and Juanita Morehead Brantner.

Brantner John Luther Nov 25, 1886 Jan 19, 1923 H of Nora Lloyd Brantner. S of John Mathious and Margaret Jane Johnson Brantner.

Brantner John Mathious Mar 25, 1849 Feb 23, 1937 H of Margaret J. Johnson Brantner. S of George H. and Susannah Lambkin Brantner, Jr. Married 1-28-1869, Montgomery County, Texas.

Brantner Leander "Lee" Apr 14, 1882 Sep 27, 1936 H of Orrie M. Rogers Brantner. Orrie is buried in the Bremond Cemetery. Son of John Mathious and Margaret Jane Johnson Brantner.

Brantner Mabrey Elizabeth Petteway Aug 20 1894 Jan 23, 1960 W of Horace S. Brantner. Married 7-25-1910. Daughter of Peyton William and Nancy Emma Pool Petteway, Sr.

Brantner Margaret Jane Johnson Nov 17 1854 Jul 23, 1943 W of John Mathious Brantner, M 1-28-1869, Montgomery County, Texas. Gravestone has the letter V instead of J. D of William W. and Luraine Parker Johnson.

Brantner Nellie Mae Sep 1, 1917 Nov 4, 1918 D of Roy Leslie and Florence Hall Brantner, Sr.

Brantner Nolan Mathious May 2, 1933 Feb 18, 1966 H of Letha Mae Richardson. S of Roy Sr. and Florence Brantner.

Brantner Nora Lloyd Mar 4, 1892 Jun 12, 1988 W of John Luther Brantner. Mother to Clyde Brantner and Sybel Brantner Mitchell. D of Edward Webster and Emma Lloyd.

Brantner Opa Maurice Aug 31,1896 Jan 9, 1898 S of John M. and Margaret J. Johnson Brantner.

Brantner Paten Willard Mar 28, 1918 Sep 8, 1995 H of Christelle Slaughter Brantner. S of Horace S. and Mabrey Elizabeth Petteway Brantner.

Brantner Reece Arnold "Blues" Aug 07 1923 Living H of Ruth Bernice Cooper Brantner.

Brantner Roy Leslie, Jr. Feb 2, 1926 Dec 14, 1991 H of Margaret Clough Brantner. S of Roy Leslie and Florence Hall Brantner, Sr. S1, US Navy, WW II.

Brantner Roy L., Sr. May 25, 1894 Nov 5, 1973 H of Florence Hall Brantner. S of John Mathious and Margaret Jane Johnson Brantner.

Brantner Ruth Bernice Cooper Apr 07 1926 Living W of Reese Arnold "Blues" Brantner.

Brantner Truman Sep 22, 1913 Sep 26, 1913 S of Lee and Orrie Rogers Brantner

Brown Bunyon Eugene Feb 13, 1925 Aug 20, 1966 S of Jack and Laura Mae Hand Brown: Texas MAM2 USNR WWII

Brown Jack Trollis Apr 9, 1903 Oct 22, 1978 H of Laura Mae Hand Brown. S of Lafayette and Jessie Parish Brown.

Brown Laura M. Hand Jun 18, 1902 Jan 8, 1991 W of Jack T. Brown. D of George and Emma Pool Oldham Hand.

Cabos Jannie Oct 20, 1937 Feb 11, 1945 D of John and Rosie Soto Cabos.

Cabos Mrs. Rosa Soto Aug 30, 1913 Aug 16, 1943 W of John Cabos; No Headstone; Mother to Jannie Cabos.

Carr Minnie Mae Maxwell Oct 22, 1884 Feb 26, 1965 W of William "Will" D. Carr. D of Dr. Jesse and Mary Pryor Maxwell.

Carr William "Will" D. Jan 5, 1873 Jun 21, 1957 H of Minnie Mae Maxwell Carr. S of David and Beckie Hays Carr.

Causey Adys Feb 27, 1916 Feb 2, 1917

Causey John Thomas Jun 18, 1871 Jan 4, 1935 H of Nora Manior Causey. S of J.T. and Miss Snipes Causey.

Causey Lloyd Marion Aug 26, 1910 May 16, 1997 S of John Thomas and Nora Manior Causey.

Causey Nora Manior Dec 14, 1874 Jun 23, 1954 W of John Thomas Causey. Sister to Corrie Mainer Gorman.

Causey Ollie Adora Sep 4, 1899 Aug 3, 1902 D of E.E. & Lillie Causey

Causey Sepie Pauline Dec 12, 1897 Aug 3, 1902 D of E.E. & Lillie Causey

Clark E.J. Mar 2, 1936 Living H of Mary J. Long Clark. Married 12-20-1957. S of Jessie and Linnie Elizabeth Snyder Clark. E.J.

Clark George Norman Sep 13, 1920 Jan 30, 1989 H of Mary Alice Powell Clark.

Clark Mary Alice Powell Dec 9, 1927 Living W of George Norman Clark; D of Vincent and Ora Belcher Wood Powell.

Clark Mary J. Long May 10, 1934 Living W of E.J. Clark. D of Gentry Luther and Etherell Mae Kirk Long.

Clay Mary Pool 1876 1904 W of Felix Clay

Cole Sharon Jett Dec 16, 1951 Aug 22, 1990 D of Jack and Marie Stanford Jett

Comer Lola Mae (Infant) Sep 9, 1939 Oct 27, 1939 D of Alvin L. and Larue Jackson Comer.

Comer Susana Loraine Brantner Mar 01 1876 Nov 12, 1969 W of John T. Comer. D of John Mathious and Margaret Jane Johnson Brantner.

Cooper Clara McKinney Mar 26, 1935 Living W of Willie Calvin Cooper. D of Mack Robert and Eula Forson McKinney.

Cooper Willie Calvin, Sr. Oct 15, 1924 Jun 26, 1974 H of Clara McKinney Cooper. S of Henry Tilton and Willie Mae Redden Cooper.

Coursey Henry W. Sep 21, 1876 Jun 28, 1959 S of Emmett and Miss (?) Parkes Coursey. Uncle to Alonzo Watson.

Creel Sherley Dexter Jan 10, 1894 May 27, 1985 H of Wilson Clyde Rice Creel. Sherley Dexter is the Father and his wife is Wilson Clyde Rice Creel.

Creel Shirley A. Jun 26, 1930 Living D of Sherley and Wilson Clyde Rice Creel

Creel Wilson Clyde Rice May 5, 1904 Nov 16, 1990 W of Sherley Dexter Creel.

Crisp Artie Dec 20, 1915 Dec 4, 1916 S of Viola & Felix Crisp

Crisp Elvie Smith Mar 25, 1898 Aug 4, 1970 W of Ira Lee Crisp. D of Paschel and Frances Evans Smith

Crisp George W. May 12, 1862 Dec 1, 1928 H of Nancy Ann Crisp

Crisp Infant Daughter May 11, 1921 May 11, 1921 D of Ira and Elvie Smith Crisp

Crisp Ira Lee Oct 1, 1896 Sep 4, 1961 H of Elvie Smith Crisp

Crisp Jessie W. Aug 26, 1885 Nov 1, 1918

Crisp Johnnie Alma Dec 22, 1904 Oct 22, 1905 D of George W. and Nancy Ann Crisp

Crisp Jona 1883 Feb 27, 1905

Crisp Nancy Ann Jun 9, 1867 Jun 15, 1913 W of George W. Crisp

Cude Marcella Albrecht May 16, 1927 Oct 13, 2001 W of Herman Holland Cude; D of Willie and Lorena Mayfield Albrecht.

Cunningham Miss Elizabeth May Oct 4, 1871 Nov 13, 1891 D of Anderson & Sylvania Garner Cunningham

Davidson Mamie Lee Smith Jul 13, 1927 Feb 19, 1992

Davis Infant Son Jan 6, 1952 Jan 6, 1952 S of R.C. and Jessie Crisp Davis

Davis John 1943 Jul ?, 2005 S of Richard Raymond and Ruth Causey Davis

Davis Jon Richard Apr 27, 1939 Apr 27, 1939

Davis Richard Raymond Dec 19, 1906 Oct 2, 1982 H of Ruth Causey Davis

Davis Ruth Causey Sep 12, 1907 Jun 25, 1991 W of Richard Raymond Davis

Duke J.D. Not Given May 5, 1888

Faircloth Infant Nov 1, 1901 Nov 2, 1901 S of J.D. & L.L. Faircloth

Faircloth Oscaar Cannon Jul 14, 1898 Jun 22, 1899 S of J.D. & L.L. Faircloth

Farmer Dorman McClendon May 10, 1915 Dec 5, 1991 H of Vera V. Brantner Farmer

Farmer Nancy Ellen Dec 24, 1959 Mar 16, 1961 D of Dorman M. and Vera V. Brantner Farmer

Farmer Vera Virginia Brantner Nov 7, 1921 Living W of Dorman M. Farmer. D of Roy Leslie and Florence Jane Brantner, Sr.

