This webpage contains the history and cemetery listing for Eutaw, an early-day Texas town near Kosse, Texas.


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Welcome to the Eutaw Cemetery Listing Page

Photo of the Eutaw Cemetery near Kosse Texas

The Eutaw cemetery stands as silent testimony to what once was a thriving community established on the banks of Duck Creek in the 1840's by settlers from Tenessee. For a few years, a stage stop for the Franklin-Springfield and Waco-Marlin stage routes operated in the vacinity of Duck Creek.

A Texas Historical Marker placed in the area in 1976 reads,

" Kentuckian W. F. Williams met Sam Houston in Tennessee and later joined his army to fight for Texas Independence at the Battle of San Jacinto, April 21, 1836. Williams came to Falls County in 1857. A farmer and rancher, he was also a partner in Mosley and Williams General Store in nearby Kosse. He was a member of Eutaw Lodge No. 233, A. F. & A. M. He married Amanda Walling and had ten children."

When the railroad bypassed Eutaw, a new town of Kosse sprang up and Eutaw eventually became a ghost town.

Eutaw Area Stories curtesy Norman Burns (

I remember a few stories my mother told me. One is about my Uncle Bud Higgins and my daddy Floyd E. Burns and a chicken snake. Uncle Bud was deathly afraid of snakes and they were in the cotton field picking and my daddy caught a chicken snake. he called uncle Bud over to look and he did but kept his distance. Well He was hollering for my daddy to kill it so he got it by the tail and whirled it over his head and was going to pop the snakes head off but instead the tail came off and the snake wound around my Uncle Bud's head. The last time he saw Bud he was heading toward the house screaming with the snake around his neck. I can just picture that one.

During the depression era (early 1930's, Eutaw families went to dances at the bridge over Duck Creek by mule-drawn wagons. Grandpa, D.J. Vance was a carpenter on oil rigs. He traveled around east Texas (Kilgore of course was one town) and built the wood derricks. They lived in Waxahachie too cause I remember my mother talking about riding the train to play Mexia in a football game and Waxahachie won and they (the players) got to drinking and set fire to the train on the way home after the game celebrating. My mother was in the drill team. I am guessing that must have been in 1933 cause she was a senior in High School and they only had 11 grades then. It was either 32 or 33. They moved back to the bottom after mother graduated and thats when she married Floyd my dad. They were living there in a little shotgun house next to my grandfather and grandmother (Cynthia Ann Tyner Vance) and hadnt been married long and she told me that several car loads of police (Texas Rangers and local sheriffs) came flying up to their house. My mother called my daddy and the rangers were looking for Bonnie and Clyde. I asked her if they were around there and she told me that a boy who lived near them had been sent to prison for stealing a bale of cotton and selling it. They were in hard times and didn't have money to eat. I can not imagine. But anyway the boy was named Gibson. Anyway she said that Clyde had broken some of the inmates out of jail and that Forest was one of them wo they thought that they may be hiding out around there with him. She also said that they were hanging on to the running boards with tommy guns in there hands. Pretty wild time I guess. I felt so sorry for the poor Gibson boy going to prison for trying to feed the family. She also said that a bale of cotton was worth around $20 or so.

My grandmother Cynthia Ann Tyner was 1/2 Seminole indian and her mother was from off a reservation in Louisianna. My mother Delphia Elizabeth Vance had two sisters, Ina Mae and Letha Edith Vance. My aunt Ina or as we called Aint Mainey got married to Rayford Sharp when she was 15. They married young back then. My Granddad told Rayford to raise her right and dont ever hit her. Aunt Letha married Bud Higgins and they had Lee a son. Aint Letha was a nurse, I remember that and she died young (age 49). My mother also had a brother Willard and he drove a truck all across the country. He had a bad wreck going thru the mountains in Colorado she told me.

The following Kosse area stories are curtesy of Bruce Burns: (

I've been surfing your web page for years now. My Grandfather and Grandmother Burns built their retirement home there in Kosse and they both died there and I think they are both buried in Eutaw. I know my Grandmother Delphia Vance Burns is for sure.

Her oldest son, Robert Eugene Burns was laid to rest next to her on November 13th 2009. I would appreciate if you could update the Burns family listing to include him.

