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Cedar Springs and Wilderville
Former and Current Residents Page

Cedar Springs Bulletin Board

This page will evolve into a list of former residents of Cedar Springs where former residents, teachers, students, historians and other interested parties can obtain and exchange information about the former and current residents of this area of Falls County. Hopefully, we will also be able to present some colorful biographies of the residents, email addresses, and links to their respective web pages, if available.

Anyone having anything to contribute in the way of stories and photos are urged to contact Len Kubiak

Residents of Cedar Springs, Falls County, Texas

Herman Barganier

Rev. Cockrell, pastor of the Cedar Springs Baptist Church (1917)

S.S. Gott, Experience Of An Old Pioneer

The Weekly Tribune, Lott, TX, April 3, 1914

To the Tribune: About a year ago Mr. S.S. Gott handed the writer the following as his contribution to the annuals of the Old Settlers Association.

In October 1854 my father and mother and nine children left Logan County Illinois in three two horse wagons bound for Marlin, Texas. We were 41 days on the road. Had fine weather, were in only one rain in the Ozark mountains, on the whole trip. We arrived at Marlin Nov. 24 and camped under the large post oak that then stood just south of the log court house on the public square. We stayed in Marlin two weeks waiting for grand father Sam Seward to join us from Washington county Texas. After his arrival we proceeded to our future home near the south west corner of the Seward league west of the river.By Christmas we had built a cabin that we could live in. The site of our old home can still be identified by our old well and the mulberry tree planted my sister in 1855.

One of our first visitors was Jonathon Pool who brought a quarter of beef as a peace offering. Our nearest neighbors when we arrived in Falls county were as follows, Jonathon Pool near Pool Springs, who had settled there about 1849, Churchill Jones near Jones Spring, who had settler there about 1851, J. Hogan Pierson ("possibly John Hogue and Nancy Hutcherson Pierson. John Hogue Pierson served in the Civil War-enlisted by Capt Harrison in Falls Co on Sep 10, 1861. He was medically discharged Feb 26, 1862. His discharge certificate shows he was 45 years, and suffering from rheumation and chronic diarrhea. John Hogue Pierson is buried at Cedar Springs".) on Pool Creek, Jas. Gholson and Rev. Henry Milton in the Poast Oaks near Ikard Branch, John Greer on Pond Creek on what is now known as the Estes place. Cicero Brown was oversser on the Cornelious Moore place on Pond Creek. This place was put in cultivation by Moore's negros under Lem Moore in 1852, Crawford Creer had a stock ranch where Rosebud now stands.

There was quite a settlement on the Military Prong of Pond Creek in what is now the Jena neighborhood. The Jacksons were on the upper Deer Creek, J.J. Long lived about a mile of what is now the town of Blevins, the Wrights and Jim Sutton were living around Carolinia, E.F. Divison was living in a log cabin without a floor where the residence of Capt. Gassaway now stand. This old cabin is still standing on Mrs. Lewis farm on the Lott and Marlin road. I think K.S. Johnson was then living at Tomlinson hill, Anthony Bly, the bear hunter, was living on Cow Bayou near where Keirsey siding on the S.A. & A.P. Railway is now located. Gildert Jackson was at Golinda, there were two families of Allens near where E.H. Childers now lives.

About the time I came here, A.V. Lea and his family and Mrs. Pickens moved in from Milam county and settled near Carolina. The same year the Weathers family moved from Missouri and settled at Chilton. Mr. Weathers was the first person buried at Carolina. He was killed by Mr. Padgitt by mistake for a bear.

Powers Chapel Cemetry was also started in the same way - the first person buried there being Mr. Smith who was killed. Herds of deer by the hundred then roamed the prairies. The buffalo had gone before I got here. The nearest herds being in Hamilton county.