Forson Evelyn Nele Dec 23, 1933 Dec 23, 1933 D of Mack Hearne and Valera "Babe" Hughes Forson.

Forson Mack Hearne Nov 23, 1909 Jan 26, 2001 H of Valera "Babe" Hughes Forson. S of William Nathaniel and Martha Gibson Forson.

Forson Mattie Hart Jul 20, 1858 Jul 9, 1892 1st. W of William Nathaniel Forson

Forson Mrs. W.N. Jul 19, 1880 Sep 29, 1968 Real name: Martha Paralee Williams; 2nd. W of W.N. Forson; D of Martha Gibson Williams: grand daughter to Uriah Gibson.

Forson Valera Mae "Babe" Hughes Nov 06 1914 Jun 9, 1997 W of Mack H. Forson

Forson William Nathaniel Jul 11, 1849 Dec 17, 1924 H of 1) Mattie Hart Forson and 2) Martha Paralee Williams Forson.

Garner Andrew J. Jan 20, 1849 Mar 9, 1927 H of Eliza Garner. Have Confederate Pension Application.

Garner Eliza Aug 31, 1813 Aug 15, 1883 W of Andrew J. Garner

Garner Lee M. May 6, 1876 May 6, 1876 S of W.N. & S.A. Garner

Garner Mary E. Dec 8, 1878 Oct 2, 1880 D of Martin Van Buren & Seraphine Ann Cunningham Garner

Gibson Hesikiah Sep 27, 1846 Nov 30, 1891 H of Louisa A. Sweat Gibson. Died in Limestone County, Texas. Married 1-13-1869 in Madison County, Texas. Have Confederate Pension Application of wife Louisa A. Sweat Gibson. Louisa A. Sweat Gibson died 3-11-1926 in Groesbeck, Limestone County, Texas.

Gibson Nancy Sweat Not Known Not Known No Headstone; D of Fred Gibson

Gibson Uriah 1821 Jan 12, 1884

Goodson Thelma M. Henderson Jul 30, 1921 Dec 30, 1993 D of William and Mrytle Jones Henderson

Gorman Corrie L. Mainer Aug 9, 1879 Feb 11, 1959 W of Tom Gorman. Mother of R.T. "Baby" Gorman.

Gorman R.T. "Baby" Oct 4, 1912 Aug 14, 1914 S of Corrie I. Mainer Gorman

Gorman Thelma M. Not Known Not Known

Gorman Walter L. Nov 27, 1903 Aug 5, 1962 Texas Ssgt Co A 804 MP BN WW II

Green Cantrell Rufus Feb 11, 1911 May 14, 1982 H of Lillie Mae Shook

Green J.T. Not Known Not Known H of Maggie West

Green Maggie West Jul 6, 1877 Mar 22, 1906 W of J.T. Green

Green Mark Dwayne Oct 11, 1963 Oct 13, 1963 S of Billy and Shirley Powell Green

Green Shirley Nell Powell Aug 25, 1940 Feb 17, 2005 W of Billy Green; D of Vincent and Ora B. Wood Powell

Gunter Luella R. Dec 10, 1862 Jul 25, 1904

Gunter Rev. Ezra S. Aug 15, 1834 Jan 30, 1903 H of Sara M. Gunter; Came to Texas after CSA War

Gunter Sarah M. Nov 27, 1833 Mar 23, 1907 W of Rev. Ezra S. Gunter

Hale D.O. Not Known Not Known

Hammond Dennis Wayne Apr 26, 1946 Mar 7, 1970 S of Willie Ernest and Gertrude Opal Hammond. Served in Viet Nam War. Died in Viet Nam. Have Obit.

Hammond Gertrude Opal McKinney Jul 23 1916 Jan 3, 1981 W of Willie Ernest Hammond. D of Mack and Eula Forson McKinney. Have Obit.

Hammond Willie Ernest Jan 29, 1913 Apr 2, 1994 H of Gertrude Opal McKinney. S of Tobe and Belma Rushing Hammond.

Hand Bell McClure Jan 21, 1841 Sep 26, 1912 W of J.M. Hand c: John Seaton, George W., Walter A., W.H. Hand.

Hand Bessie Alsop Nov 29, 1881 Sep 2, 1962 2nd. W of John Seaton Hand: C-John Sam Hand, 9-17-1919; Betty Hand, 6-21-1921; Ruby Hand Oldham 1-13-1924.

Hand Dora Corn Jul 11, 1866 Mar 23, 1910 1st. W of John Seaton Hand, No children.

Hand Edmond T. Nov 6, 1894 Jul 25, 1900 S of George W. and Emma Ophelia Oldham Hand.

Hand Emma Ophelia Oldham Aug 25 1872 Jan 9, 1962 W of George W. Hand; Have Obit.

Hand George W. 1866 Mar 14, 1962 H of Emma O. Hand; S of J.M. & Belle McClure Hand.

Hand John M. Aug 18, 1838 Dec 20, 1900 H of Bell McClure Hand.

Hand John Seaton 1863 May 29, 1943 H of 1. Dora Corn Hand 2. Bessie Alsop Hand

Hand Matt 1898 1925 S of George W. and Emma Hand. Died under a train.

Hand Mattie Thompson 1898 1962 W of Walter A. Hand

Hand Walter A. 1872 1942 H of Mattie Thompson Hand. S of John M. and Bell McClure Hand.

Hardy Amanda E. Dec 27, 1835 Jul 17, 1898

Hardy Infant Feb 14, 1904 Jan 24, 1905 D of W.D. & Emma Hardy

Harrison Ennis F. 1887 1949

Harrison Gus Auga Mar 25, 1884 Sep 15, 1916 Woodsmen of the World

Harrison John D. Jun 7, 1882 Jul 26, 1947 H of Lula C. Jenkins Harrison

Harrison Lula C. Jenkins Oct 1, 1884 Jun 4, 1976 W of John D. Harrison; D of Allen W. and Martha Ophelia "Mattie" Ware Jenkins.

Hart Herschel Odel Nov 24, 1922 May 3, 2002 H of Wanda Lee Creel Hart; Served WWII-Army South Pacific

Hart Wanda Lee Creel Jun 21, 1926 Dec 21, 1995 W of Herschel O. Hart. D of Sherley Dexter and Wilson Clyde Rice Creel.

Hays William Emmanuel, Sr. Apr 23, 1949 Mar 15, 2004 S.Sgt. US Air Force, Viet Nam.

Hellums John A. Apr 11, 1852 Feb 22, 1902

Henderson Ellie Ophelia Jones Jul 14, 1902 Oct 3, 1986 W of Uptoon L. Henderson. D of Frederick Marshall and Josephine Adnrus Jones.

Henderson Myrtle V. Jones Sep 5, 1899 Mar 11, 1993 W of William T. Henderson. D of Frederick Marshall and Josephine Andrus Jones.

Henderson Saddie Not Known Mar 20, 1954

Henderson Upton Lafette Jul 30, 1898 May 6, 1966 H of Ellie O. Jones Henderson. S of William T. and Annie Blackwell Henderson.

Henderson William T. Oct 21, 1896 Mar 19, 1954 H of Myrtle V. Jones Henderson. S of William T. and Annie Blackwell Henderson.

Hicks Cora May Feb 8, 1892 Oct 17, 1918 W of G.A. Hicks

Hodges George W. 1889 Feb 23, 1951 H of Ida Lucinda Pettteway Hodges

Hodges Ida Lucinda Petteway 1892 Feb 17, 1954 W of George W Hodges

Holder Homer S. 1892 1978 H of Iva Lea Holder

Holder Iva Lea Smith 1894 1975 W of Homer S. Holder; D of Paschel and Frances Evans Smith

Hope Mollie Dove Polk Feb 5, 1872 Aug 22, 1965 W of Rev. A.G. Hope. D of Ed and Emily Milan Polk.

Hudson A.C. Jul 19, 1857 Aug 27, 1910

Hudson Edward W. Sep 8, 1845 Apr 9, 1920 Pvt Co. H 2 Regt Tx Inf Conf States Army. Have confederate Pension Application. Born in Sussex County, Delaware.

Hughes Alma McKinney Jan 21, 1909 Oct 26, 1944 W of Bruce Hughes; D of Mack and Eula Forson McKinney. Twin of Eldred McKinney.

Hughes Eva Bee May 10, 1910 Mar 9, 1911

Hughes Mary Katherine West Feb 21, 1891 Dec 14, 1954 W of Walter D. Hughes. D of Issac West.