My father, Robert Eugene Burns was born in Kosse on October 2nd, 1934. He was the first son of Floyd E. Burns and Delphia Vance Burns. He recently passed away on November 8, 2009 and was buried next to Grandma Burns (Delphia) in Eutaw Cemetery. I was 14 years old (1977-78) when Grandma and Grandpa Burns started building their retirement home on a 40 acre plot not too far from the railroad tracks in Kosse, Texas. Grandpa and Grandma had lived most of their lives in Spring, Texas. He retired from The City of Houston as The Chief Building Inspector and she had worked as a Mail Lady until she retired. They lived in an old style pop-up camper (which reminded me of something from the 50s) while they built their house in Kosse. They were both very proud of their 10 acre garden behind the house. I have many summer memories of shelling fresh black eyed peas and snapping green beans. Grandpa Burns took my little brother, Scott M. Burns and myself grape picking on some dirt road there near Kosse shortly after their home was built. We spent all day picking Muskadine grapes off of vines growing on some farmer's fence line. He made quite a few gallons of wine with those grapes and I remember decades later my father, Robert Burns, talking about how good the wine was. I was born in the suburbs of Houston (Pasadena, Texas) and for most of my life I was definitely a city boy. I live in Dripping Springs, Texas now (moved to the country), but nothing is as sweet as the quiet country side of Kosse. I don't come visit that booming little town as often as I would like but when I do it's the quiet I come for mostly.

When I was a boy The Burns Clan would pile into a few cars and drive to the Kosse Coral. I learned to two-step there, taught by my grandmother, Delphia Burns. Watching my ancestors dance to honky-tonk music on those hardwood floors was truly like time traveling backwards from my disco glitter-ball upbringing in the big city. The Kosse Cafe was a relatively new addition to Kosse compared to the history of my family there, but later in my father's life (Robert E. Burns)it was a common meeting point or THE favorite eating spot for a family of men too lazy to cook. We had our last big Thanksgiving at the Burns Family Home in 2001 and I believe I still have some video footage of that somewhere. Seems like 50 people showed up. I have some distant relatives that still live in Kosse I believe from the Vance side of the family.

I remember two stories passed down to me. One story was about my father (Robert Burns). He used to tell us as kids that he was born in a one room shack where his parents (Floyd and Delphia)lived and that Grandpa Burns gave the doctor his pistol for the birth. Grandma Burns later corrected the story by letting us know he was born in the big house across the street from where they lived, not the one room shack. Another story that Grandma Burns used to tell was about my Uncle Gaylon. She said when he was a boy she had taken him to get a haircut and while the barber was cutting Uncle Gaylon's (Floyd Gaylon Burns)he asked Delphia Burns "Delphia, how old are you?" which the bright eyed 8 year old Gaylon Burns replied "She's 32!" What I remember most about my Grandma Burns was that she loved her sons (she had 6)more than anything else in the world. If they had women problems she didn't hesitate to blame it on whatever woman the story centered around. In my opinion she set the bar very high for a strong loving mother that still stays with me 15 years after her passing. I remember two things about my Grandpa Burns. He had a Bobcat stuffed on their mantle piece and every time I'd go visit it would be like stepping onto a set of Wild Kingdom. Also my father and his brothers referred to Grandpa Burns as "Moose".

Thank you, Kosse for being home to my family for all those generations.

Bruce Burns

This is a work in process. If you have any family history, area stories or old photos of anyone in the Eutaw/Kosse area, send me an email.


Leonard Kubiak (

Adams Joel Silas 1871 1872 son of J. Z. & M. A.
Adams John Z. 04/20/1824 07/04/1881 born Conecuh Co. Moved to Texas 1872 Hus of M. A. Adams
Adams M. A. 12/30/1830 01/29/1911 wf of J.Z.

Ainsworth A. G. 05/25/1888 11/15/1923
Ainsworth J. C. 10/16/1836 08/06/1917
Ainsworth J. W. 12/16/1839 09/24/1927
Ainsworth Lucy Helen 06/05/1851 08/17/1932 wf of J.W.

Allen Alice 1879 No Date
Allen M. A. 03/08/1839 12/02/1917 wf of J.C.

Atkinson William D. 1864 1946

Avant Alice 11/11/1870 03/14/1944
Avant J. W. 05/11/1857 09/04/1894
Avant John W. 07/26/1893 No Date
Avant Ollie M. 07/27/1896 09/20/1972

Baggerly W. D. 08/07/1866 05/20/1947

Barber George W. 02/25/1882 05/20/1933
Barber George W. 03/14/1857 12/24/1937
Barber Nancy Lessie 4/??/1889 05/04/1965
Barber Shirley Jane 1960 1960
Barber Susie E. 11/20/1858 09/25/1933

Barnes Idella 1879 1883
Barnes Thomas A. 03/14/1900 03/14/1975

Bishop Clyde E. 07/12/1891 12/06/1917
Bishop John Thomas 06/21/1850 11/26/1922

Bolin Birdie Inez 1897 1966
Bolin Connie B. 1901 1965
Bolin H. L. 01/24/1868 12/14/1953
Bolin Vera 10/17/1894 01/31/1917

Bond Nora 1872 1919

Boney Billie A. 05/19/1927 12/24/1973
Boney Cebron Jr. No Date 05/25/1932
Boney Cebron Sr. No Date 06/25/1903
Boney Mrs.P. L. 10/28/1858 11/13/1910