In October 1855 there arrived our old neighbors from Logan county Illinois as follows, Rial Burkes and six unmarried children and three married children as follows: Mrs. Mary Peters and husband, W.A. Peters and daughter Eliza, Mrs. Betsy Ann Whitsides and husband, George Whitesides, W.C. Birkes and wife Lucenda and daughter also Roland Birkes a brother of Rial Birkes and Joe Wood. These people did not stay long. Whitesides Peters, Rial Birkes and W.C. Birkes moving to Robertson county near St In 1857 Rial Birkes moved to Little Deer Creek on the place now owned by C.A. Hamiltonand in the same year W.C. Birkes moving to Brushy Creek north east of Marlin.

Peters and Whitesides moving to Illinois in 1860. Har? Stillwell settled at Black Jack Springs near Powers Chapel in 1856. In the same year Jas. Estes settled the Dock Hodges place on Live Oak Creek about 5 miles south west of Lott. In 1857 my brother Al and I laid out a road or trail from our old home place to the Rial Birkes place on Little Deer Creek. We marked it with a plow fastened behind a wagon with a log. Article Provided by Jerry Walls.

Herman and Hulda Voss Heider

Herman Heider and wife, Hulda Voss Heider

Herman Heider, a young husband and father, was shot and killed in December of 1925 by Brother-In-Law, John Asley (photos and story curtesy Anna Weatherford

According to a newspaper article in the Rosebud News dated December 11, 1925:
"In a difficulty on the Jackson farm near the Brazos River Wednesday afternoon, Herman Heider a young married man, was seriously injured, two shots from a shot gun taking effect in his breast and stomach. He was rushed to Marlin for treatment. Constable Beckworth arrested John Ashler (sic), charged with the shooting, later turning his prisoner over to Sheriff Barton. Later Constable Beckworth informed us that young Heider died enroute to Marlin. He is survived by a wife and child.

According to Anna, "This story was in the Rosebud News December 11, 1925 (John Ashler should be John Ashley. He was Herman heider's brother-in-law (sister's husband). I am really enjoying your pages on Cedar Springs and Rosebud Texas. I have not been able to find out very much information on the Heider family, but if there is anyone who might be able to help me I would appreciate it. Other relatives are the Dockalls, Voss, Dornhoefer families. I have some information on the Dornhoefer and Voss families.

Anna Weatherford

James Aaron Pearson, b March 30, 1817 in North Carolina, d April 9, 1864 at Wilderville, Falls County, Texas after being furloughed with the measles from Harrisburg, where he was serving in the Confederate States Army - was a son of Barney and Lydia (Dean) Pearson. Barney Pearson was a son of Ichabod Pearson (1754-1803) and his wife, Miriam (Lamb) Pearson, who were members of the Quaker Church near the Nanhunta Swamp in Wayne County, North Carolina. Ichabod Pearson was a son of Jonathan and Rebecca Pearson, and his grandfather was Peter Pearson, who arrived in Virginia ca 1700 from Cumberland County, England.

James Aaron Pearson married ca 1836 in North Carolina to Jency N. Williams, b February 16, 1817 in North Carolina, d March 23, 1864 - just sixteen days before her husband died. Both James Aaron and Jency N. were buried in the family cemetery in Wilderville on Pond Creek in southwestern Falls County.

In 1846, James Aaron Pearson, his wife, four children, and his parents left North Carolina for Texas. They stopped in Starksville, Mississippi - and after two years there, the parents decided to remain, while James Aaron and his family continued the journey to Texas - settling for seven years in the area which be- came Leon County. In 1856, the James Aaron Pearson family arrived in Falls County, Texas, where he purchased 1,105 acres of land on the West Bank of the Brazos River - bordering the southern Falls County line. He soon owned 600 head of cattle, seven horses, oxen, and one slave. In 1860, James sold the land to his son- in-law, James B. Jones, and bought 300 acres located a mile south, in Milam County; and it was there that he died.

James Aaron and Jency N. (Williams) Pearson had eleven children:

Mary Pearson, b 1838 in North Carolina - married James B. Jones, b 1830 in Alabama - who was then the widower of her sister, Abigail. James and Mary were married June 23, 1867 in Falls County, Texas.

