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Bulletin Board for Kosse, Limestone County, Texas.

This webpage contains the Kosse Texas Bulletin Board for posting emails for our Kosse visitors.

If you know of a former Kosse family that is not documented on the Kosse webpage or want to post a question for our site visitors, please send me an email at the following address: or write me at 1264 FM 2116, Rockdale, Texas 76567 or call me at 512 630 4616.

The Hearn Gidden home (Identified by Karen Partin)

Received the following email from Jerry Mills (

I just found your excellent history of Kosse. On your next edit, please add Audrey Blanton Walling to your list of prior habitants of Kosse. Audrey was born in Dimmitt, Texas on Sept 25, 1898 and died on June 27, 1992 in Kosse. Audrey married Floyd T. Walling in the 1920s and they moved to Kosse sometime in the 20s. Their son, Floyd T. Jr was born in 1922, I believe in Kosse. They bought a house in Kosse two houses across the street from the old Kosse Tabernacle which still stands. Floyd T. died from a fall from a tower in 1943. Audrey worked as a teller in the Kosse Bank for sometime and was a loyal member of the Kosse Methodist Church. Audrey later married Roy Whaley from an adjacent town. Floyd T. Jr. flew airplanes in WWII, survived a crash in the Northwest Forest and walked out days later. He moved to Reagan Texas and flew crop duster planes when he wasn’t riding horses and hunting. Audrey died at the age of 94 in her home in Kosse.

Audry was my favorite Aunt and I loved her dearly. My brother Joel and I went to Kosse Elementary for most of a semester in 1950. I recall being in one classroom with three grades. We enjoyed poking around the deserted cotton gin Jerry W. Mills across the street from Audrey’s house and putting nickels on the train tracks to be flattened. I also got numerous haircuts downtown for 50 cents.

Received the following email from Cindy Tillmon Gregory (

My name is Cindy Tillmon Gregory. I just wanted to say thanks for your web page. It was wonderful to learn more about a place that I hold so dear in my heart.

My parents, Charles & Jimmie (Inmon) Tillmon, were both born & raised in Kosse. My paternal grandparents Joe Bob & Nannie Lee (Thompson) Tillmon had a farm about 7 miles outside of Kosse off Hwy 7. My maternal grandparents Payton & Vennie (Lloyd) Inmon lived in town. In his later years my grandfather worked as an electrician & my grandmother worked in Neville White's store for many years. His store always fascinated me because in someways it seemed that history stood still there. Do you have any history on the various buildings there? Thanks again for the page & the walk back in time.


Received the following email from Chuck Haley (

I'm looking for any information you might have on the Haley family that lived in Kosse for many years.

My Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother lived there and both are buried in the Kosse Cemetery. Their names were Charles Quillan Haley and Icy Minerva Haley and their birth and death dates are (Charles 1819- 1882 and Icy 1831-1878 and unfortunately both their death dates of not correct in your Kosse Cemetery listing. Can this be corrected?

Charles and Icy lived on "the old Haley Place" at Kosse with their son Charles Quillan Haley, Jr. and Mittie L. Haley and my dad Bev Franklin Haley was born in Kosse in 1896. All were involved in the cattle business until the local banker cleaned out the bank funds and left everyone with- out funds in 1904 and that about destroyed the little town.

I do not see any of their names listed in the early Kosse family lists and wondered if you can locate anything on them and perhaps have their names listed in your early family lists. Unfortunately I have no pictures except of the house as it looked in about 1957.

Thanks for anything you can do for me!
Chuck Haley (

Received the following email from John Erskine (

Recently discovered your great web page - what a site and an awesome amount of research! My grandfather, N.C. Erskine, moved to Kosse in the 1800's from South Carolina and worked in a saw mill with some relatives who were already there. I met an Erskine from Marlin when I was at A&M - his name was Norman and I believe that he may still live in Marlin. Kosse is just outside Marlin and is in Falls County.

I'm guessing that the Falls County Erskine's were cousins or something for N. C. Erskine to move there. I've lost track of Norman Erskine. N.C. Erskine's father (William Washington Erskine) served in the 19th SC Cavalry in the Civil War and N.C. was the first child born after the War. I guess I'm lucky he survived or I wouldn't be here! Anyway, N. C. was an early resident of Kosse and he later moved to Temple and started his own lumber business, West Side Lumber Co. I have some photos of that yard somewhere and also a Civil War photo of WW - see attached.