Boyd Cullen M. 10/08/1913 07/02/1950 Pvt. USA WW II
Boyd Floy 12/25/1898 03/27/1971
Boyd Joseph Lee 11/27/1885 11/04/1935

Bray Jesse W. 11/26/1900 01/30/1966
Bray Tomy B. Reeves 09/21/1893 06/05/1969

Briggs Eliza J. 05/03/1837 09/29/1892
Briggs Frank E. 09/23/1895 02/01/1918
Briggs John T. 1862 1920
Briggs Luther T. 04/01/1890 03/09/1965
Briggs Myrtle 1884 1887

Brooch Emma L. 10/14/1860 10/15/1890
Brooch William E. No Date No Date Sgt Co K 27 Tex Cav CSA

Brown Adell 01/14/1883 09/11/1972
Brown Annie Noel 08/01/1891 10/15/1894
Brown B. F. 04/27/1843 05/12/1904
Brown David 01/25/1834 04/03/1885
Brown Delila 08/23/1825 10/28/1894 wf of R. G.
Brown Eva Inez 12/07/1894 02/06/1898
Brown Francis E. 12/20/1843 Date Buried in Dirt
Brown Homer Lee 1907 1916
Brown Infant 1911 1911
Brown Infant 1898 1898
Brown John F. 05/13/1875 04/03/1923
Brown Lettie Lavinia 03/09/1888 06/26/1896
Brown Martha 12/21/1896 No Date 69yrs, 8mo
Brown Nancy 02/18/1854 08/09/1911 wf of J.D. Brown
Brown R. A. 09/20/1866 04/05/1944
Brown Robert G. 08/24/1827 02/13/1878 Born in Georgia

Bryant Addison W. 1852 1929
Bryant Clarence G. 11/08/1908 No Date 21 yrs
Bryant Elizabeth F. 1830 1917
Bryant Emma C. 1852 1942
Bryant Erwin F. 1857 1925
Bryant Fannie 1861 1946
Bryant H. 07/17/1810 02/22/1895
Bryant Maurice D. 03/15/1893 12/31/1960 Regt Sgt Maj 168 Dep Brig WW I & WW II
Bryant Robert F. 07/22/1887 03/04/1909
Bryant Victoria 05/01/1866 10/12/1929

Burleson Bettie 04/15/1842 08/08/1891 wf of R.C. Pitt
Burleson Eliza 1816 1875
Burleson Isaac 1811 1860
Burleson Roy J. 01/26/1889 12/10/1891

Burns Anna Lou 1912 1915
Burns Annie J. 09/29/1862 03/20/1939
Burns B. F. 10/06/1813 07/31/1878
Burns Beatrice May 1916 1917
Burns Billy John 12/30/1923 04/19/1967 Tex GN3 US NR WW II
Burns Delphia Elizabeth (Vance) 8/21/1916 8/1998
Burns Dewitt Jr. 07/15/1905 03/10/1962
Burns Dewitt T. 12/05/1874 05/14/1941 son of W.T.
Burns Ernest L. 1882 1923
Burns Ernestine P. 1883 1965
Burns Fannie E. 03/04/1854 10/31/1878 wf of W. T.
Burns George 1873 1873
Burns J. P. 12/04/1855 09/09/1884 son of B.F. & M. L.
Burns James W. 11/26/1875 09/03/1878
Burns M. L. 09/12/1812 05/08/1869 wf of B.F.
Burns Maggie M. 06/29/1877 11/18/1878 dau of W.T. & F. E.
Burns Mary A. 09/27/1876 06/08/1959
Burns Myrtle Foy 08/17/1909 04/10/1957
Burns Nina I. 02/26/1893 05/10/1973 dau of W.T. & A. J.
Burns No Name No Name No Date No Date Confederate Soldier
Burns, Robert Eugene ; born in Kosse on October 2nd, 1934 and died November 8, 2009. He was the first son of Floyd E. Burns and Delphia Vance Burns and is buried next to Grandma Burns (Delphia) in Eutaw Cemetery.
Burns William T. 12/10/1853 03/01/1916 son of B.F. & M. L.

Caldwell James 06/18/1863 12/21/1880
Caldwell John W. 04/07/1861 10/??/1879
Caldwell Julius 02/28/1866 02/06/1867
Caldwell Mary Louisa 08/20/1867 12/24/1868 ch of B.T. & L.M.