Abigail Pearson (called "Aby"), b 1840 in North Carolina, d 1867 - married October 2, 1856 to James B. Jones, who married second on June 23, 1867 to her sister, Mary Pearson. By these two sisters, James B. Jones was the father of five known children: William R. Jones, b 1859; Wesley Jones, b 1861; Mary Jones, b 1865; Francis- a son, or Frances-a daughter, Jones was born ca 1867; and Julia Jones, b ca 1869. James B. Jones served in the Confederate States Army during the Civil War with his brothers-in-law, James Madison Pearson and Houston Standly Pearson, and with his father-in-law, James Aaron Pearson.

William Lafitte Pearson, b 1842 in North Carolina, died there in 1844.

James Madison Pearson, b February 27, 1844 in North Carolina, d March 1, 1918 at Wildervielle, Falls County, Texas - married Marsella Ann Varner, b January 1, 1848, d February 18, 1930. Their son, William Lafitte Pearson (called "Will"), b January 12, 1870, d January 15, 1929 and buried in Powers Chapel Cemetery, who married Maude Scarborough, b November 27, 1874, d March 28, 1948 and buried by her husband, purchased the Wilderville General Merchandise Store in 1918. When Will died in 1929, the store was operated by their only child, Louie Varner Pearson, b September 17, 1911, d April 8, .1962, buried in Powers Chapel Cemetery who married Myrtle L. Weaver, b September 17, 1911, operated the Wilderville Store until his death in 1962. Louie and Myrtle Pearson had a son, John Pearson, who ran the family store until 1974. Since John's retirement, he has been one of the "driving" forces to keep the Powers Chapel Cemetery in beautiful shape, and ready for the annual Memorial Day ceremonies. John, assisted by his cousin who is an officer with the Daughters of the Confederacy, has worked on a program to mark every Confederate veteran's grave in Powers Chapel Cemetery - and it is John, who has done extensive research in Falls County to identify these veterans, when they died, and where.

Houston Standley Pearson, b 1846 in North Carolina before the family began their journey toward Texas, served in the Civil War in the Confederate States Army. No further information.

Margaret Elizabeth Pearson, b 1848 in Mississippi - no further information.

Martha Louise Pearson, b 1850 in Leon County, Texas - no further information.

Euplema Gay Pearson, b 1852 in Leon County, Texas - no further information.

Coleman G. Pearson, b 1854 in Leon County, Texas - no further information.

Frances H. Pearson (called "Fanny"), b 1855 in Leon County, Texas - was living in the home of her sister, Mary, and brother-in-law, James B. Jones, at age 15 years when the 1870 census was recorded in Falls County.

Borden Foster Pearson, b 1858 in Falls County, Texas

In 1860, Captain E. M. Wilder - a veteran of the U.S.-Mexican War of 1846 - 1848, bought 907 acres of the family land located on the Mary Prior League, from James B. Jones. It was for Captain Wilder that the community of Wilderville was named.

Benjamin and Mary Isabella Jones Pierson

Benjamin Pierson was born 18 May 1840 in Grimes County, Texas, the son of "J.G.W." John Goodloe Warren Pierson (1795-1849) and . In 1879, Benjamin married Mary Isabella Jones (born 26 Aug 1842 and died 12 August 1900).

Benjamin was a merchant in Cedar Springs in the late 1800's. Benjamin died 31 Jan 1905 in Falls County, Texas and is buried in Cedar Springs Cemetery.

"J.G.W." John Goodloe Warren Pierson (1795-1849), the first son of John and Elizabeth Warren Pierson was born in Union County, Kentucky. At the age of twenty three, he married 15 January 1815 to Purity Ruffin PENNINGTON. She was born 17 December 1799 in Christian County, Kentucky and was the daughter of Isaac Pennington. They had the following three children: Celia Emeline Pierson (1815-1850), John Hogue Pierson (1817-1867) and Isaac Pennington Pierson (1820-1843).