I noticed that Barbara Bartlett had posted a note re Erskine's from Odd and Stranger - what a hoot! I'm copying this to her, too, to see if she knows Norman or any of the Bartlett's that I used to know in Marlin - Thomas (a lawyer) or "Posh" Oltorff, or any of the Windsors (Paul and Mary and their children, Paul, Jr and Mary Frances).

Enjoyed your site! Thanks for the memories!

John Erskine

May 23, 2010 : Received the following email from Steve Lowe (

My grandfather, Alvin Terrell Coker, was born near Kosse around 1891. His parents were William Green "Bill" Coker and Amanda Christian Hodges who both died in 1900. William is buried in the Sansom-Wedgewood cemetery and Amanda's burial site is unknown or unmarked.

Amanda's parents were William Hodges and Sarah Ann Shipp and it is said they were buried near either Kosse or Oletha. William Green Coker's parents are supposedly William Berry Coker and Jemima Crumpton, though this has only sketchy documentation. Sarah Ann Shipp's parents were Ransom Shipp and Mary Thomas. They apparently lived in Eutaw and are buried in the McKenzie Cemetery near Oletha.

If anyone has any information on these families, where they lived, and where they are buried; please let me know at: .
- - Steve Lowe

Received the following email from Bruce Burns" ( March 4, 2010:

I've been surfing your web page for years now. My Grandfather and Grandmother Burns built their retirement home there in Kosse and they both died there and I think they are both buried in Eutaw. I know my Grandmother Delphia Vance Burns is for sure.

Her oldest son, Robert Eugene Burns was laid to rest next to her on November 13th 2009. I would appreciate if you could update the Burns family listing to include him.

If you wish to include some history on your website you are welcome to the following:

My name is Bruce Burns and my father, Robert Eugene Burns was born in Kosse on October 2nd, 1934. He was the first son of Floyd E. Burns and Delphia Vance Burns. He recently passed away on November 8, 2009 and was buried next to Grandma Burns (Delphia) in Eutaw Cemetery. I was 14 years old (1977-78) when Grandma and Grandpa Burns started building their retirement home on a 40 acre plot not too far from the railroad tracks in Kosse, Texas. Grandpa and Grandma had lived most of their lives in Spring, Texas. He retired from The City of Houston as The Chief Building Inspector and she had worked as a Mail Lady until she retired. They lived in an old style pop-up camper (which reminded me of something from the 50s) while they built their house in Kosse. They were both very proud of their 10 acre garden behind the house. I have many summer memories of shelling fresh black eyed peas and snapping green beans. Grandpa Burns took my little brother, Scott M. Burns and myself grape picking on some dirt road there near Kosse shortly after their home was built. We spent all day picking Muskadine grapes off of vines growing on some farmer's fence line. He made quite a few gallons of wine with those grapes and I remember decades later my father, Robert Burns, talking about how good the wine was. I was born in the suburbs of Houston (Pasadena, Texas) and for most of my life I was definitely a city boy. I live in Dripping Springs, Texas now (moved to the country), but nothing is as sweet as the quiet country side of Kosse. I don't come visit that booming little town as often as I would like but when I do it's the quiet I come for mostly.

When I was a boy The Burns Clan would pile into a few cars and drive to the Kosse Coral. I learned to two-step there, taught by my grandmother, Delphia Burns. Watching my ancestors dance to honky-tonk music on those hardwood floors was truly like time traveling backwards from my disco glitter-ball upbringing in the big city. The Kosse Cafe was a relatively new addition to Kosse compared to the history of my family there, but later in my father's life (Robert E. Burns)it was a common meeting point or THE favorite eating spot for a family of men too lazy to cook. We had our last big Thanksgiving at the Burns Family Home in 2001 and I believe I still have some video footage of that somewhere. Seems like 50 people showed up. I have some distant relatives that still live in Kosse I believe from the Vance side of the family.

I remember two stories passed down to me. One story was about my father (Robert Burns). He used to tell us as kids that he was born in a one room shack where his parents (Floyd and Delphia)lived and that Grandpa Burns gave the doctor his pistol for the birth. Grandma Burns later corrected the story by letting us know he was born in the big house across the street from where they lived, not the one room shack. Another story that Grandma Burns used to tell was about my Uncle Gaylon. She said when he was a boy she had taken him to get a haircut and while the barber was cutting Uncle Gaylon's (Floyd Gaylon Burns)he asked Delphia Burns "Delphia, how old are you?" which the bright eyed 8 year old Gaylon Burns replied "She's 32!" What I remember most about my Grandma Burns was that she loved her sons (she had 6)more than anything else in the world. If they had women problems she didn't hesitate to blame it on whatever woman the story centered around. In my opinion she set the bar very high for a strong loving mother that still stays with me 15 years after her passing. I remember two things about my Grandpa Burns. He had a Bobcat stuffed on their mantle piece and every time I'd go visit it would be like stepping onto a set of Wild Kingdom. Also my father and his brothers referred to Grandpa Burns as "Moose".