Hughes Oris Lee Dec 3, 1905 Aug 30, 1907 D of H.J. & M.A. Hughes

Hughes Walter D. Sep 10, 1877 Jan 21, 1963 H of Mary K. Hughes

Hulsey Ollie L. Hand Jun 4, 1904 Jul 3, 1998

Jackson Berry W. May 2, 1908 May 5, 1971 H of Vernese White Jackson; S of Jim and Della Jackson.

Jackson Della D. Sharp Jan 28, 1877 Aug 30, 1947 W of Jim A. Jackson

Jackson H. Sep 27, 1846 Nov 6, 1898

Jackson James "Jim" Andrew Jul 15, 1878 Jun 24, 1946 H of Della D. Sharp. S of W.H. and Joanna Guy Jackson.

Jackson Joanna Guy 1858 1939 W of William H. Jackson

Jackson Kenneth Jun 10, 1947 Oct 20, 1998 S of Berry W. and Vernese White Jackson

Jackson Vernese White Apr 22, 1912 Aug 12, 1999 W of Berry W. Jackson.

Jackson William H. 1850 1923 H of Joanna Guy Jackson

Jenkins Allen Walter Dec 24, 1852 Oct 3, 1931 H of 1. Mary Jane "Mollie" Ware Jenkins. 2. Martha Ophelia "Mattie" Ware Jenkins. Mary and Martha are the daughters of William Bateman and Martha Ann Hamilton Ware. 3. Mrs. Annie Carter Jenkins, buried at the West Boone Prairie, 1859-1915. S of Owen and Adaline Mann Jenkins.

Jenkins Dilland No Headstone - Twin sons of John Robert and Mary Elizabeth Williams Lummus Jenkins

Jenkins Dillard No Headstone - Twin sons of John Robert and Mary Elizabeth Williams Lummus Jenkins

Jenkins Ella Nora 1899 1901 D of John Robert and Ellen Nora Johnson Jenkins.

Jenkins Ellen Nora Johnson Jan 28, 1869 Nov 4, 1889 W of John Robert Jenkins

Jenkins Ernest Thomas Nov 22, 1889 Dec 10, 1957 H of Virgie Lee Green. S of Allen Walter and Martha Ophelia "Mattie" Ware Jenkins.

Jenkins Euell Bud Aug 18, 1886 Jan 17, 1969 S of Allen Walter and Martha Ophelia "Mattie" Ware Jenkins

Jenkins John Robert Jun 15, 1859 Nov 15, 1933 H of 1. Ellen Nora Johnson Jenkins 2. Mary Manor McClellan Jenkins 3. Mary Elizabeth Williams Lummus Jenkins. S of Owen and Adaline Mann Jenkins.

Jenkins Mary Elizabeth Williams Lummus Nov 27 1875 Dec 27, 1956 W of 1. John Allen Lummus 2. John Robert Jenkins. Buried with John Lummus. D of W.J. and Louise J. Berkley Williams.

Jenkins Mattie Ware May 3, 1864 Mar 12, 1891 Real name; Martha Ophelia "Mattie" Ware Jenkins. 2nd. W of Allen W. Jenkins. Sister to Mary Jane "Mollie" Ware Jenkins and Lydia Idelia "Ida" Ware Arcutt. D of William Bateman and Martha Ann Hamilton Ware.

Jenkins Mollie Ware 1858 Mar 4, 1880 Real name: Mary Jane "Mollie" Ware Jenkins. 1st. W of Allen W. Jenkins. M 2-4-1876 in Robertson County, Texas. Sister to Martha Ophelia "Mattie" Jenkins, Lydia Idelia "Ida" Ware Arcutt, and Lillie Alice Ware Pool.

Jenkins William F. Apr 3, 1879 Aug 20, 1882 S of J.W. and S.A. Jenkins

Jett Jack W. Jul 8, 1916 Mar 20, 2005 H of Marie Stanford Jett. S of Erasta Haynes and Lucy Holder Jett.

Jett Marie Stanford Jan 31, 1921 Living W of Jack W. Jett. M 3-26-1938, Franklin, Texas. D of Robert L. "Bob" and Ruby Gertrude Smith Stanford.

Jett Rev. Robert Morris, Sr Apr 04 1941 Apr 11, 2004 H of Eula Mae Terrell Jett. S of Jack and Marie Stanford Jett. PFC US Army, Viet Nam. Have Funeral Program.

Johnson Amanda M. Barclay Sep 18, 1852 Jan 16, 1883 W of J.H. Johnson

Johnson Infant Daughter Jul 3, 1891 Jul 3, 1891 D of J.W. and M.J. Barclay Johnson

Johnson Luraine Parker Jun 29, 1828 Apr 21, 1913 W of William Wilburn Johnson.

Johnson William Isiah Apr 14, 1849 Mar 31, 1879 H of Mary Jane Brantner; S of W.W. and Luraine Parker Johnson

Johnson William Wilburn Jan 19, 1829 Jun 6, 1910 H of Luraine Parker Johnson. S of William and Mary Shye Johnson. Have Confederate Pension Application.

Jones Agnes "Aggie" Bush Apr 10, 1881 Jul 2, 1924 W of John G. Jones; D of Jesse Mihan and Kitty Ann Bolton Bush

Jones Almon Jackson Jan 8, 1883 Jun 22, 1963 H of Ethel Johnson Jones; S of Hardy and Madella Walker Jones

Jones Alton Dec 19, 1923 Oct 22, 1924 S of Waldron Constantine and Mary Imogene Jenkins Jones.

Jones Annie L. Jan 6, 1923 Living W of Rozell V. Jones

Jones Annie Mae Smith Dec 27, 1904 Jan 31, 1986 W of Tom Jones. D of Mr. & Mrs. Dee Smith.

Jones Billie Joe Aug 7, 1928 May 30, 2001 H of Patricia Linley Williams; m 2-17-1968; S of Tom and Annie Mae Smith Jones.

Jones Charles Thomas (C.T.) Feb 10 1905 1929 H of Hattie Rogers Jones

Jones E.L. Jan 24, 1888 Oct 12, 1889 D of Hardy and Madella Jones

Jones E.O. Jun 14, 1885 Oct 18, 1886 D of Hardy and Madella Jones

Jones Ellie Price Broach Apr 3, 1848 Feb 19, 1918 W of Peter Frederick Jones. D of George and Mary Frances Farris Broach.

Jones Emma Louvenia Brantner Oldham Jun 17 1871 Jan 25, 1936 W of 1. Charles Edward Oldham 2. Rev. Alex E. Jones

Jones Ethel Lee Johnson Jan 4, 1883 Jan 1, 1916

Jones Hardy 1857 1932 H of Laura Madella Walker Jones

Jones Harmon Nov 16, 1893 Sep 1, 1903

Jones Hattie Rogers Jul 27, 1874 Feb 26, 1909 W of Charles Thomas (C.T.) Jones

Jones John Griffin 1880 Apr 13, 1953 H of Agnes "Aggie" Bush. S of Peter Frederick and Ellie Price Broach Jones.

Jones Josephine B. Andrus Oct 21, 1877 Nov 15, 1959 W of Rev. Fred M. Jones. D of Joseph and Sally Hollingsworth Andrus.

Jones L.L. May 5, 1888 Oct 12, 1889 D of Hardy and Laura Madella Walker Jones

Jones Laura Dale Jenkins Apr 5, 1909 Dec 7, 1975 W of Rex A. Jones: Have Funeral Program

Jones Laura Madella Walker 1862 1934 W of Hardy Jones; D of Calton and Jane Catherine Harwell Walker.

Jones Leon Nelson Aug 12, 1915 Sep 17, 1916

Jones Leonadous Sep 20, 1880 Sep 21, 1900 S of Hardy and Laura Madella Walker Jones.

Jones Lois Nov 27, 1913 Jul 26, 1916 D of W.C. Jones and Mary Imogene Jenkins Jones. Her parents are buried at Brookside Cemetery, Houston, Harris County, Texas.

Jones Minnie E. Brantner White Jul 17 1880 May 30, 1975 W of 1. R.H. White 2.) Rev. Alex E. Jones. D of John Mathious and Margaret Jane Johnson Brantner.

Jones Myrtle Hope Feb 5, 1898 Nov 22, 1984 W of W. Kay Jones - Married 64 years

Jones Patricia Linley Williams Oct 28 1943 Living W of Billie Joe Jones; M2-17-1968

Jones Peter Frederick Feb 14, 1845 Sep 16, 1910 H of Ellie Price Broach. S of Issac John and Mary Polly Burns Jones.