After the death of his wife Purity, J.G.W. Pierson left Kentucky with some of his friends and relatives including his three children and son-in-law, Jonathan Pool and headed westward. He settled at Pecan Point, then Miller County, Arkansas now Red River County, Texas where he became acquainted with and married in late 1826 to Elizabeth Montgomery, the daughter of William Montgomery and "Polly" James, an aunt of the outlaw brothers, Jesse and Frank James. That same year J.G.W. Pierson became County Surveyor and in 1828, he was elected Justice of the Peace The couple had a son, William Montgomery Pierson (1827- ) while living at Pecan Point.

William Montgomery Pierson, son of J.G. W. and Elizabeth was born 13 November 1827 at Pecan Point, Miller County, Arkansas and married in Grimes County, Texas to Matilda Smith after 1850.

In 1829, J.G.W. moved his family to Nacogdoches, Texas where he was a surveyor in the Edwards Colony for two years and another son, Andrew Van Buren Pierson (1830- ) was born. Andrew Van Buren Pierson was born 15 February 1830 in Nacogdoches, Texas. He married the sister of his brother's wife, Sophronia Smith. They had no children.

In October 1831, J.G.W. moved the family to San Felipe where on 05 December 1832 he applied for admittance to Stephen F. Austin's colony. J.G.W. Pierson became chief surveyor and second in command of Sterling C. Robertson's colony in 1833 after living first at Montgomery Prairie and later became the first settler of the present town of Stoneham, Grimes County, Texas.

J.G.W. took a group of settlers from around Stoneham and Montgomery Prairie and journied to the capital of Robertson's colony near the Falls of the Brazos.

Andrew and John Montgomery were with Pierson's group and they helped him with the surveying duties. They were paid land grants in payment.

It was at Independence where his daughter Elizabeth Pierson was born and his wife Elizabeth Montgomery died in childbirth 15 September 1833. Elizabeth Montgomery Pierson is buried in the old Stoneham Cemetery. Elizabeth Pierson married Etheldred Tarver.

Sterling Clark Robertson, Empressario of the Nashville Colony appointed John Goodloe Warren Pierson as his attorney and Surveyor General of his colony. J.G. W. waged a legal battle for two years with the Mexican Government, Stephen F. Austin and Samuel M. Williams over the Nashville Colony's contract for settlement in Texas. Austin's claim was overturned and Robertson's claim was honored. Pierson surveyed the town-site of Sarahville de Viesca at the Falls of the Brazos and laid out the town.

In 1835, John Goodloe Warren Pierson married Mrs. Narcissa Cartwright Slatter and in November of the same year, he was elected and served as delegate of the General Consultation of San Felipe and was appointed Secretary of the Council. He received the appointment of aide-de-camp for the Texas Army, recruiting men for military service and procuring equipment. It was 03 Jun 1836 when he moved his family to High Point, Grimes County, Texas from de Viesca so that they were safer.

While in Grimes County, Pierson farmed, operated a store, and raised livestock including fine horses and even built a racetrack while he served also as Captain of the Cavalry for the Republic of Texas. He lived at High Point until after 1850 when he returned to Falls County.

Mexico started trouble again in 1842, disputing the Rio Grande River as the border between the Republic of Texas and Mexico. Captain Pierson, along with twenty-seven men that he recruited as volunteers joined with other companies and with over three hundred men, on 22 December 1842, traveled to Mier, Mexico.

Of these three hundred men, one hundred and twenty-six were taken prisoners. Santa Anna ordered that one in ten of these prisoners be shot. To determine the victims, white and black beans were drawn by the prisoners. Those who drew black beans were shot. The result was the execution of seventeen men. The others, including Pierson who had drawn the white beans were marched to Santiago, Mexico City to prison when Pierson became ill. He was unable to go with the others but was transferred later to Perot Prison near Vera Cruz with the others. After two years of confinement, the entire surviving group was released on 16 September 1844. The Mier Expedition into Mexico and the drawing of black and white beans is referred to as the "Lottery for Life" or "The Black Bean Episode".