Thank you, Kosse for being home to my family for all those generations.

Bruce Burns

Received the following email from Marlene Hahn" ( on April 27, 2009:

My name is Marlene Hahn, my husband Bill and I recently stopped in Kosse. We are full time Rv'ers now and were making a trip from Little Rock, AR to San Antonio. We enjoy getting off of the interstates and driving the backroads through small towns. We saw that we were going to be close to Kosse and made a detour. We stopped at the post office to mail a package and had a very nice visit with the post master who told us a lot of neat places to see while in that part of Texas. We walked around thru the rain and shot a few pictures of the main street. We came back thru Kosse on our way home on April 25 and took a few more pictures.

I was interested in visiting Kosse because On Sept 21, 1930 my mother was born in Kosse. She is now deceased and I am sorry to say I do not remember the whole story but what I think I remember is that they were poor Okies headed somewhere in Texas to work. I assume to do farm labor and mother was born early in Kosse. I beleive they left very shortly after. She had been told a doctor helped with the delivery but she didn't know his name.

Years later she tried to get a birth certificate through Austin but they could not find her birth recorded there.

Her name was Minnie Lee Pittman, her father was Thomas Alden Pittman (nick name Doc) her mother was Martha Arminta Phelps Pittman, known as Mint or Minta. Mother never went back to Kosse although during the depression they lived in other parts of Texas. She lived most of her life in the northeastern part of Oklahoma near Watts. She passed away in 1999.

Anyway, I just thought I would share with you my small conection to your town. It seems like a friendly place and you have done a wonderful job on your web site.

Marlene Hahn

Received the following email from Vicki looking for information about The Jimmerson and Van Buren families of Kosse:

March 19, 2009 9:48 AM
From: "Vicki Sallée" (

I really enjoyed your site. I am doing genealogical research for a friend who tells of his g-g-grandmother's family being from Kosse. The last name was Jimmerson (Jimerson). Harriet Jimmerson (married to Billy) worked for Dr. Van Buren. Billy and Cornelia were married in Dr. Van Buren's house. I didn't see any notes of a Dr. Van Buren or Jimmersons on your site. Have you heard of these names? Do you think they are confusing Dr. Van Buren with Dr. Bunyan?

Vicki Sallée

Received the following email from Kimberly Gonda:

Thu, 25 Sep 2008
From: "Kimberly Gonda" (

My grandmother was born/raised in Kosse. She told me today she remembers that her grandma Martha Ellen Price lived by the oil boom. She used to feed the men that worked there.

I am looking for my any of my decendents. The Moncrief Family, The Daily Family, and the Price Family are the names I remember.

I am printing all 100 pages for my grandma to enjoy reading. She has great memories of her days in Kosse.

Kim Gonda

(815) 685-6275 Direct
(815) 773-6006 EXT. 244 voice mail

Received the following email from John Nowlin:

Sat, 19 Jul 2008 17:54:41 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Hammond Family/Kosse

Mr. Kubiak,

Thanks for your great website on Kosse, Tx. My name is John Nowlin. I am, like so many others these days, working on a family history. My family includes the Hammond Family of Kosse. Rosa A. Nowlin Hammond was my G. Aunt, wife of Walter R. Hammond, mother of Ledelle and Rayford Hammond. These family members along with my great grandmother, Mary Rosanna Pollan Nowlin are buried in the Kosse Cemetery. I am seeking Hammond family members who might have photos of any of the above. I am also seeking the whereabouts of a cousin that I went to High School with, Carol Hammond. She and I both graduated from Irving High School in the 60's. Unfortunately, we lost touch. Thanks Again,
John Nowlin, (903) 641-9313 or (214) 780-0280

Received the following email from Rufus Wesley of early-day Kosse:

"Rufus Wesley" (
Subject: Rev. Charles Wesley Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2008

Dear Mr. Kubiak,

I'm doing research on my grandfather, Rev. Charles Wesley. He was a Baptist Minister and preached at the Eutaw and Kosse Baptist Churches in the 1920's and 30's. My uncle, John Wesley, graduated from the Kosse HS in 1938 and his picture is hanging on the wall (or was in 2001) of the Kosse Comminity Center.

