50th Reunion of Rockdale Texas High School Class of 1959

This webpage provides Reunion information about the Rockdale High School class of 1959.

A special toast to the 1959 Graduating class of Rockdale High School.

Willie Lanier Angell, Jimmy Bartlett, Joe Bartlett, Rodney Boswell, Robert Lee Bounds Jr, Sharon Lee Caraway, James Douglas Cloud, Jerry Lynn Cogbill, Ronnie Cummings, Jacqueline Currey, James Doss, Sandra Doss, Eleanor Ann Dyer, Joyce Dyer, Shirley Marie Dyer, Vernon Dymke, Calvin Estepp, Edwin Freeman, Mary Ann Galbreath, Leanna Harris, Mary Alice Head, Sharon Hodges, Bruce Holliman, Mary Holliman Cogbill, Carol Ann Holsonback, Jack T. Hubert, Paul Jenkins Jr, Robert Jenkins, Etta Kay Keeble, Leonard Kubiak, Amanda Lou Kyle, Wlater B. Lanford, Charlotte Ann Laurence, James Lyle, Billy McBride, Rita Magness, Mitchell B. Moore, Johnny Moorman, Matilda Munoz, Patsy Ruth Overturff, Dorothea Ann Parker, John William Parrish, Pat Clarence Patterson, Mary Wanda Praesel, Nancy Lee Rae, Jefferson Hugh Rhodes, Lannie Sager, William T. Scurlock, Janice Smith, Hal D. Stanislaw, Billy Strelsky, Shireley Loraine Suttles, Mary Ann Tunnell, Alonzo A. Urban, Judy Ann Walker, Doyle Arnold Wendland, Gene White, Michael Whiteley, Wilbur Lee Yakesch, and Delbert Yarbrough.


The following are photos were taken at the 50th class reunion held in Rockdale on June 12 & 13th, 2009.

SEATED (L-R) Matilde Munoz Garza, Mary Alice Head Knight, Charlotte Laurence Dymke, Amanda Kyle Burleson, Mary Holliman Ridgway, Carol HolsonbackYoakum, Ann Dyer. SECOND ROW: Will Angell, Shirley Suttles Rogers, Mary Ann Tunnel Walker, Leanna Harris Applegate, linda Gebhart Kessler, Dottie Parker Kyle. Rita Magness Hull, Hal Stanislaw, Delbert Yarborough, Band Director Bill Grusendorf. BACK ROW: Bill Scurlock, Gene White, Bobby Bounds, Leonard Kubiak, Vernon Dymke, Ronnie Cummings, Bruce Holliman, Jack Hubert, Judy Walker Bounds, Johnny Moorman. Jackie Currey Thornton, Etta Kay Keeble Kirkpatrick, Jimmy Bartlett, Paul Jenkins, R. D. Jenkins, and Coach Ray Birchfield.

Etta Kay, Lynda, Bruce, Wayne, Bill, Rita and others.

Gene White and Paul Jenkins discussing old times

Wayne Kyle and Coach Birchfield (Hal Stanislaw in the background)

Jackie Currey Thornton and Leanna Harris Aplegate on far right

Will Angell on left, Bobby Bounds on right

Etta Kay Keeble Kirkpatrick and Lynda Kubiak, Wife of Leonard Kubiak.


Send me your Rockdale Class of 59 stories,old Rockdale photos, email inquiries and I'll add them to the webpage.

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Leonard Kubiak


1959-District winning Football Coaches Miller and Birchfield sport smiles after the Rockdale Tigers won District for the first time in many decades. Subsequent Rockdale teams went on to play in State Championships.

1959 Tiger Cheerleaders, L-R: Polly Grubbs, Patsy Overturff, Janice Smith Kirkpatrick, Rita Magness, Willyne Lamb, and Patsy Menn. (photo taken in 1959)

1959 Rockdale Girls Basketball Team

59 Tigers Track Team. L-R: Harvey Holliman, Leroy Ellis, Dobbie Jenkins, Johnny Moorman, Bruce Holliman, Hal Stanislaw, Bill Scurlock, Pat Curtis, Edwin Freeman, Billy McBride, Captain Gene White, Jeff Rhodes, Captain Paul Jenkins, and Roberto Valverde. (photo taken in 1959)

59 Pep Squad.

59 Senior Officers. L-R: Gene White, President; Leanna Harris, Vice President; Rita Magness, Secretary; and Janice Smith Kirkpatrick, Reporter.

Shown Here is one of Rockdale's Winning Football teams from 1956 Coached by another Rockdale Legend, Ernie Lawrence. Back Row, L-R; Coach Charlie Martin, Unidentified, Johnny Moorman, Michael Whitley, Robert (Dobie) Jenkins, Robert Lee (Bobby) Bounds, Unidentified,Unidentified, Calvin Estepp, Unidentified, Coach Ernie Laurence; Second Row from Top; L-R: Unidentified, Unidentified,Paul Jenkins, Unidentified, Unidentified, Unidentified, James Douglas (Jake) Cloud, Lanier Angell, Unidentified, Unidentified,Bottom Row, L-R: Manager, Bobby Sides, Unidentified, Unidentified, Unidentified, Jerry Cogbil, Billy McBride, Unidentified, Unidentified, Leonard Kubiak, Jimmy Bartlett, Unidentified Manager. (Let me know if you can help with the unidentifieds!)

This is a work in progress. Come back often and send me your stories and old pictures and I'll post them on the web.

Leonard Kubiak, 1264 FM2116, Rockdale, Texas 76567 (PHONE: 512 630-4619)

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