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For thousands of years, the region that was to become Edge was home to a variety of Indian tribes that made their villages along the Brazos river and hunted the area that eventually became Edge.

Artifacts identified as belonging to the Paleo-Indian (10,000-6,000 B.C.) and Archaic (6,000-200 B.C.) cultures have been found in the area, indicating it was continuously occupied for more than 10,000 years. When the first Europeans arrived in the region, it was dominated by Tawakoni, Tonkawa, and Waco Indians. Occasionally, Comanches, Kiowas, and Lipan-Apaches came into into the area, hunting buffalo and raiding enemy Indian villages. Large buffalo herds grazed upon the open prairies between the Trinity and Brazos rivers in the early 1800s.

Up Until the late 1840's, Comanche Indians Still Claimed the Edge Region as Their Home.

When the territory came under Mexican jurisdiction, the Mexican government began issuing land grants to bring in white settlers from the States and make them Mexican citizens.

Santa Anna, President of Mexico, General in charge of the Mexican Army
Santa Anna, President of Mexico in the 1820's

In 1825, Robert Leftwich, agent of the Tennessee Colony, received a commission from the Spanish government to bring 800 settlers to Texas. Adjustments were made which allowed Sterling C. Robertson (1785-1842) to become impresario of the large tract.

Robertson's land was organized as the Mexican municipality of Viesca in 1830. However, after the death of Ben Milam at San Antonio in 1835, the citizens of Viesca voted to rename their municipality Milam. A final change of name occurred December 14, 1837, when the Second Congress of the Republic of Texas created a large county out of Bexar, Milam, and Nacogdoches counties, and named it Robertson, for the early impresario.


Edge Texas is located on Farm Road 974 near Caney Creek approximately 15 miles north of Bryan in Brazos County. Edge was founded in the 1870's by a pioneer doctor, Dr. Edge.

In 1894, the Edge post office was established and named for the town's founder, Dr. Edge.

The first store in Edge was established by the three Edge brothers. By the 1890's, Edge had two churches, a post office, and eleven businesses.

In 1900, W. H. McMichael opened a general store and post office in Edge and the town got its first drugstore. A cotton gin was added by J. M. Lawless in 1906. By 1910 the population had grown to fifty.

The Edge High School opened in 1912 and burned in 1940. The school district was consolidated with Kurten in 1946. Maps of 1948 indicate three churches and four businesses in and near Edge. By 1933 the population had reached 100 which is still the approximate population of Edge.




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