While I was in Kosse in 2001 I met Nell McKinney, and she said she may be able to find something on my grandfather but I never followed up with her until now. My twin brother and I were born in the Fairview Community in 1933. My father was Rufus King. We were born in my grandfather's home and my Mother died at childbirth. My Father moved away and my grandparent raised us so we took the Wesley name and abandoned the King name.

I wonder if you or any of your webpage viewers have any information on the Wesley family, I know they lived in Thornton, Marlin and Waco.

Thank you,

Olan Wesley
369 Manila Dr. San Jose, CA 95119

Received the following email from John Chapman ( Subject: Kosse, Ebenezer Baptist Church
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2008

First, many thanks for all the things you have accomplished re keeping "the good ole days" alive in our memories. I really enjoy looking at your work!

My ggf is David J Chapman (1831-1893). He and several of his family are buried in a group of graves in the cemetary of the Ebenezer Baptist Church (Kosse, TX)

While looking at your Kosse website, I came across a note from Bob Chapman. Bob and I do not know each other but there is always the possibility we are related. Is there a way you can help by either giving him my email address . . . or me his?


John Chapman
Received the following email from Ronnie Williams(


My name is Ronnie Williams. I current live in Artesia, NM. My father Artie was born in the Kosse area. I believe in 1908 or so. My grandfather and grandmother are buried there. William Luther and Mary Lee Williams. I have several uncles that are buried in the same area, O.T.,, Bill and Lester.

I spent some good times in the Kosse area when I was a kid. I am curious if you would know any history on any of these guys or know some of my kin-folks in the area.

Any help would be appreciated.

Ronnie Williams
2005 W. Ray Avenue
Artesia, NM 88210

Received the following email from Pam Dinges (

Hi Mr. Kubiak,

My grandfather, Richard Ayers was born in Kosse. I have a whole slew of people I am related to from there. He is the grandson of Rodney Ayers and g-great grandson of Lansford Ayers. Also, James Head (buried in the Ebenezer Cemetary) is my ggg-grandfather...I think. Also related to Zach Williams from Mississipi, the Truetts, McDaniel's, Hutton (or Hatton). I would love to know more about Lansford Ayers if possible and anything else with these names anyone might know. I am sure my grandfather would love to know as well! You website is wonderful!


Pam Dinges
DWH Central Warranty Coordinator
Houston Division

Michelle Myers ( sent the following email:

Subject: Harry M. Gaffney, born in Kosse in 1879

Dear Mr. Kubiak:

I am writing a biography of Harriet Gaffney Allen, grandaughter of Harry M. Gaffney who was born in Kosse in 1879. His mother died shortly after giving birth to him and in the 1881 census he is back in his parents' birthplace in South Carolina living with a grandmother. Harry's father may have been a railroad man. I am told his mother is buried in Kosse. I have no information about his mother (her name was possibly Hester Humphries Gaffney) I know that Harry did move back to Kosse at some point. Family lore has him leaving Kosse rather precipitously after a fight with two black youths resulted in a death. I looked at the list of names in the Kosse cemetary but didn't see anything that might help. Is there anywhere else I can look? Thank you for any help.

Michelle Myers

Harry M. Gaffney with Son Mike at Leon Springs, Texas Army Base (1914/1915)

Rachael Merritt ( wrote:

Please add this picture to the bio of Clause & Katherine Johnson. Claude ran the Cotton Gins there in Kosse Texas during the early 1900's. Claude & Katherine are the couple on the left hand side of the picture. They are seen with 2 of their small daughters.

Rachael J. Merritt

Received the following email from Reta Eubanks ( :
Subject: A Lovely Visit

Dear Mr. Kubiak,

I have thoroughly enjoyed browsing your website! It was really hard finding a quitting place to take the time to share with you how much I have enjoyed this lovely visit to Kosse Texas and the surrounding areas.

My interest in Limestone County has been inspired by an impending visit/stay in Kosse Texas due to a job relocation for my husband and son. They are employed by a mining company that has been contracted by TXU to come to your area later this summer.

I myself am a teacher and have ventured to visit the area schools' websites to get better acquainted with each campus and possible employment. I've taught for the past eleven years at Saltillo I.S.D. in Hopkins county. My area of certification being Special Education K-12 has been enjoyable not to mention memorable, but that goes without saying. Any time kids are involved , memories are going to be made.