Carey Mrs. M. P. 06/08/1843 06/25/1873

Carpenter Jim S. 1880 1961
Carpenter L. J. 1900 1969

Childress Lewis C. 1850 1937
Childress Mollie F. 1886 1969

Clark Aubrey E. 01/07/1921 01/30/1948
Clark Corley 06/26/1900 02/15/1920
Clark Orrie S. 01/08/1879 12/02/1952
Clark Sible 08/09/1923 02/16/1925
Clark Susie T. 1870 1952
Clark Vivian 06/15/1905 03/23/1928

Crabb Bettie 03/03/1869 01/25/1904
Crabb F. S. 10/25/1871 11/??/1914
Crabb Leonard 03/16/1874 08/30/1895
Crabb Margaret 03/23/1877 No Date
Crabb Mary E. 11/??/1851 7/??/1930
Crabb Sam 05/09/1866 09/29/1948
Crabb Sarah J. 06/12/1831 03/27/1907
Crabb Willie N. 06/05/1874 09/24/1934

Crocker Tom H. 11/10/1858 11/03/1915

Cunningham Annie Laura 01/19/1881 04/04/1882
Cunningham Ethel 1883 1883
Cunningham Forest 12/30/1940 01/14/1941
Cunningham Willie 06/01/1879 02/08/1880

Curry Andrew 08/31/1869 09/28/1905
Curry Curtis No Date No Date
Curry D. B. No Date 07/08/1905 62 yrs
Curry James M. 1885 1960
Curry Rebecca 05/15/1844 10/13/1909
Curry Roy No Date No Date
Curry Wm. M., MD 05/16/1855 03/28/1884 Medical Doctor

Damron Velma C. 1889 1960

Davis David 1882 1906
Davis John Wesley 01/20/1867 01/27/1894
Davis Mrs. M. A. 10/04/1816 06/14/1901
Davis S. J. 09/29/1866 04/28/1930

Davis Sarah E. 03/15/1871 10/20/1888 wf of S.J.

Dees Willie 1882 1969

Denson Elder L. 12/09/1826 01/04/1890
Denson Mattie 1900 1900

Dickey Donocan Ray 10/19/1924 08/22/1925
Dickey James B. 12/03/1856 01/11/1928
Dickey Martha M. 06/03/1833 03/14/1904
Dickey Marv P. 02/09/1856 02/20/1949

Duncan Greene B. 01/29/1824 01/30/1881
Duncan Infant 1914 1914 son of Clifton
Duncan Mary Alice 08/17/1924 02/28/1930
Duncan Mary S. Polk 03/28/1864 05/27/1937
Duncan Mrs.R. A. 09/14/1829 06/06/1885

Etheredge Genie B. 1895 1897
Etheredge Thomas R. 07/06/1856 05/01/1910

Fabianke Thos. J. 1876 1957

Fenner Bertie 02/19/1871 06/04/1913
Fenner Charlie W. 09/01/1891 12/16/1917
Fenner no date no date

Ford Ettie S. 10/22/1890 09/27/1974
Ford J. T. 12/06/1859 02/08/1930

Foy Benjamin Franklin 1827 01/23/1893
Foy Homer H. 04/02/1893 10/30/1969
Foy Mary Elizabeth 02/25/1829 06/13/1886 wf of B.F.
Foy Nancy Ann Parsons Choate 11/10/1846 02/01/1902
Foy William F. 01/19/1862 07/25/1942

Fullon Nora 12/28/1868 08/13/1956
Fulton James 1884 1884

Gideon Ida 1873 1948
Gideon Infant 1903 1903
Gideon James L. 11/02/1864 06/22/1885 son of J.M. & M. A.
Gideon James 1871 1953
Gideon Jesse 1909 1926
Gideon Maudy 1896 1901
Gideon Nina Fay 1908 No Date

Goff Wiley 1911 1970

Gorem Blanche 06/01/1906 10/21/1932
Gorem James W. 10/30/1895 09/07/1971 Tex Pvt USA WW I
Gorem James 11/14/1904 1859
Gorem Mae E. 1876 1973
Gorem Silas E. 1872 1942

Groves W. Fleming 07/25/1902 01/24/1932

Gunn Claude 04/05/1893 04/23/1952 Pvt Med Dept
Gunn Ducy McKinney 07/20/1880 05/22/1957
Gunn R. W. 06/08/1848 09/14/1911
Gunn Wm. Clarence 06/04/1876 10/04/1898

Gunter Sarah 08/28/1850 07/31/1942

Hall Claudie 1907 1951
Hall Ella E. 07/16/1898 No Date
Hall Henry 1910 1972
Hall Jim A. 11/24/1879 04/18/1915
Hall John Henry 03/02/1902 07/29/1931
Hall Martha Elizabeth 02/11/1824 06/08/1876 dau of John J. Alston, born in Chatham Co., N.C.
Hall Mary Jane 05/02/1868 07/10/1954
Hall Mary K. 10/16/1910 02/18/1954
Hall Melvin Thomas 12/09/1926 05/21/1950
Hall Morris T. 04/22/1900 12/01/1970
Hall Samuel 02/14/1858 03/09/1929