J.G.W. Pierson and Narcissa Cartwright Pierson had three sons. They were Willaford Cartwright Pierson, Benjamin Almary Pierson, and Edmond G. Pierson. Willaford Cartwright Pierson was born 18 December 1836 in Grimes County, Texas and died 09 January 1846 in Grimes County, Texas

Jonathan Cochran Pool and Celia Emeline Pierson(1815-1850)

Celia Emeline Pierson was born in October 1815 in Kentucky and died in Houston County, Texas in 1850. She was married about 1829 in Nacogdoches, Texas to Jonathan Cochran Pool, a Texas pioneer. The couple had the following six children: Braxton M. Pool (1831-after 1849), Franklin G. Pool (1832-1880), William S. Pool (1835- ), Emeline Pool (1837- ), Jonathan Pool (1843- ), and Travis Richard Pool (1845-1908.

There is a Jonathan Cochran Poole from Falls County, born 1806, who was a veteran of both the Texas Revolution and the Civil War (unit unknown). He had two sons, Jonathan Burleson Pool, born 1843, and Jonathan Cochran Pool, born ca 1845. No other information available. This could be the same Jonathan Cochran Pool that was married to Celia Emeline Pierson.

Isaac Pennington Pierson- born 8 July 1820 in Kentucky died 22 January 1843 while riding his father's race horse.

John Hogue and Nancy Hutcherson Pierson

John Hogue Pierson was born in Kentucky on April 17, 1817, son of "J.G.W." John Goodloe Warren Pierson and Purity Ruffin PENNINGTON.

John married Nancy Hutcherson in Grimes County, Texas in 1843.

John Hogue Pierson served in the Civil War. Pierson, John H. is listed by Claiborne as "discharged Murfreesboro. John Pierson's service record shows that he was enlisted by Capt Harrison in Falls Co on Sep 10, 1861. He was medically discharged Feb 26, 1862. His discharge certificate shows he was born in Union County, KY; his age was 45 years, and he was suffering from rheumation and chronic diarrhea. John Hogue Pierson is buried at Cedar Springs.

Benjamin Almary and Mary Isabella Jones Pierson

Benjamin Almary Pierson was born 18 May 1840 in Grimes County, Texas. Benjamin married in 1879 to Mary Isabella Jones who was born 26 Aug 1842 and died 12 August 1900. He was a merchant in Cedar Springs. Benjamin died 31 Jan 1905 in Falls County, Texas and is buried in Cedar Springs Cemetery.

Edmund G. and Lucy Gray Pierson

Edmund G Pierson was born 08 May 1847 in Grimes County, Texas. He married Lucy Gray and they had two children before she died. He then married Martha Emma Montgomery who was born 31 Jul 1855. She was the daughter of John Montgomery of Canada and Maria from England.

Edmund and Martha had nine children. He was a surveyor in Falls County. Edmund G. Pierson died 21 Mar 1929 in Marlin, Falls County, Texas. Martha Emma Montgomery Pierson died 16 May 1930 in Marlin, Texas.

Thomas and Narcissa Cartwright Slatter Pierson

Susan Roberts born 1852
Thomas Roberts, Jr. born 1853, died 17 January 1874 at Cedar Springs
Matilda Roberts born 1857

After the death of J.G.W., Narcissa Cartwright Slatter Pierson married a third time to Thomas Roberts, born 17 October 1817 in Tennessee. They had three children: Susan Roberts born 1852, Thomas Roberts, Jr. born 1853, and Matilda Roberts born 1857. Narcissa died 05 January 1897. They are both buried in the Cedar Springs Cemetery.

Powell Family

POWELL, A. B., b 6--20--1894, d "somewhere in France with U.S. Army, 2--14 1919 -- A.L. Star--

A.T. POWELL (1862--1932) and Wife Emma (b. 1864)

William L. and Cora Ella POWELL
William died 4--4--1966 -- Aged 76 Years; Cora Ella b 7--2--1888, d 12--23--1933

POWELL, Lula -- wife of Jesse Powell, b 5--11--1898, d 10--1--1927--

POWELL, Clara Marie, b 11--15--1925, d 5--12--1926--

William B. and Rosie T. POWELL
William B. Powell, born 1872, Died 1947
Rosie T. Powell, 1870--1936

Ira C. POWELL (1897--1959)(Mason)

Amos Maroy Seeley and Lydia Frances Hawthorne Seeley
Amos Maroy Seeley was born on 1/ 13/ 1882. Amos married Lydia Frances Hawthorne (born 11/ 9/ 1882).