Thanks for the very informative visit to Kosse Texas! Good luck on your future endeavors. I look forward to enjoying them as well.


Reta Eubanks
Mt. Pleasant, Texas

Received the following email from Bob Chapman (
I have a name of another family that should be on the Kosse Texas website. Ben and Nora Whitlow. My mother is Dempsey Chapman(Whitlow) and is the last living person from that family. She graduated from Kosse High School in 1940, I believe. Ben Whitlow owned and general store in Kosse Texas during the 1920s and 30s. The family lived on a farm about a mile out of town toward the town of Stranger. Please let me know if you have any information on the Whitlows and can you add their names to the list of families of your website? I can supply more names in the family if you would like.
Thank you,

Bob Chapman

Received the following photo from Kevin Bolin of Houston ( who was born in Marlin Texas in 1949.
The photo is that of his Great GrandFather & Great Grandmother, Herbert Morris Hickson & George Pearl Hickson when they lived in Kosse Texas in 1910. The little Girl is Gertha,his grandmother who married Rube Bolin & settled in Marlin. Herbert Morris & George Pearl Hickson are both buried in Eutaw cemetery in Kosse Texas.

William Henry McDaniel and his wife Nancy Minnie Sanderson McDaniel are Kevin's Great-Great-grandparents & they too are buried at Eutaw cemetery. Harvey Levi Bolin (H L) and his wife Nora Elizabeth McDaniel Bolin were also his great grandparents and they are there also.

Kevin Bolin Houston, Texas

Herbert Morris Hickson & George Pearl Hickson
Received the following Kosse Texas related email from Jane Rhem:

Hi! Great website on Kosse, TX!

My gg-grandfather, William M. Stephens, lived in Kosse Texas with wife Martha (Cobb) and children around 1889. His biography is in "Memorial and Biographical History of Navarro, Henderson, Anderson, Limestone, Freestone and Leon Counties, Texas" published in 1893. They had come by wagon to Ft. Sullivan in the fall of 1866 from Alabama a year after William's return from the Civil War.

I am now involved with genealogy and researching this, my father's, side of the family. I have a good bit of information - but no early photographs. I would love to find that Kosse Texas historical records might have a photograph of the family.

Would you be interested in more information? I would look forward to hearing from you!

Jane Stephens Rhem

Received the following Kosse Texas related email from LaVelle Martin Henderson:

Spent some lovely time showing my father, age 100, how the city was today. Lovely lunch at the Kosse Cafe! Does anybody remember a store Markum & Ainsworth? In the 30's my family bought Easter clothes for 3 little children and they extended them credit. We tried to tell which building the store was in.

Thank you for your time.

LaVelle Martin Henderson

Received the following Kosse Texas Related email from Mary Thornton:

Bennie Lee Jackson and Nita Pearl Owens were married January 18, 1935 in Limestone County. The story goes that they lived in kosse Texas on the Tayes's place. They had children; nita left him for another man and sometime after that he either shot himself or was shot. He died and there is no record in the court house in Groesbeck. I was told that the members of the Jackson family left his funeral and cleaned out the house and hid everything. Sounds like a big family.

This had to happen around 1940 or so. Seems no one remembers anything. The grandson, Doyle, is a very nice man and would like to know if anyone remembers or where he is buried. do you think you might find out anything for me? it would be greatly appreciated. I cannot beleve that a big story like that wouldn't be carried on. I think his grandmother Nita Pearl was a red headed nurse and went to Kosse school. Does anyone have a photo? Thank you for all your kindness.

Mary Thornton

Received the following Kosse Texas related email from Edna Adams, another early-day resident of Kosse.


Today I found your web site, and enjoyed it so much. Both my parents were born there, I was born there and started to school there, but we moved away when I about 7 years old. They have all passed away now. My great grandparents and grandparents are buried at Eutaw and Ebenezer cemetaries as well as a lot of relatives.

I grew up listening to my parents talk of people they knew in Kosse Texas , and I remembered the names as I read them on your web page.

My grandparents were Orbie and Mary C. higgins buried at Eutaw, and John and Alta Mae Jackson buried at Ebenezer Cemetary. Boyd Tillmond and his wife Gladys are my parents first cousins.

Look forward to reading more on your web site. Thank You

Edna Adams

Received the following Kosse Texas related email from Bobby McCoy(email regarding the McCoy families in early-day Kosse.

Hello my name is Bobby McCoy and I live in Corpus Christi Texas. My great, great grandfather, Patrick McCoy and his wife lived in Kosse Texas somewhere between the late 1800's and the early 1900's (no later than 1920). They had two sons, Robert and Roger McCoy. Dena McCoy was either Patrick's wife or mother.