Jones Rev. Alex E. Sep 15, 1869 May 9, 1951 H of 1. Ida Mae Joyce Jones. She is buried in the Franklin Cemetery. 2. Emma Louvenie Brantner Oldham Jones. 3. Minnie E. Brantner White Jones. S of Peter Frederick and Ellie Price Broach Jones.

Jones Rev. Frederick Marshall Mar 13 1872 Nov 30, 1957 H of Josephine B. Andrus Jones. S of Peter Frederick and Ellie Price Broach Jones.

Jones Rex Allen Nov 29, 1904 Oct 29, 1974 H of Laura Dale Jenkins Jones: Have Funeral Program. S of Rev. Alex Edgar and Emma Louvenia Brantner Oldham Jones.

Jones Rozell V. Sep 11, 1920 Aug 10, 1983 H of Annie L. Jones

Jones Tom D. May 21, 1903 Sep 22, 1983 H of Annie Mae Smith Jones

Jones Van Keith Aug 13, 1900 Jan 18, 1959 S of Charles Thomas and Hattie Rogers Jones. Never married.

Jones Walter Alton Nov 10, 1904 Aug 30, 1922

Jones Willie Kay Aug 1, 1896 Aug 3, 1981 H of Myrtle Hope Jones. Have Obit. S of Hardy and Laura Madella Walker Jones.

Kegler Alzora Sep 4, 1880 Oct 21, 1882 D of G. & E.T. Kegler

Lauderdale Babies 1934 1936 Children of Solon and Edna Mckinney Lauderdale.

Lee Johnnie C. McKinney 1922 Living W of 1. Clarence Petteway 2. Bennie Oldham 3. Thomas Lee 4. Cleburn Hogue. Cleburn is buried at the Dallenger Cemetery next to his mother.

Lee Pauline Oct 19, 1915 Oct 19, 1915

Lee Thomas Jefferson Feb 3, 1923 Sep 1, 1966 H of Jonnie C. McKinney Petteway Lee Hogue. -Texas PFC Tech Service Unit WWII. Texas SP4 U.S. Navy; S of Peter Frederick and Olga Fields Lee

Lenox Bobby Sam Jul 22, 1941 Sep 18, 1970 Texas SP4 U.S. Navy

Lenox Elma Apr 24, 1912 Sep 14, 1995 W of Sam Lenox; c Marilyn, Bob, Larry, Billy

Lenox Sam Jul 27, 1894 Oct 23, 1943 H of Elma Lenox

Loper Lenora "Lynn" Watson Jul 1, 1926 May 20, 2000

Lummus Infant Daughter Mar 7, 1900 Mar 7, 1900 D of John A. and Mary Elizabeth Williams Lummus

Lummus John Allen Apr 8, 1869 Mar 28, 1905 H of Mary E. Williams Lummus Jenkins

Mainer Sallie S. 1845 1917

Martinez Manuel Nov 27, 1938 Dec 2, 1938 S of Sam Martinez and Miss Solando

Martinez T. May 7, 1921 Apr 4, 1938 S of Carlos and Orlecio Martinez

Mason Hattie Mar 21, 1852 Oct 13, 1924 Cousin to Elizabeth Balsora "Ballie" Vernon Rogers.

Mayfield Ronald Keith Jul 11, 1964 Living S of Donald Earl and Billie Jean Brantner Mayfield.

McClellan Adelle E. Nov 3, 1886 Nov 16, 1897 D of G.E. and M. McClellan

McGilvrey Walter Feb 4, 1898 Dec 13, 1900 S of T.L. & M.J. McGilvrey

McKinney Addie G. Forson 1890 1965 W of James T. McKinney; M 11-9-1905, Robertson County, Texas. D of William N. and Mattie Hart Forson.

McKinney Alfred Lee Apr 8, 1939 May 6, 1997 S of Willie Erma McKinney. F to Johnnie and Anthony McKinney.

McKinney Dave Not Given Not Given Gift Stone from Hattie Hughes. F to Mack Robert McKinney.

McKinney Dolly Dec 31, 1922 Sep 6, 1968 D of James T. and Addie G. McKinney

McKinney Donald David Feb 18, 1930 Jan 15, 1982 W of Mildred McKinney. S of Mack and Eula Forson McKinney.

McKinney Eldred Jewel Jan 21, 1909 Sep 10, 1966 Texas Tech 1944 Svc. Comm. Unit WW II. Never married. S of Mack and Eula Forson McKinney. Alma McKinney Hughes is his twin sister

McKinney Ellen Mable Slaughter Jul 23, 1913 Sep 20, 1939 W of Carl McKinney. Carl is buried in Baytown, Texas. Ellen Mable died in childbirth. Baby buried with her. D of Elmer and Clara Jenkins Slaughter. Funeral Program

McKinney Eula Forson Feb 19, 1888 Feb 3, 1970 W of Mack R. McKinney. M 7-14-1904. D of William N. and Mattie Hart Forson.

McKinney Fannie Bertha Forson Jan 6, 1880 Oct 26, 1966 W of John J. McKinney; M 10-30-1906. Have obit. D of William N. and Mattie Hart Forson.

McKinney Infant Sep 11, 1895 Sep 18, 1895

McKinney Infant Daughter 1929 1930 D of Jim Everette & Thelma McKinney

McKinney James Earl 1929 1929 Child of Mack and Eula Forson McKinney

McKinney James Thomas May 15, 1880 May 10, 1960 H. of Addie G. Forson McKinney

McKinney Jim Everette Sep 8, 1907 Mar 12, 1963 H of Thelma Mae Peters; S of James T. and Addie G. Forson McKinney

McKinney John James Sep 15, 1875 Jan 5, 1958 H of Fannie B. McKinney. S of Dave and Mattie Stewart McKinney.

McKinney Johnny L. Dec 9, 1972 Jan 12, 1999 H of Diane McKinney. S of Alfred Lee and Mary McKinney

McKinney Mack R. May 15, 1880 Jul 24, 1954 H of Eula Forson McKinney. S of Dave M. and Mattie Stewart McKinney.

McKinney Mattie Stewart Not Known Not Known W of Dave McKinney

McKinney Thelma Mae Peters Mar 11, 1911 1983 W of Jim Everette McKinney

McKinney Willie Erma 1920 1968 D of Mack and Eula Forson McKinney

McLauchlan Thelma Natalie Thomas - Aug 16, 2000 D of George and Mary Thomas.

McLeod Hattie Rebecca Jones Feb 18, 1905 May 25, 1990 W of Carl McLeod, Born 8-11-1899, Died 5-26-1983. Carl is buried in the Henry Prairie Cemetery, Robertson County, Texas. Carl is the son of Daniel Milton and Elizabeth Texana Bishop McLeod. D of Charles Thomas and Hattie Rogers Jones.

McPhail John William Apr 24, 1876 Feb 28, 1891 H of Susan Ella Whitley McPhail

McPhail Susan Ella Whitley Nov 12, 1880 Mar 23, 1891 W of John William McPhail

Meggs David Willis May 10, 1829 Oct 31, 1902 H of Mary J. Meggs. Served in the Cicil War.

Meggs Mary Jane Jul 19, 1835 May 7, 1922 W of David W. Meggs.

Miller Amanda E. Sep 12, 1869 Apr 4, 1882

Mitchell Jerry Wayne Mar 24, 1937 Living H of Joanna Hackel Mitchell; S of Syble Ree Brantner and Willie T. Mitchell.

Mitchell Joanna Hackel Jun 24, 1937 Aug 24, 2003 W of Jerry Wayne Mitchell; M 6-16-1956

Mitchell Syble Ree Brantner Jun 6, 1917 Living W of Willie Mitchell

Mitchell Willie Thomas Dec 25, 1906 Nov 3, 1976 H of Syble Rea Brantner Mitchell. S of Ben and Lizzie Smith Mitchell.

Morehead Alice Roe Feb 27, 1883 Jan 15, 1956 W of Henry Nickles Morehead

Morehead Cameron "Cam" Jan 18, 1918 Jun 5, 1973 H of Viola Morehead; S of Henry and Alice Roe Morehead.