Hammond B. F. 1833 1922 Hus of Sallie Burns Hammond
Hammond McGee 1893 1946
Hammond Mittie H. 1833 1922
Hammond Sarah Louise 07/20/1910 10/10/1941
Hamon Sallie Burns 1840 1916 wf of B.F., daughter of B.F. & M. L. Burns

Harding E. P. 04/19/1913 08/25/1966
Harding Ike A. 1880 1943
Harding Jesse Lee No Date 10/01/1970 age 64 yrs, 11 mo.
Harding Lucille 08/29/1916 No Date
Harding Morris R. 1962 1962

Harper J. L. 12/25/1841 10/11/1891
Harper James H. 1940 1940
Harper Kenneth W. 01/31/1922 11/26/1972 Tex Capt S Airforce Korea
Harper Marilda 11/14/1882 No Date Aged 41Yrs. wf of J.P.
Harper Robert 1861 1861
Harper Viola 1881 1966

Herring William O. 01/06/1890 03/07/1968 Tex Pfc 20 Cav Troop K. WW II

Hickson Herbert M. 03/29/1874 01/09/1956
Hickson Rosie J. No Date 08/16/1965 age 84

Higgins Allen No Date 12/09/1976 70 yrs.
Higgins Alton B. 04/13/1912 04/09/1913
Higgins Ben J. 05/24/1884 09/01/1900
Higgins Charley 11/29/1880 04/24/1917
Higgins D. W. 04/04/1849 06/01/1913
Higgins Dalesy (?Datsey) 1910 1910
Higgins J. C. 08/20/1892 05/07/1895
Higgins Leaton 1896 1943
Higgins Lee F. 1875 1938
Higgins Letha Edith 1908 1957
Higgins Martha B. 12/26/1852 08/08/1930
Higgins Mary C. 03/21/1889 08/24/1920
Higgins Mary 11/17/1876 10/18/1910
Higgins Orbie W. 06/26/1887 08/22/1957
Higgins Pearlie 08/01/1876 05/02/1919

Hightower Ellen E. 1862 1906
Hightower Gibby 07/01/1880 7/??/1884
Hightower Jeff D. 1852 1932
Hightower Quincy 12/08/1875 07/14/1884
Hightower Vivier 1902 1902

Hill Vernon 1882 1882

Hobbs Bobbie No Date 09/01/1922 son of H.F. & N.M. (Burns) Hobbs Texas 36 CL 133 MG BN
Hobbs C. O. 03/13/1870 10/13/1935
Hobbs H. H. 11/02/1849 09/26/1897
Hobbs Jodie Ray 09/26/1954 02/06/1973
Hobbs Nancy M. 03/09/1847 08/24/1900
Hobbs Rosella 12/10/1869 No Date

Holden William Franklin 1873 1873

Holstead Lucy Mae 11/14/1888 11/03/1964

Horn Betty Mae 05/06/1882 08/31/1952
Horn Thaomas Jackson 10/11/1867 11/18/1898

Hudson, Cecil H. 2/24/1922 9/20/1922
Hudson David H. 04/12/1894 01/19/1964
Hudson Edgar M. 01/26/1876 06/30/1934
Hudson Gordon F. 2/15/1915 March 14, 1985
Hudson, Jessie G. 10/17/1895 03/06/1971

Hunter Barbara 1876 1956
Hunter Bartow 11/28/1861 1911
Hunter Carl H. 05/14/1895 12/07/1900
Hunter Dona 11/01/1959 11/01/1959
Hunter Edmonson 08/19/1872 12/05/1888
Hunter Henry 1894 1894
Hunter Inez 01/24/1900 No Date
Hunter Joan 1933 1934
Hunter Leila 10/25/1865 08/28/1941
Hunter Lewis 1905 1972
Hunter Mary Ellen 01/27/1840 12/01/1918
Hunter Rob 1872 1921
Hunter Roy N. 11/08/1889 04/27/1940
Hunter Sam H. 1867 1930
Hunter Sidney Gumano 11/20/1831 01/17/1897
Hunter Starley M. 07/13/1902 11/23/1958 Tex CM3 USNR WW II

Irwin Amy 1859 1948
Irwin Clarence 1889 1965 Tex CoA 3070 Ammo Tr. WW I
Irwin Erastus 1878 1956
Irwin J. P. 11/15/1852 08/02/1903
Irwin J. R. 09/05/1847 06/16/1914
Irwin Nancy 06/10/1858 06/25/1922
Irwin Viola 1875 1969