I am trying to uncover additional information about the McCoy family. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks Bobby M. McCoy

The following Kosse Texas related email is from Linda Hudson at

The Briggs Family on your website are my ancesters. My great grandparents were Willis Harvey Briggs and Zillie Arcadia Stanford. I believe that John T Briggs was my g grandfathers brother.

Great site and love the information. Linda York Hudson

Received the following email from Richard A.Waller" regarding the old families of kosse Texas

Well hello kosse,

I have been working on my mothers side of the family (Hooper,Hatcher, and the Bishops of kosse Texas ) and have not paid much attention to my fathers side. My uncle John Clarke Waller did extensive work covering the years 1770+/- to the 1970's.

When I took a break from my other studies, I though it would be interesting to see what was said about kosse Texas. WOW!

Where to start! I guess the best way is to introduce myself. My name is Richard A Waller the son of Willie Bell Waller(son of W. I. Waller and E. B. Sanders of Kosse Texas) and Pearle Jane Bishop Waller(daughter of W.W. Bishop and Sarah Jane Hatcher Bishop of Kosse). I will not go into much detail now; will start sending info as i can get it together.

1. As you go to the cemetery from town, and turn in to the first gate, I am related to almost everyone on the right side of the road.

2. Families in Kosse Texas that I am related to or that my family as talked about include:

Parr (Pharr?)--he married my mother's sister, Dovie and was a farmer, cattleman, and barber (I remember his shop was 4 blocks north of the main road through Kosse Texas.)
Clyde E. Bishop--my mothers brother-a sad story that I will relate another time.
Boyd family
Hightower family
Moncreif--my mother's brother married a Laura Moncreif
Hunter--my mother's brother,Ollie married a Reba Hunter.
Jones family
Reagin family
Stephenson--my mother's sister Claudine married Jim Stephenson.

3. My father was born in Mart, but was raised in Kosse. My mother born in north-east Texas, but was raised in Eutaw and all around Kosse Texas.

My e-mail address is: I am interested in hearing from anyone in my family and I will answer questions if I can.

Until later,

Richard A. Waller

"Ronnie Yarber"
Subject: The Yarbers
Mr. Kubiak,
Thank you so very much for the excellent web page on my home town of Kosse, Texas. You have listed the name of Maude M. Yarber, born 1880 (not 1870) died 1951 in Kosse Texas. She was my grandmother. Her husband (not listed) was Thomas J. Yarber, born 1876 died 1957. They are both buried in the Eutaw cemetery. Their natural born son was John Jackson (Jack) Yarber who spent most of his adult life in Houston where he died. His wife was Pearlie Giddings from Kosse Texas. They are also buried in the Eutaw cemetery.

They had an adopted son, who was my father, William Howard Yarber, born 1911 and died in 1999. He was married to my mother, Edna Arlene Griffith Yarber. She was born in 1913 and died in 2002. Both of them are buried in the Eutaw cemetery.

Thanks again for all the work you put into the web page.

Ronnie Howard Yarber
Athens, Texas

I found your website when I googled Kosse Texas. I am researching my ancestors. My great-great-grandparents lived in Kosse Texas – WP and Mary E Stephenson in the 1800’s. My great great grandfather Henry P Stephenson was born in Kosse Texas and lived there with my great grandmother Mamie Cain Stephenson until 1913 when they moved to Robstown. They were married in the First Baptist Church 12/12/1900. I am still trying to research more information on them as well as the Cain family. If you have any information I would greatly appreciate receiving it.


Marietta Howard King


"Steve" Subject: Boyd Tillmon

Boyd Tillmon was born in Kosse Texas and never left. He was very good man and did much good for the people all around Kosse Texas . He died about a year ago. His wife is still living in Kosse Texas;her name is Gladys. Thanks


My name is Dianna Tuttle Gibson. I am the oldest child and daughter to Jerry and Brenda Tuttle both, still of Dayton Texas. Back in 1954, my dad had a friend in Kosse Texas named Joanna Gorem- she would be around 70 of years now. He said that he believed that she had worked at the Marlin Hospital as a nurse for years but had lost track of her. My dad's family were sharecroppers and had lived several places (the kids went to school in Prairie Hill) but generally lived out their final years in the Calvert Texas area. My dad still has brothers and sisters in that general area however.I am a 44 year old mom with two little sons at home and live about 1 hour northeast of Dallas. Does anyone know what her story may be???????
Dianna Tuttle Gibson
4774 fm 1569
farmersville, texas 75442
903 776-2034