Morehead Edgar Aug 5, 1891 Nov 11, 1891 S of William and Sedora Jackson Morehead

Morehead Fred A. Feb 16, 1910 Dec 24, 1962 S of Henry Nickels and Alice Roe Morehead

Morehead George Lee Mar 7, 1904 Feb 19, 1963 S of Henry Nickles and Alice Morehead

Morehead Grady Henry 1897 Jan 30, 1965 S of Henry Nickles and Alice Morehead

Morehead Henry Nickles Apr 30, 1873 Oct 6, 1960 H of Alice Morehead

Morehead Infant Aug 26, 1893 Aug 26, 1893

Morehead Lillie Mae Feb 19, 1908 Apr 29, 1923

Morehead Nathinel Harvery Feb 18, 1906 Sep 1, 1968 S of Henry Nickles and Alice Morehead

Morehead Sedorah A. Jackson May 6, 1873 Apr 5, 1908 W of William A. Morehead

Morehead Viola Mar 19, 1924 Jul 22, 2004 W of Cam Morehead

Morehead William A. Sep 1, 1877 Dec 22, 1940 H of 1. Sedora A. Jackson Morehead 2. Laura Williams Blount Morehead, buried in White Rock Cemetery. S of W.L. and Miss Whitehead Morehead.

Napper Ellen G. Sep 21, 1910 Mar 8, 1993

Nickols J.R. Aug 13, 1882 Mar 26, 1900

Oldham Agness A. Bates Jun 5, 1903 Nov 7, 1986 W of Edgar Oldham. D of Arthur and Eunice Bates.

Oldham B.F. "Red" Mar 2, 1878 Mar 22, 1879

Oldham Ben Oct 7, 1881 Dec 23, 1900 S of Benjamin Franklin and Emily A. Durham Oldham

Oldham Benjamin Franklin 1840 Oct 17, 1883 H of Emily A. Durham Oldham. Enlisted 1862 Miss. Vaden's Artillery, Co. L., 1st. Miss Light Artillery.

Oldham Bennie Franklin Apr 6, 1918 Nov 24, 1995 H of Mary Evelyn Basham

Oldham Buren Bedford Sep 28, 1920 Mar 14, 1952 S of Johnnie and Orrie Mae Jones Oldham.

Oldham Calvin Shellman Feb 20, 1869 Mar 19, 1951 H of Pallie Alma Poole Oldham. S of Benjamin F. and Emily A. Durham Oldham.

Oldham Charles Edward Feb 16, 1865 Mar 29, 1899 H of Emma Louvenia "Vennie" Brantner Oldham Jones. S of Benjamin F. and Emily A. Durham Oldham.

Oldham Edgar B. Feb 11, 1901 Jan 25,1963 H of Agness A. Bates Oldham

Oldham Emily A. Durham Aug 5, 1838 Dec 16, 1913 W of Benjamine F Oldham. Born in Attala County, Miss. Married 12-13-1856 in Attala County, Miss.

Oldham Hester Jul 30, 1876 Dec 16, 1876 D of Benjamine F. & Emily A. Oldham

Oldham John Franklin Jul 9, 1870 Oct 5, 1942 H of Ola L. Brantner Oldham; M 1-29-1903; S of Benjamin Franklin and Emily A. Durham Oldham.

Oldham John Young Mar 1, 1913 Sep 11, 2000 H of Ruby Hand Oldham; M 10-21-1948. US Air Force WWII; S of Calvin and Pallie Alma Poole Oldham.

Oldham Johnnie B. Mar 5, 1895 Nov 4, 1972 H of Orrie Mae Jones Oldham.

Oldham Lulene May 2, 1878 Jul 22, 1879 D of Benjamine F. & Emily A. Oldham

Oldham Mable M. Oct 6, 1904 Mar 18, 1917 D of Calvin and Pallie Alma Poole Oldham.

Oldham Norman Durwood Dec 25, 1925 Feb 10, 1990 H of 1. Lorena McKinney 2. Margaret Carnagee. S of Otis troy and Willie Hamilton Oldham.

Oldham Ola Lummie "Lucy" Brantner Jul 04 1894 Oct 1, 1934 W of John F. Oldham. D of John Mathious and Margaret Jane Johnson Brantner. Have Obit.

Oldham Orrie Mae Jones May 9, 1901 Apr 21, 1932 W of Johnnie B. Oldham. D of Hardy and Laura Madella Walker Jones.

Oldham Otis T. "Oats" Jul 5, 1893 Jul 3, 1976 H of Willie A. Hamilton Oldham.

Oldham Pallie Alma Poole Jun 17, 1879 Nov 11, 1958 W of Calvin S. Oldham. D of William and Pallie A. Handez Poole

Oldham Ruby Hand Jan 13, 1924 Living W of John Young Oldham; M 10-21-1948, Franklin, Texas.

Oldham Willie Augusta Hamilton Jun 30 2893 Dec 29, 1975 W of Otis T. Oldham. Mother to Norman Durwood Oldham.

Oldham Wm. Foster Not Given Aug 5, 1927

Parvack Ula Viola Nov 9, 1893 Nov 30, 1898 D of J.B. & R.L. Parvack

Penick Emma Sue Brantner Oct 9, 1930 Jan 24, 2004 W of Jeff Travis Penick. Have Obit. D of Horace Shay & Mabrey Elizabeth Petteway Brantner.

Peters Margie L. Jun 27, 1914 Aug 12, 1991 W of Willie C Peters

Peters Willie C. May 22, 1915 Nov 23, 1969 H of Margie L Peters

Petteway Babe Jan 26, 1916 Jan 26, 1916

Petteway Christine Monte Aug 12, 1908 May 10, 1991 W of Clifford Poole Petteway

Petteway Clarence E. Oct 20, 1891 Jan 2, 1952 H of Myrtle Swingler Petteway. Texas Pvt. Quartermaster Corps. WWI

Petteway Clifford Poole Aug 29, 1902 Feb 6, 1996 H of Christine Monte Petteway. S of Peyton and Nancy Emma Pool Petteway. Have Obit.

Petteway Edna L. Jul 22, 1900 Nov, 1968 W of Milton H Petteway

Petteway Frances Louise James Apr 30, 1918 Jan 27, 2001 W of John Henry Petteway; D of Frank A. & Annie Mauk James: Have Obit

Petteway Infant Jan 26, 1916 Jan 26, 1916 C of P.W. and Emma Petteway

Petteway Infant Twins Feb 4, 1889 Feb 4, 1889

Petteway James Kegler Feb 23, 1904 Jun 2, 1987 H of Maude Marie Morton Petteway

Petteway Janice "Necie" Jun 25, 1929 Sep 6, 1965 D of Clarence and Myrtle Swingler Petteway.

Petteway Joel Feb 1, 1932 Feb 3, 1965 S of Clarence and Myrtle Swingler Petteway. Served in the Korean War 1954-1956.

Petteway John Henry Apr 25, 1907 Jun 1, 1989 H of Frances Louise James Petteway; M-12-9-1951: US Army WWII. S of Peyton and Nancy Emma Pool Petteway. Have Obit

Petteway Lucinda S. Oct 15, 1825 Jan 18, 1886

Petteway Lula Mae Feb 9, 1906 Apr 14, 1972

Petteway Mabry Howe Nov 15, 1873 Apr 13, 1957 H of Nora Jenkins Petteway. S of Mike and Mattie P. Webster Petteway.

Petteway Maude Marie Morton Jan 14, 1906 Apr 12, 1997 W of James Kegler Petteway

Petteway Michael Micajah Jun 5, 1844 May 26, 1908 H of Wife#4 buried at Petteway Cemetery, Josephine C. Bibes Petteway Bodiford

Petteway Milton Hobbert Oct 26, 1899 ?-1931 H of Edna L Petteway

Petteway Myrtle Swingler Jan 8, 1901 Apr 11, 1937 W of Clarence Petteway. M to Joel, Joan, and Janice. D of James Joshua and Georgia Virginia Ferrell Swingler.

Petteway Nancy Emma Poole 1870 1963 W of Peyton William Petteway, Sr. D of William and Pallie A. Handez Pool.

Petteway Nora Jenkins Jan 14, 1878 Jan 3, 1958 W of Mabry H. Petteway; D of Allen W. and Mary Jane "Mollie" Ware Jenkins.

Petteway Peyton William Jr. Mar 8, 1899 Dec 2, 1988 H of Beatrice Shelton Petteway. S of Peyton William and Nancy Emma Pool Petteway, Sr.

Petteway Peyton William Sr. 1861 1934 H of Nancy Emma Pool Petteway

Pinson Frank 1848 1886 H of Sarah Sweat Pinson; F to Lee Pinson.