James Sam S. 1854 1898

Jameson Minta R. 09/01/1901 No Date
Jameson Thomas 05/01/1822 06/23/1883

Johnson Ada Jane 06/02/1877 02/05/1963
Johnson Doris 04/14/1904 11/21/1922
Johnson J. (Jack) C. 1881 1952
Johnson Lucile 1892 No Date
Johnson Tommy 12/13/1882 10/05/1883

Johnston Mary C. 1859 1861
Johnston Seth Frank 01/10/1877 10/17/1948

Jones Annie 08/21/1844 03/20/1925
Jones Esther M. 03/11/1865 10/11/1894 wf of Albert S.
Jones John Alston 07/31/1844 07/18/1907 born Chatham Co. N.C.
Jones Martha F. 12/17/1837 12/18/1868 wf of Sidney
Jones Mattie F. 12/01/1868 06/05/1869
Jones Nancy A. 06/07/1880 06/07/1880
Jones Nat M. 11/20/1846 11/29/1917 born Chatham Co. N.C.
Jones Rosie C. 03/22/1863 11/18/1881
Jones S. B. 10/05/1848 01/28/1919
Jones Sidney M. 08/03/1878 08/03/1878
Jones Stella S. 02/22/1885 No Date
Jones Ureydice 07/04/1843 09/19/1870 wf of S. M.

Kemp J. R. 1919 1932
Kemp James D. 1890 1935
Kemp John S. 1924 1962
Kemp Lula 06/28/1896 05/24/1968
Kemp William T. 03/20/1877 12/21/1962

Kidd Zelder M. 1896 1941

Kretzmeier T. Oscar 01/21/1868 07/20/1880 son of Dr. T. O.

Lanbright C. A. 03/23/1885 09/29/1947
Lanbright Oscar 03/04/1899 04/23/1919

Lanmon Vady 1888 1967

Lewis Ada 12/03/1867 02/03/1883
Lewis Samuel 04/06/1881 05/17/1890

Lofton E. J. 07/11/1842 01/19/1948 wf of G.W.

Magee Clyde H. 1895 1956 son of P.H. & I.P. Masonic marker
Magee Robert O. 11/20/1866 1882

Malone Alton 03/21/1916 06/14/1938 Son
Malone Erie 09/19/1883 05/16/1946
Malone Philip Henry 05/14/1861 07/24/1930

Marett Frank 02/08/1876 01/22/1929

Markham J. T. 04/09/1850 02/26/1923 Bro. of S.R. Marett
Markham Mrs. E. A. 05/05/1822 10/06/1900

May N. 12/06/1818 11/22/1884

McBride Hiley W. 04/01/1823 08/26/1895
McBride Mary J. 1851 1908
McBride William B. 1847 1931
McBride Willie Emmett 07/04/1881 10/28/1918

McDaniel A. W. 08/02/1835 06/03/1915
McDaniel Addie 12/24/1842 09/09/1898
McDaniel Allen B. 12/27/1866 08/24/1870
McDaniel Augustus 04/13/1864 04/26/1864
McDaniel Carrie 09/23/1873 02/02/1878
McDaniel Elizabeth L. 05/29/1857 02/03/1947
McDaniel Emily D. 01/15/1830 08/22/1860
McDaniel Emily 11/04/1860 09/04/1868
McDaniel Henry 04/16/1868 07/23/1868
McDaniel Isie L. 02/27/1866 07/29/1876
McDaniel J. H. 12/27/1844 01/16/1925
McDaniel Robert 03/17/1872 12/23/1873
McDaniel Sophia 10/16/1805 07/26/1867 wf of A.W.
McDaniel T. J. 02/18/1887 12/31/1928 dau of A.C. & L. O. McDaniel Wm. W. 09/07/1822 08/10/1904

McDonald W. H. 1850 1919

McKinley Charles C. 10/12/1797 11/13/1860
McKinley Elizabeth Ann 12/05/1845 07/15/1928
McKinney Nancy 11/23/1800 03/03/1879 wf of C.C.

McKissock Felix O. 04/16/1902 05/17/1953 Fenced

Meek Glenn 12/23/1902 12/17/1969
Meek Hattie L. 09/28/1877 12/23/1963
Meek Mrs. F. E. 11/25/1836 01/31/1917

Miller Charles A. 1889 1948
Miller John T. 11/08/1871 05/26/1923

Mills Donie Stephenson 1885 1958

Mitchell Bertie 02/16/1885 06/18/1938
Mitchell Henry B. 08/07/1916 06/02/1943
Mitchell John C. 12/23/1886 01/25/1956
Mitchell Newell 04/12/1882 05/12/1961
Mitchell Rosa No Date 08/05/1975 65 yrs

Mullins Henry C. 10/20/1870 03/29/1953
Mullins William Bert 04/01/1901 03/10/1946