Amos Maroy Seeley and Lydia Frances Hawthorne on their wedding day in September of 1900 in Milam County, Texas.

Homer Elmer Seeley and Zula B. Scott Seeley
Homer Elmer Seeley, son of Amos Maroy Seeley and Lydia Frances Hawthorne Seeley, was born on 12/ 1/ 1901. Homer married Zula B. Scott (b. 11/ 14/ 1905). They had four children including:
Elmer "Ernest" Seeley, born 6/ 19/ 1927
Mary Frances Seeley, born 8/ 5/ 1929
Helen Virginia Seeley, born 12/ 7/ 1931
Allen Marrel Seeley, born 8/ 16/ 1934

Homer Seeley Family photo taken on a farm near Rosebud, Falls County, Texas. Helen Virginia Seeley, born 12/ 7/ 1931, Allen Marrel Seeley, born 8/ 16/ 1934,Mary Frances Seeley, born 8/ 5/ 1929, Homer Elmer Seeley, born 12/ 1/ 1901, Zula Scott Seeley, born 11/ 14/ 1905, Lydia Frances Hawthorne Seeley, born 11/ 9/ 1882, and Elmer "Ernest" Seeley, born 6/ 19/ 1927

R.N. and Sara E. Ward
George Washington Ward

R.N. Ward, Sara E. Chick Ward, and George Washington Ward of Rosebud.

Glover and Lyde Huddleston Watkins

Ledford Watkins
Mrs. William L. Wood

Mr. and Mrs. Glover Watkins of Cedar Springs were honored upon their fiftieth wedding anniversary, Sunday, Nov. 5, 1967.

Mrs. Guy Huddleston of Cedar Springs registered the guests, and Mrs. John Pearson of Marlin played the piano. Others in the house party were Mrs. Sam Janes, Mrs Howard Barnhill and Mrs. Harvey Casey of Rosebud; Mrs. Albert Canterbury, and Mrs. Ernest Porterfield of Cedar Springs; Mrs. Milton Mears, Mrs. Lorene B. Price and Mrs. Wesley Watkins of Marlin. It was November 4, 1917, in Cedar Springs that Miss Lyde Huddleston, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Huddleston, became the bride of Glover Watkins, son of Mr. ard Mrs. George Watkins, with the Rev. Cockrell, pastor of the Cedar Springs Baptist Church, officiating at the ceremony held in the home of the bride's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Watkins have spent all their fifty years of married life in the Cedar Springs community where Mr. Watkins is in the farming and ranching business. They have two children, Ledford Watkins of Waco and Mrs. William L. Wood of Dallas, and five grandchildren. Over a hundred guests called during the afternoon to wish the couple many happy returns of the day.

Source: original newspaper clipping from family files. The Marlin Daily Democrat Marlin, TX November 8, 1967

Mike Watkins

Powell Cemetery Roll

POWELL, A. B., b 6--20--1894, d "somewhere in France with U.S. Army, 2--14--
1919 (WOW) -- A.L. Star--
POWELL, A. T., 1862--1932--
POWELL, Emma - wife of A.T. Powell, 1864--19 (death date not inscribed)--
POWELL, William L., no birth date; Died 4--4--1966 -- Aged 76 Years--
POWELL, Cora Ella -- wife of Win. L. Powell, b 7--2--1888, d 12--23--1933--
POWELL, Lula -- wife of Jesse Powell, b 5--11--1898, d 10--1--1927--
POWELL, Clara Marie, b 11--15--1925, d 5--12--1926--
POWELL, William B., 1872--1947
POWELL, Rosie T. -- wife of Win. B Powell, 1870--1936
POWELL, Ira C., 1897--1959 (Mason)
CUNNINGHAM, James R., b 1--1--1869, d 7--29--1942
CUNNINGHAM, Rosa L. -- wife of J. R. Cunningham, b 4--13--1874, d 5--2--1943
CUNNINGHAM, Pearl, 1902--1926
CUNNINGHAM, b 1--27--1895, d 10--4--1941 (Mason)
LIERMAN, Ronald Eugene, Infant Son of Bill & Margie Lierman, b & d 7--21--1955
FULLER, William F., no birth date; Died 5--1--1932 -- Aged 64 Years
FULLER, Douglas, no birth date; Died 6--24--1939 -- Aged 28 Years
HESTER, Join M., 1850--1929 -- inscribed "Father"
HESTER, Britt, b 12--14--1897, d 10--23--1954
FULLER, Mrs. Mary M., no birth date; Died 12--28--1966 -- Aged 90 Years, 11 Months, 7 Days