Pinson Lee May 8, 1875 Nov 15, 1898 S of Frank and Sarah Sweat Pinson

Pinson Sara Sweat 1851 1893 W of Frank Pinson

Poland Arthur Aug 28, 1883 Jan 29, 1901 S of Peter Ballard and Harriett Jane Pilgreen Poland

Poland Era Ethel Sandel Apr 3, 1908 Jun 26, 1999 W of Roy Eugene Poland. Have Obit

Poland Infant Daughter Oct 2, 1935 Oct 2, 1935 D of Rex Leon & Millie Raska Poland

Poland Jettie Jewel Aug 24, 1885 Feb 13, 1902 D of Peter Ballard and Harriett Jane Pilgreen Poland

Poland John W. Jul 7, 1881 Nov 11, 1893 S of Peter Ballard and Harriett Jane Pilgreen Poland

Poland Millie Raska Nov 15, 1909 Dec 10, 1994 W of Rex Leon Poland

Poland Rex Leon 1905 1965 H of Millie Raska Poland

Poland Roy Eugene May 23, 1907 Dec 11, 1975 H of Era Ethel Sandel Poland

Poland Walter Dec 26, 1889 Jan 4, 1907 S of Peter Ballard and Harriett Jane Pilgreen Poland

Pool Allie Apr 12, 1881 Oct 14, 1925

Pool Lillie Alice Ware Sep 10, 1874 Jul 30, 1965 W of William Henry Pool. Daughter of William Bateman and Martha Ann Hamilton Ware.

Pool Pallie L. Not Given Apr 17, 1888

Pool William Not Given Jan 20, 1891

Pool Wm. Henry Jan 14, 1872 May 7, 1935 H of Lillie Alice Ware Pool.

Poole Milton R. Dec 3, 1903 Aug 26, 1956 S of Henry Poole.

Porter Elbert W. Jan 27, 1902 Jan 2, 1977 H of Oma L. Porter

Porter Oma L. Jun 16, 1907 Jan 13, 1995 W of Elbert W. Porter

Powell Leonora "Baby" Jun 9, 1893 Aug 19, 1905

Powell Ora Belcher Wood Dec 9, 1897 Dec 18, 1968 W of Vincent R. Powell; Mother to Mary Powell Clark and Shirley Powell Green.

Powell Vincent Rutherford Feb 12, 1896 May 27, 1966 H of Ora B. Wood Powell; Texas 1st. Sgt. Co. K 141 Infantry 36 Div. WW I

Prewett James H. Jan 31, 1914 Feb 2, 2002 H of Jewell A. Prewett

Prewett Jewell A. Sep 19, 1913 Apr 11, 2001 W of James H. Prewett

Prewett Robert Allen Jun 29, 1932 Oct 26, 1933 S of James and Jewell Prewett

Pringle Lillie Loraine Oct 31, 1896 May 10, 1951

Rambert Mary Jane Feb 14, 1878 Feb 14, 1878 D of T.A. & E.E. Rambert

Rhodes Alldora Jul 23, 1878 Jul 19, 1897 1st w of J.D. Rhodes

Rhodes Fred A. Sep 28, 1895 Sep 19, 1970 H of Jessie Alma Rhodes

Rhodes Infant Jul 16, 1897 Jul 16, 1897 C of Jep D. and Alldora Rhodes

Rhodes Jep D. Jul 5, 1871 Jul 26, 1955 H of 1) Alldora Rhodes 2). Ola H. Rhodes

Rhodes Jessie Alma Dec 14, 1895 Sep 19, 1969 W of Fred A Rhodes

Rhodes Ola H. Sep 17, 1884 Dec 1, 1967 2nd W of J.D. Rhodes

Rhodes Sydney NA Jul 7, 1957

Rhodes Therman Dec 31, 1913 Oct 29, 1971

Robbins Minnie Stella Benge Feb 9, 1885 Sep 4, 1950

Rogers Andy Cassidy Jul 29, 1883 Jun 7, 1960 H of Estelle Mitchell Rogers. Have Obit. S of Judge Conger and Elizabeth Balsora Vernon Rogers.

Rogers Elizabeth Balsora "Ballie" Vernon Apr 13 1854 Mar 3, 1922 W of J.C. Rogers

Rogers Hawley Ann Nov 11, 1876 Dec 20, 1955 D of Judge Conger and Elizabeth Balsora "Ballie" Vernon Rogers

Rogers Judge Conger Jun 7, 1843 Nov 28, 1905 H of Elizabeth Balsora "Ballie" Vernon Rogers

Rogers Lula Pearl Sep 26, 1887 Jul 26, 1919

Rogers Ollie Floy Feb 12, 1893 Sep 26, 1894 S of Judge Conger & Elizabeth "Ballie" Vernon Rogers

Rogers Otis Roy Feb 12, 1893 Sep 13, 1894 S of Judge Conger & Elizabeth "Ballie" Vernon Rogers

Rogers Sam Wiles Dec 23, 1878 1955 Sam was a Judge in Robertson county. S of Judge Conger and Elizabeth Balsora "Ballie" Vernon Rogers.

Rothwell N. 1883 1932

Sanders James Not Known Not Known H of Sarah Jane Gibson Sanders: No Headstone

Sanders Lucretia Feb 1, 1878 Jun 15, 1878 D of James & Sarah Jane Gibson Sanders: Granddaughter of Uriah Gibson

Sanders Marcellus May 8, 1876 May 5, 1877 D of James & Sarah Jane Gibson; Granddaughter of Uriah Gibson

Sanders Myrtle Elizabeth Webb Nov 8, 1907 Aug 28, 1983 2nd. W of Tom Lee Sanders. M 8-16-1938. D of Ervin and Ellen Pardon Webb.

Sanders R.T. "Baby" Aug 16, 1916 Jul 30, 1918 S of Tom Lee and Ruthie Bell Sanders

Sanders Ruthie Bell Watson Feb 13, 1891 May 1, 1936 W of Tom Lee Sanders: M- 6-9-1912, Robertson County, Texas

Sanders Sarah Jane Gibson Not Known Nov 9, 1930 W of James Sanders

Sanders Tom Lee Jul 17, 1892 Jan 1, 1969 H of 1. Ruthie Bell Watson Sanders & 2. Myrtle Elizabeth Webb Sanders

Sanders Viola Not Known Not Known

Schedule Luther Jul 20, 1933 Jan 26, 1936 S of Joe and Edna Cable Schedule.

Scott Emma Sue 1917 Not Known W of James Gordon Scott, Sr.

Scott James Gordon, Jr. Not Known Not Known

Scott James Gordon, Sr. 1915 1978 H of Emma Sue Scott

Shelby George W. 1909 1963

Shelby Irvin R. Jan 27, 1849 Feb 8, 1912

Shelby J.P. Sep 25, 1818 Nov 4, 1900

Shelby Jane C. 1869 1960 W of John A. Shelby

Shelby John A. 1859 1931 H of Jane C. Shelby

Shelton Tom J. Mar 20, 1899 Nov 28, 1977 H of Eunice D. Shelton

Shipper Dora Aug 30, 1877 Oct 12, 1913 D of Mr. & Mrs. E. Shipper

Shipper Emma Mar 25, 1882 Jul 9, 1910 D of Mr. & Mrs. E. Shipper

Shipper Helen Apr 3, 1878 Nov 26, 1895 D of Mr. & Mrs. E. Shipper

Shipper Mary Oct 3, 1874 Sep 12, 1898 D of Mr. & Mrs. E. Shipper

Shipper Mrs. Heneriette Mar 20, 1851 Mar 9, 1922 W of Edward Shipper

Shipper Tracey Feb 10, 1885 Aug 9, 1912 D of Mr. & Mrs. E. Shipper

Sims Sammie Ruth Sep ?, 1929 Mar 28, 1930 D of S.S. and Ruby Cornela Sims

Sivley Louis Register May 4, 1914 Nov, 2001 S of Lawrence & Sula Thomas Sivley,H. of Ruby Lois H. Baxter

Sivley Ruby Baxter Dec 29, 1920 Feb 13, 2004 W of Louis R. Sivley

Slaughter Clara Jenkins Sep 23, 1886 Jan 7, 1966 W of Elmer E. Slaughter

Slaughter Elmer Edgar Aug 17, 1883 Mar 6, 1947 H of Clara Jenkins Slaughter

Slaughter Infant Son Apr 20, 1888 Jul 29, 1888 S of W.D. & P.J. Slaughter

Slaughter Infant Son Mar 10, 1884 Mar 10, 1884 S of W.D. & P.J. Slaughter

Slaughter James L. Jan 26, 1893 Jul 14, 1893 S of W.D. & P.J. Slaughter

Smith Blanchie 1896 Nov 18, 1953 D of Paschel E. and Frances Evans Smith. Never married.

Smith Eddie 1902 1947 H of Lonnie Poor Smith; S of Paschel and Frances Evans Smith

Smith Frances Evans Dec 9, 1870 Jun 6, 1952 W of Paschel Edgar Smith. D of David and Miss Wiley Bryant Evans.

Smith J.B. 1910 1920 S of Paschel and Frances Evans Smith; Died of Typhoid Fever

Smith John David Jul 11, 1892 Dec 23, 1982 H of Mittie Mamie Smith; S of Paschel and Frances Evans Smith

Smith Mittie Mamie Mar 11, 1897 Nov 30, 1973 W of John David Smith

Smith Paschel Edgar Apr 15, 1867 May 18, 1952 H of Frances Evans Smith.