Munro Laura Alma 05/21/1868 12/09/1941

Myers Jim 1880 1958

Neeley R. E. 02/11/1841 11/14/1922

Newhouse Elmira 01/25/1851 05/29/1895

Nobles Ronald W. 01/25/1954 01/25/1954

O'Neal Benjamin I. 01/20/1879 No Date
O'Neal James Robert 08/14/1965 08/14/1965

Owens Jack 12/30/1907 07/18/1935
Owens Peggy Elaine 12/28/1947 02/15/1948
Owens Queenie 08/17/1885 12/03/1973

Pamplin Alice M. 01/08/1873 11/17/1880

Parish Emma D. 09/14/1896 06/15/1972
Parish Mariah V. 03/03/1854 09/16/1877

Parker Hosie F. 08/16/1880 03/21/1969
Parker Mattie Adella 08/05/1877 04/04/1958
Parker William Perry 01/14/1875 07/08/1959

Parr Mary Angelina 01/19/1866 08/19/1948

Parsons Pinkney E. 1858 1935

Patrick Larkin Bradford 06/05/1820 09/19/1860
Patrick Laura A. 06/23/1860 06/15/1867
Patrick Richard 1869 1869

Pierce Davis 1860 No Date
Pierce William 06/22/1858 09/06/1859

Pillman Ella 03/27/1868 03/19/1950
Pillman John W. 04/17/1900 07/01/1903
Pillman Lester C. 10/11/1904 08/21/1905

Pillow Mary L. Gates No Date No Date Wf of T.J. Pillow and S.R. Marett. She is buried between them in an unmarked grave.
Pillow Mattie 06/08/1877 05/03/1955

Plummer Mary Elizabeth 10/27/1927 10/27/1927
Plummer T. J. 02/23/1844 05/06/1889

Polk Harriet E. 1810 1875
Polk Lew Pink 11/09/1896 07/26/1963
Polk Mable J. 09/05/1901 09/06/1901
Polk Tamie Hall 1892 No Date

Price Edmund H. 12/28/1790 Date Broken
Price Elizabeth 09/08/1831 11/22/1881
Price George H. 08/16/1923 01/10/1878
Price Hattie 1873 1906
Price Sadie 06/12/1894 10/02/1895
Price Thomas Allen 1810 1855

Proctor Willie A. 1880 1881

Quick Katie No Date No Date age 4 mo, 8 days

Rawls J. L. 07/04/1851 08/25/1880
Rawls Sarah 04/04/1843 03/19/1928

Reagan J. A. 1876 1932

Reagan Lizzie J. 08/15/1858 03/19/1919

Reeves Dewey 06/03/1899 02/04/1921
Reeves Henry C. 02/15/1868 08/15/1937
Reeves Lottie 1885 1970

Rhodes Mary F. 03/20/1877 04/11/1958

Roberson Alice S. 10/21/1858 05/27/1878
Roberson Flemin 06/01/1893 05/30/1894
Roberson J. M. 08/26/1864 12/07/1888 wf of W.T.
Roberson Nanie I. 06/16/1868 01/01/1949

Robertson Allie M. 09/14/1877 07/28/1878
Robertson Tommie 1886 1886

Robison Chester L. 08/30/1898 01/07/1967 Tex Pfc USA WW II

Robison Nora A. 1876 1876

Rochell Ella (Etta?) Jones 02/22/1907 10/28/1935
Rochelle Bob 1876 1935
Rochelle Clarence 02/18/1907 09/27/1930

Russell George I. 1881 1881
Russell Jimmie 03/07/1853 12/23/1910
Russell Josephine 11/12/1856 07/03/1881
Russell Nettie 1880 1939

Sanderson Rhoda No Date 07/06/1900 age about 80 yrs

Santry Clarkie 1814 1895
Santry Lucy Ann 1853 1926
Santry Mary No Date No Date
Santry Matthew W. 1837 1903
Santry Teresa No Date No Date

Scruggs Walter No Date No Date

Sellers Delila 01/12/1818 10/10/1877
Sellers Jesse Kathleen 1898 1901

Sima Delila 01/12/1818 10/10/1877

Sims Mary Ann 10/28/1934 No Date

Skipper Ada 1882 1972
Skipper Naoma C. 06/18/1910 11/19/1934
Skipper Sarah F. 1844 1927

Smith Altha 04/20/1900 11/30/1968
Smith Malcolm 12/11/1898 04/19/1962
Smith Robert 05/30/1930 2/24/???? SFC USA Korea
Smith W. M. 11/23/1835 01/30/1917