"Fran Shurtleff"

Hi, I just found your Kosse Texas web site. My grandfather Samuel Luther Robertson and his wife Rhoda Ellen French Robertson lived in Kosse Texas in the 1870's. Four of their eight sons were born there. Sam was a merchant. He left to go to Baird and later Haskell. I always knew this but recently found out that two of his brothers and one half brother settled in Kosse and stayed when he left- Loddick(or Loderick) T. Robertson, Richard C. Robertson, and Charles O. Robertson. They are buried in the Kosse Texas cemetery with some of their family members. They were also merchants in town, I believe. I am hoping to come down next week to see the cemetery. I also remember when passing through Kosse Texas to see kids at A&M in the1970's and 80's, there was a house on the west side of the road that looked like a museum or something.

Sincerely, Fran Robertson White Shurtleff in Corinth, Texas

From: "Martha H. Walker"

I have just read through your website on Kosse Texas , and I really enjoyed it. I am one of the descendants of the Jennings and Vaughan family. My Jennings side of the family were merchants and bankers in Kosse Texas from the early 1900's through 1951, when my grandfather passed away. I will get down in the family cedar chest and send you some info on them one of these days if you are interested. My Vaughan relatives originated from Mustang Prarie. My grandmother was a teacher in the area, Martha Ann Vaughan, and was from a family of 13 children. The Vaughans were originally farmers. During WWII, my mother and her two sisters-in-law and all of their children came back to Kosse to live while my uncles were officers in the Air Force and Navy, and my Dad was an engineer, pouring landing fields for aircraft all over Texas. My grandparents had a huge garden, a milk cow, and raised chickens and rabbits in order to feed all of us. It was a wonderful place to live. Maybe one of these days when I retire, I can come back there and spend some peaceful time.

Martha H. Walker
Vice President, Branch Manager
Coldwell Banker United, Realtors
18784 Hwy 105 West
Montgomery, TX 77356


Received the following information about the Hardie family of Kosse Texas from Cheryl Greensage:

I thoroughly enjoyed the website. Had absolutely no clue it existed until a friend informed me. My father (John Prentice Hardie, born 1902) grew up in Kosse Texas and did not leave until sometime in the late 40’s right after I was born. My mother, Willie Belle McLelland, was born in 1907 and raised in Thornton, Texas. They lived in Kosse Texas where my father had a filing station and my mother had a beauty shop for many years. Even today there are still family ties to Kosse Texas .

The old Hardie place is still standing just a couple of miles out of town headed toward Thornton Texas (past roping pens/cemetery) on the right. In fact, there is a historical marker at the small, old cemetery where you would turn in to go to drive up the house. I am sure you know exactly where I am talking about.

If I can locate the information, my dad had pictures of the streets of Kosse with Model T’s lined up as far as you can see and a picture of the very first oil well when it came in. I will do my best to locate this and other information and send it to you. I know that my dad did an article that was in the Groesbeck Journal back in the late ‘80’s about Kosse Texas and all the things he saw come and go growing up there from the early 1900’s.

I remember coming to Kosse Texas during the summers to visit. Especially fun were the Kosse Homecomings with the big parade on Saturday and people lining the streets to see old friends and family. The tabernacle was the place to be, especially around lunch time when all that fabulous food would arrive and you could eat yourself silly. I am talking a good 55+ years ago.

My dad’s mom was a Snowden. The Hardie’s and Snowden’s are all buried in the Kosse Texas Cemetery. My dad’s granddad Snowden is buried there and he fought in the civil war and has the old monument there to prove it. Jack Hunt’s mother was a Snowden and she was my father’s aunt. Bobbie & Don Suttle are my cousins. My sister, Betty Jo Truett was married to Hulon Truett, both deceased. So, I had a lot of ties to Kosse Texas .

Can you tell me if Jack Hunt is still living? I very seldom get up that way and have often wondered if Jack was still alive. He should be way up in age by now. If he is still living and has his memory, that man could answer many, many questions about people who have come and gone. Again, thanks for putting together the website. It’s great!

Cheryl Greensage
Senior Executive Secretary
Memorial Hermann Memorial City Hospital


From: Debbie Francis
email address:
I am a descendant of Pearl Kling Rawls, daughter of George Peter & Wilhelmina Kling.