Smith Powell Sep 14, 1897 Aug 16, 1900 S of C.E. & Mary Smith

Smith Thomas Edward Jul 10, 1928 1930 S of Edie and Lonnie Poor Smith

Stanford Infant Son Oct 19, 1893 Oct 19, 1893 S of Robert Lee and Mellissa Ann Walker Stanford.

Stanford Joshua Tally Apr 19, 1801 Oct 8, 1881 H of Sara N. Stanford

Stanford Melissa Ann Walker May 15, 1866 Jun 22, 1926 W of Robert Lee Stanford, D Calton & Jane Catherine Harwell Walker, B Lauderdale, MS

Stanford Olan May 28, 1898 Sept 23, 1898 S of Robert Lee and Mellissa Ann Walker Stanford

Stanford Ollie Lee Oct 25, 1893 Nov 8, 1902 S of Robert Lee and Mellissa Ann Walker Smith

Stanford Robert Lee Jun 21, 1863 Nov 9, 1953 H of Melissa Ann Walker; S of Joshua T. and Sara N. Stanford

Stanford Robert Luther "Bob" Jan 19, 1901 Sep 5, 1987 H of Ruby G. Smith Stanford; S of Robert Lee and Melissa Ann Walker Stanford.

Stanford Ruby Gertrude Smith Mar 16, 1900 Apr 28, 1982 W of Robert L. "Bob" Stanford; M 1-18-1920. D of Pascel E. and Frances Evans Smith.

Stanford Sarah N. Dec 24, 1904 Jan 8, 1893 W of Joshua T. Stanford

Stephens John "Ed" Nov 6, 1899 Sep 2, 1977 H of Lora Stephens

Stephens Lora Sep 3, 1905 Oct 2, 1981 W of John "Ed" Stephens

Stewart Frank F. Oct 24, 1895 Aug 24, 1973 H of Stella M. Stewart

Stewart Stella Mae Jones May 1, 1897 Sep 2, 1977 W of Frank F. Stewart. D of Frederick Marshall and Josephine Andrus Jones.

Swingler Amon E. May 29, 1890 Jul 29, 1891 S of W.E. & L.A. Swingler

Swingler Annie B. Sep 16, 1889 Nov 15, 1973 W of Earl W. Swingler

Swingler Arnec Nov 10, 1893 Dec 20, 1893 S of W.E. & L.A. Swingler

Swingler Cecil Marvin 1893 Mar 28, 1931 H of Zoe Petteway Swingler

Swingler Earl William Sep 12, 1903 Jul 21, 1979 H of Annie Swingler. S of William and Laura West Swingler.

Swingler Ernest Jasper Sep 12, 1903 Nov 12, 1923 H of Gladys

Swingler Georgia Virginia Ferrell May 16 1877 Mar 30, 1955 W of James Joshua Swingler. D of Ed and Miss (?) Chambers Ferrell.

Swingler James Joshua Oct 22, 1873 Mar 18, 1943 H of Georgia V. Ferrell Swingler

Swingler Jay Lee Jul 26, 1903 Sep 29, 1993 H of Willie Mae Comer Swingler. S of James Joshua and Georgia Ferrell Swingler.

Swingler Ollie Feb 20, 1888 Oct 18, 1888 D of W.E. & L.A. Swingler

Swingler Pauline May 14, 1914 May 26, 1950 D of James Joshua & Georgia V. Ferrell Swingler

Swingler Scott May 1, 1966 Jul 9, 1966

Swingler Willie Mae Comer Jan 14, 1907 Mar 17, 1978 W of Jay Lee Swingler. D of John T. and Susan L. Brantner Comer.

Swingler Zoe Petteway Jan 22, 1898 Mar 22, 1997 W of Cecil Marvin Swingler. D of Peyton W. and Nancy Emma Pool Petteway. Have Funeral Notice.

Taite Alpha E. Keeling Jun 22, 1889 Dec 15, 1961 W of Cannon Taite. D of David P. and Martha Brooks Keeling.

Taite Benjamine Franklin Sep 3, 1886 Dec 15, 1961 H of Sallie Alta Chase Taite. S of Rosewell E. and Minnie Mozell Cook Taite.

Taite Cannon Mar 9, 1885 Jan 8, 1961 H of Alpha E. Keeling Taite. S of Rosewell E. and Minnie Mozell Cook Taite.

Taite David Elmer Feb 28, 1915 Sep 1, 1995 H of Mattie Oma Taylor Taite; M 10-21-1936; S of Benjamin F. and Sallie Alta Chase Taite.

Taite Marvin Jun 18, 1913 Dec 21, 2000 H of Mattie Alma Harris Taite. Married 5-4-1934.

Taite Mattie Alma Harris Jul 5, 1916 Mar 3, 1990 W of Marvin Taite. D of Joe and Bobby Harris.

Taite Mattie Oma Taylor May 17, 1916 Living W of David Elmer Taite; M 10-21-1936

Taite Sallie Alta Chase Dec 17, 1893 Aug 19, 1991 W of Benjamin Franklin Taite. D of William E. and Mary Elizabeth Allen Chase.

Taylor Lula Mae Creel May 24, 1934 Living W of Moria Dale "Slats" Taylor. D of Sherley Dexter and Wilson Clyde Rice Creel.

Taylor Moria Dale "Slats" Oct 12, 1930 Feb 12, 2000 H of Lula Mae Creel Taylor; Have Obit

Thomas Andrew J. Jan 14, 1854 Feb 24, 1899 H of Margaret E. Thomas

Thomas Ben F. Feb 27, 1880 Jun 22, 1927

- Thomas Fannie B. Not Known Not Known W of John H. Thomas

Thomas George P. 1887 1969 H of Mary E. Thomas

Thomas Jesse E. Sep 14, 1878 Sep 4, 1879 S of A.J. & M.E. Thomas

Thomas John H. Dec 25, 1881 Jun 23, 1947 H of Fannie B. McKinney

Thomas Margaret E. Johnson Jan 20, 1853 Apr 22, 1935 W of Andrew J. Thomas. Daughter of Jesse Johnson.

Thomas Mary E. 1890 1973 W of George P. Thomas

Thomas William W. Sep 21, 1889 Mar 3, 1972 Texas Pvt Co G 360 Inf 90 Div WW I

Tillman Alvin William Nov 11, 1908 Oct 6, 1993 H of Nora Lee Hand Tillman: Have Funeral Notice

Tillman Nora Lee Hand Oct 3, 1910 Dec 19, 1958 W of Alvin Tillman. D of George and Emma Oldham Hand.

Tinsley Donald Ray Feb 7, 1940 Aug 8, 2005 S of Morris Golden and Mary Lillian Brantner Tinsley. Have Obit.

Tinsley Lester Morris Jan 17, 1936 Jul 16, 2004 H of Sammie Lavoyce Oates Tinsley; S of Morris and Mary Lillian Brantner Tinsley; great-grandson of Rev. Alex E. and Ida Mae Joyce Jones.

Tinsley Mary Lillian Brantner Jun 23, 1916 Mar 16, 1998 W of Morris Golden Tinsley. D of Horace Shay and Mabrey Elizabeth Petteway Brantner.

Tinsley Morris Golden Sep 1, 1910 Jul 17, 1969 H of Mary Lillian Brantner Tinsley; S of Joe and Rena Jones Tinsley. Grandson of Rev. Alex E. and Ida Mae Joyce Jones.

Turner Alma Oct 29, 1882 Jun 10, 1883 D of W. & F.A. Turner

Walker Calton Apr 1, 1823 Aug 28, 1900 H of Jane Catherine Harwell Walker. S of James and Elizabeth Lewis Walker. Born in New Hanover, N.C.

Walker Infant 1887 1887 C of Horace G. Walker and Mollie B. Oldham; buried w/Mollie.

Walker Jane Catherine Harwell NA NA Buried with grandson Harmon Jones second stone. See story,, Harmon Jones. W of Calton Walker. Walker Mollie B. Oldham 1867 1887 1st w Horace G. Walker (s of Calton & Jane Harwell Walker), d Ben & Emily Durham Oldam, died giving birth to infant buried with her.

Walker Ora H. 1873 1913 W of Robert L. Walker

Walker Robert L. 1868 1952 H of Ora H. Walker

Wallace Artellia Oldham Feb 23, 1897 Aug 3, 1981 W of J. Frankie Wallace; Have Obit; D of Charles "Ed" and Louvenia "Venia" Brantner Oldham. Step-daughter to Rev. Alex E. Jones.