Snowden Rossie L. 09/08/1871 04/30/1933

Sowders A. J. 11/21/1869 No Date aged 69 yrs, 8mo, 8da
Sowders Albert
Sowders Cindy (Daughter of Albert Sowders)
Sowders Bettie 01/23/1875 12/09/1961
Sowders J. R. 12/04/1859 12/10/1932
Sowders James A. 1891 1965
Sowders Jeanette 05/17/1895 No Date
Sowders Levy N. 11/09/1863 08/21/1932
Sowders M. J. No Date 06/14/1886 wf of A.J.
Sowders Mary 01/29/1879 06/16/1936
Sowders Mary 01/29/1879 06/16/1936
Sowders Mattie V. 03/09/1850 01/29/1887 wf of E.D.
Sowders Myrtle E. 1894 No Date
Sowders Myrtle 08/02/1894 05/20/1896
Sowders Nora A. 06/11/1869 03/05/1902 wf of J.R.
Sowders Oscar 03/18/1871 08/03/1947
Sowders Oscar 03/08/1871 08/03/1947
Sowders Pauline Hill 12/21/1879 No Date 49yrs 6mo 24 das.
Sowders V. E. 1880 1938
Sowders Virgil C. 08/02/1918 12/01/1943 Pfc 179 Inf 45 Inf Div WWII
Sowders Virgil C. 1918 1943 Tex Pfc 179 Inf 45 Inf Div WW II
Sowders William Denning 06/22/1836 06/25/1870

Sparks Waller G. 07/08/1889 08/30/1956

Springfield Edgar M. 04/12/1881 05/27/1883

Stapleaton James Madison 1852 1870
Stapleaton John I. 06/10/1858 09/27/1923
Stapleaton Minnie L. 09/29/1887 08/26/1959
Stapleaton Sarah 02/16/1859 06/06/1917 wf of J.I.

Stephenson George K. 04/23/1876 03/07/1878
Stephenson James A. 1874 1946
Stephenson John E. 11/23/1880 06/19/1883
Stephenson Lee 1876 1954
Stephenson Maggie M. 1884 1858
Stephenson Mary E. 06/26/1839 03/07/1903 wf of W. P.
Stephenson W. P. 01/16/1835 09/30/1913

Suffridge Walter 10/17/1877 08/12/1925

Swann Laura 1875 1916
Swann Myrtle Mae 11/07/1887 02/08/1916

Tacker T. J. 1859 1922

Tate Bobby Gene 1929 1940

Thompson J. F. 01/24/1849 04/17/1915
Thompson L. L. No Date No Date
Thompson M. A. 03/01/1842 06/09/1929 wf of J.F.
Thompson Nathan 02/14/1911 02/18/1961
Thompson Samuel No Date No Date

Tillery W. B. No Date No Date

Tinsley John H. No Date 10/12/1882 age 56 son of W.J & C.L.
Tinsley John Thomas 12/16/1868 04/21/1944

Tribble Mary I. 11/09/1873 02/21/1961

Vance Cynthia Tyner 04/16/1880 06/19/1959
Vance D. J. 1876 1953
Vance Mary L. 09/16/1838 09/24/1922

Vuncannon Fleda Mae 1903 1946

Walker Ernest 03/28/1897 No Date
Walker Kenneth Ray 09/13/1923 01/28/1926
Walker Lorene 01/25/1895 No Date
Walker Naomi 12/25/1825 03/29/1872

Walters Ruben 08/10/1822 02/16/1909

Welch C. H. 12/03/1859 02/04/1885
Welch Charles W. 1872 1955
Welch Janie 09/14/1834 10/13/1871 wf of J.H.
Welch John H. No Date No Date Co K 20 Tex Cav CSA

Whaley Mattie D. 11/08/1861 05/19/1938
Whaley Roy M. 02/10/1888 07/20/1954 Pfc US Marine Cor Rec. WW I & WW II

White Bessie 12/12/1887 05/05/1966
White S. W. 03/07/1863 06/14/1912
Whittington Victor 12/11/1879 04/23/1953

Williams Daniel 1876 1879
Williams Eliza J. 07/14/1862 04/09/1894
Williams Harriet 03/18/1851 09/16/1877 wf of V.M.
Williams Sally 1874 1878

Williamson Addie Ophelia 03/19/1902 12/21/1960
Williamson Annie P. 08/05/1873 10/06/1877
Williamson Ida L. E. 1874 1931
Williamson Ida 1878 1907
Williamson J. F. 1815 1922
Williamson Jim M. 1906 1933
Williamson Mary E. 05/22/1845 1927 wf of W. B.
Williamson Robert Z. 12/10/1865 09/30/1900

Wright Earlie Groves. 07/15/1897 04/15/1957
Wright Sarah Elizabeth Sowders , Born 12-01-1910 and died 5-18-2004. Wright Ruby 11/18/1892 06/29/1894
Yarbor M. Edgar 10/01/1907 07/20/1956
Yarbor Maude M. 1870 1951

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Indian Treaty Signed With the Comanches, Kiowas, and Apaches in 1867
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