I saw the following post at the Kosse Texas website. I would love to share info with Christine & Heather. Would you please pass on my e-mail address to them? Perhaps once we share info, we can write a good piece on the Kling family for the website. Charles John and Augusta Reid Ellis Kling-Charles John or C. J. was the son of George Peter and Wilhelmena Grankie Kling each who traveled from Prussia through Illinois and into Texas. The family owns the last operational cotton gin (Kling & Gunter) that was located on the railroad tracks. Haig Kling (William Edgar) was a resident of the town with his wife Nell and their children Tom and Kathy until his death.

Children: Christine Augusta

Shipp family

Hi Mr. Kubiak,

I really enjoyed the way you have done this site. You have really did some good work. I am doing research on the Ransom Shipp family who lived in Eutaw around 1870's and a few years before. He was married to Mary (Polly) Thomas on Jan. 6, 1823 in Jackson Co. GA . He was born 1802 in GA. and died sometime after 1875 in Kosse Texas. His wife died sometime after 1870 in Kosse. This I do know is that they settled on a headright of 30 acres in Leon Co. on the 10th of Dec. 1853 near their oldest daughter Permelia Shipp McKenzie, wife of Joseph S. McKenzie and that they lived in Eutaw Community later on. They are both buried in the McKenzie Cemetery near Oletha in Limestone Co. If anyone could help me on this I would be very greatful. Thanks.

Yvonne Sanders Page

The woman with the child in her lap is Fannie Jane Daughtrey Jones,the child is Jesse James Jones.The man is his father,C.J.(Kelly)Jones. The girl in his lap is Lorene Jones and the woman behind them is Hattie Mae Lark/Turk,Fannie's daughter by a previous husband. This picture was taken in 1926.

C.J.'s grand daughter, Shirley sent me the photo and the following request for additional information.

"If anyone knows what the man's name was besides C.J.or Kelly I sure would like to know what it was. They are my grandparents and they lived there in kosse from 1920 until about 1928 when C.J. died. Also, if anyone knows how ,when,or where he died I'd like to know.


Received the following email from Craig H. Vittitoe ( regarding William F. "Buck" Williams
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2007

You have a fine web site.

I have been researching William F. "Buck" Williams. Buck came to Falls county from Cherokee County in 1857. He acquired land over the years in and around Pole Cat Creek, etc. Williams died in 1878 and is buried in the Williams Cemetery near Kosse. He ranched and farmed in Falls and apparently in Limestone County. Buck fought at San Jacinto in 1836. He was an early ranger and served in Indian War militia with several units thereafter. He and Amanda "Walling" Williams had a number of children, including a son, John Walling Williams, and son in law (Ferguson) that served with Col. Parsons 12th Texas Calvary during the Civil War. They are also interred at the Williams Cemetery.

I suspect something would have been written about Buck Williams---an obituary?

Where or whom would I look (contact) to find an old published obituary (trusting one was published) when Williams died in August, 1878? What papers in the area published in the late 1870's? Who are where do I go to look?
Would appreciate your thoughts. Thank you.
Craig H. Vittitoe
222 E. Van Buren, West Tower
Harlingen, Texas 78550
Phone (956) 428-7495
Fax (956) 428-2954

"Chuck & Marilyn Haley"

Dear Leonard,

I am trying to locate information on the original town of Mustang Prairie, Texas and basically I'm looking for information on the old Cemetery that was apparently south and west of Kosse, Texas. (I have visited the later cemetery which you have surveyed, but it is a later period than I'm looking for with the first burial being in 1869.

My Great Grandfather's first wife, Ann Elizabeth (Rainey) Haley, was buried there in 1854 after she was killed in a riding accident. She was married to Charles Quillan Haley in 1848 and they lived in the town of Mustang Prairie.

I'm also looking for a burial for my Great, Great Grandfather who was buried in that same cemetery. His name was John Wright Lewis and he was buried there in January 1900. Our family records show that he lived in Mustang Prairie, Texas at the time of his death. (John's grave is not listed in the newer Mustang Prairie census that I have found)

If you have any information on that cemetery or would know anybody that might have information I'd sure appreciated it if you could help us!

Thanks a million!
Chuck Haley
716 Canyon Drive, Cortez, Colorado 81321

Subject: Kling Family in Kosse

My name is Dorothy Thomas and I am a decendent of George Peter and Johanna Wilhemina Kling. I am their great-great grandaughter. My grandfather was the son of Louise ( Lucy) Kling and Isaac L Reese Sr. If you or anyone you know has any information about my family, please contact me by email.
Thank you,
Dot Thomas

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