Wallace Evelyn Dec 19, 1913 Feb 9, 1925 D of John Franklin and Artellia Oldham Wallace

Wallace John Franklin Sep 8,1894 Jul 12, 1962 H of Artellia Oldham Wallace. S of Will and Pennora "Nora" Faulk Hillary Wallace.

Wallace Mary Louise Johnson Jun 6, 1920 Feb 6, 2003 W of William Edward Wallace; M 11-2-1935. D of Ben L. and Della Mae Connell Johnson.

Wallace William Edward Apr 26, 1916 Nov 6, 1995 H of Mary Louise Johnson Wallace. S of John Franklin and Artellia Oldham Wallace.

Ware Garner Jun 10, 1880 Dec 21, 1888 S of Willie and Clara Belle Garner Ware; Grandson to William Bateman and Martha Ann Hamilton Ware.

Ware Luther Peer May 1883 Sep 13, 1921 S of William James and Mary Isabelle Dibble ware. Grandson to William Bateman and Martha Ann Hamilton Ware.

Ware Martha Ann Hamilton Nov 1, 1830 Feb 12, 1876 W of William Bateman Ware

Ware Mary Isabella Dibble Aug 8, 1859 Jul 25, 1943 W of William James Ware; M 9-8-1880, Madisonville, Texas

Ware William James Mar 18, 1853 Feb 20, 1916 H of Mary Isabelle Dibble Ware. S of William Bateman and Martha Ann Hamilton Ware.

Watson Bessie Mar 29, 1908 Nov 19, 1992 W of Nathan Watson; M 10-2-1924

Watson Earl Wilson Not Known Not Known

Watson Florence Elizabeth Apr 13, 1901 Jan 14, 1969 W of Houston Alonzo Watson

Watson Glen Dale Sep 13, 1938 Oct 13, 1998 H of Mary Ann Waston: Have Obit. S of Nathaniel and Bessie Sims Watson.

Watson Hattie Bell Sims Aug 30, 1896 Nov 4, 1949 W of Thomas M. Watson. Married 11-1-1917 in Robertson County, Texas. D of Pat and Miss Baker Sims.

Watson Houston Alonzo Jul 9, 1888 Nov 27, 1941 H of Florence Elizabeth Watson

Watson L.C. May 16, 1930 Apr 27, 2002 H of Bessie J. Moreaux Watson; M 7-4-1998, Burleson County, Texas. S of Nathaniel and Bessie Sims Watson.

Watson Nathan Dec 6, 1903 Jan 29, 1967 H of Bessie Watson. S of William Tolbert & Elizabeth Merryman Watson.

Watson Thomas M. Jun 23, 1893 May 15, 1954 H of Hattie B. Watson. Married 11-1-1917 in Robertson County, Texas. S of William and Lucy Elizabeth "Lizzie" Merryman Watson.

Watts Dora Jenkins Jan 7, 1880 Feb 4, 1969 W of Jay G. Watts; D of Allen W. and Mary Jane "Mollie" Ware Jenkins

Watts Jay G. Mar 15, 1883 Mar 10, 1959 H of Dora Jenkins Watts

West Mary L. Oct 21, 1890 Apr 18, 1897 D of H.J. & S. West

West William H. Sep 14, 1861 Oct 30, 1889

White Annie Waldeen Jones Feb 13, 1926 Dec 5, 1997 W of R.H. Leonard White; m Mar 27, 1944; D of Tom and Annie Mae Smith Jones

White Ernest Dean Aug 30, 1915 Jan 11, 1985 H of Eunice Bodine Leamon White; S of R.H. & Minnie E. Brantner White Jones.

White Eunice Bodine Leamon Oct 13 1912 Jan 23, 1989 W of Ernest Dean White; D of Lawson and Katie Ford Leamon. M 4-5-1937 in Falls County, Texas.

White Gayle Elizabeth Napper Jul 17 1953 May 1, 1997 W of Robert Leamon White. M 6-11-1977, Robertson County, Texas. D of Gaylon and Dorothy Elizabeth Allen Napper.

White Herman Lee Sep 21, 1927 May 6, 1999 H of Mary Beth McKinney White; M 5-17-1951. S of Robert H. and Minnie Etta Brantner White.

White Jeannine Morgan Dec 25, 1950 Living W of Ronald Leonard White. M 4-5-1969 in Houston, Texas. D of Loran Lee and Helen Esther Billig Morgan.

White Leota Lilla Blaine Oct 5, 1922 Feb 23, 2005 W of Royal Ray White

White Mary Beth McKinney Aug 12, 1933 Living W of 1. Herman Lee White. Herman is buried at the Petteway Cemetery. 2. John Sterling. John is buried at the Mexia Cemetery. D of Mack and Eula Forson McKinney.

White Robert H. Nov 7, 1889 Sep 27, 1929 H of Minne E. Brantner White Jones

White R.H. Leonard Jul 10, 1925 Living H of Annie Waldeen Jones. S of R.H. and Minnie Etta Brantner White Jones.

White Robert Leamon May 3, 1945 Living H of Gayle Elizabeth Napper White

White Ronald Leonard Feb 5, 1947 Living H of Jeannine Morgan White. S of R.H. Leonard and Annie Waldeen Jones White.

White Royal Ray Apr 4, 1922 Jan 11, 2000 H of Leota Lilla Blaine White. Sgt. U.S. Army AF WWII

White Thomas Hadley Mar 17, 1952 Living S of R.H. Leonard and Minnie E. Brantner White Jones.

Whitley Infant Son 1888 1889 S of J. & W.C. Whitley

Whitley Margaret Elizabeth Nov 19, 1850 May 28, 1884 W of N.J. Whitley

Whitley Susan S. Mar 20, 1884 Aug 9, 1884 D of N.J. & Margaret Elizabeth Whitley

Whitley Susan Ella Nov 12, 1889 Mar 23, 1891

Whitley T.A. Dec 31, 1872 Jan 20, 1940 S of N.J. and Margaret Elizabeth Whitley.

Whitman Joseph Apr 17, 1806 Aug 18, 1885 H of Mary E Whitman

Whitman Mary E. May 6, 1803 Aug 2, 1879 W of Joseph Whitman

Whitman Miss Catherine Nov 6, 1832 Mar 3, 1912 D of Joseph and Mary E. Whitman

Whitman Miss Polly A. Oct 12, 1840 May 23, 1920 D of Joseph and Mary E. Whitman

Wiley Ina Mystic Gray Aug 3, 1906 Jan 10, 1984 W of Oddie E. Wiley. M 8-17-1932. D of Burris Gray and Laura Hobbs Gray.

Wiley Oddie Egusta Jan 30, 1902 Jan 2, 1980 H of Ina Mystic Gray. S of John and Julia Blount Wiley.

Wilkerson Lucille Walker Oct 16, 1910 Not Known

Williams Alexander L. "Alex" Nov 25, 1841 Nov 21, 1916 H of Louisa J. Barclay. Co. C 9th. Texas Inf. Confederate States Army; Born Mississippi. S of Thomas C. Williams

Williams Clarence B. Mar 5, 1893 Jun 28, 1972

Williams Louisa J. Barclay Jun 20, 1845 Jul 11, 1911 W of A.L. Williams. D of David and Mary Jane Barclay.

Williams Prentiss Eugene Feb 2, 1953 Jul 13, 2001 S of Q.T. and Geneva Wallace Williams.

Willis John L. Not Known Not Known

Willis John M. Jan 24, 1863 Jan 21, 1882 S of J.L. & M.A. Willis

Willis Margaret A. Jun 7, 1844 Dec 19, 1908 Wife of J.L. Willis

Wootan Ella McKinney Dec 15, 1887 Jun 19, 1940

- Worley Silvania Garner Nov 19, 1837 Mar 6, 1914 W of Alexander Colon Worley. Sister to Andrew J. Garner. Married 11-9-1876, robertson County, Texas. Have Confederate Pension Application.

Wright William T. Oct 7, 1821 Jun 12, 1883

Yarber Edward 1879 1879 Sof Lucas and Mary Emaline Whitehead Morehead Yarber. Mary is not buried at Petteway. Lucas had a son named George Lee Yarber who changed the spelling of the name from Yarber to Yarbrough.

Yarber Lucas 1849 1882-1888

Young Alice Dec 5, 1882 Sep 23, 1903

Young Infant Not Known Not Known

Young John T. Dec 12, 1834 Sep 19, 1883 H of Sarah E. Young

Young Lillie M. 1876 1905 W of S.L. Young

Young S.L. Not Known Not Known H of Lillie Young

Young Sarah E. Dec 30, 1836 Jul 4, 1899 W of John T. Young


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