Cedar Springs Cemetery

MAXWELL, W. O., 1856-1943
MAXWELL, Anna - wife of W. 0. Maxwell, 1850-1920
3 Wooden Crosses without Identification
2 Wooden Crosses with Stone Slabs - No Identification
DOWNES, Thomas J., b 10-31-1863, d 6-4-1935
DOWNES, Lula K. - wife of Thomas J. Downes, b 4-9-1870, d 3-5-1956
1 Wooden Cross - No Identification
ALVEY, Jesse A., 1878-1933
ALVEY, Stella - wife of Jesse A. Alvey, 1884-1944
ALVEY, William M. - son of J.A. & S. Alvey, b 3-20-1902, d 8-6-1906
BATEY, Catherine (broken Marble Marker) - no dates or other identification
FERGUSON, A. R., b 7-12- d 8-12- (years broken off)
FERGUSON, Annie Eliza - wife of A. R. Ferguson, date of birth broken off; d 9-6-1877 (Footstone: A.E.F.)
FERGUSON, Della A. - daughter of A.R. & A.E. Ferguson, b 6-16-1877, d 11-15-1877
LINDER, A. E. - no dates - CSA: Co. E, 33rd Texas Cavalry
LINDER, Nancy - wife of A.E. Linder, b 3-9-1828, d 12-10-1909
MAYFIELD, Stephen Virgil, b 1-24-1887, d 5-18-1903
PARISH, Lesie - daughter of B.A. & L.A. Parish, b 7-15-1889, d 10-24-1889
DAVIS, Fannie, b 8-29-1888, d 9-22-1895
ROBERTS, Thomas - 3rd husband of Narcissa (Cartwright) Slatter Pierson Roberts, b 10-17-1817 in Tennessee, d 1-17-1874
ROBERTS, Narcissa (Cartwright) Slatter Pierson - ml to Francis Slatter; m2 John Goodloe Warren Pierson; m3 Thomas Roberts, b 3-16-1817, d 1-5-1897
PIERSON, Benjamin Almary - son of J.G.W. & Narcissa (Cartwright) Pierson, b 5-18-1840, d 1-31-1905
PIERSON, Mary Isabella (Jones) - wife of B.A. Pierson, b 8-26-1842, d 8-12-1900
GLASS, Matilda (Roberts) - wife of E.R.P. Glass, and daughter of Thomas & Narcissa (Cartwright) Roberts, b 6-17-1857, d 3-28-1897
GLASS, R. S. - son of E.R.P. & Matilda Glass, b 3-19-1879, d 6-14-1880
GLASS, Turnie E. - child of E.R.P. & Matilda (Roberts) Glass, b 7-12-1877, d 11-21-1882
PIERSON, Peter M. - son of Edmund G. Pierson and his 2nd wife, Martha Emma (Montgomery) Pierson, b 8-2-1878, d 5-27-1880
PIERSON, Anna M. - daughter of Edmund G. & Martha Emma Pierson, b 1-18-1883, d 7-24-1883
SALAMANDER, - This is a Wooden Cross with two stone slabs; no other identification; no dates
There are many graves in this cemetery which are unmarked, have illegible Temporary Markers, broken stones, or wooden sticks & crosses which have no identification or dates on them.
Burried without stones:

Radle, Phillip born 1841, died 1906
Pierson, B. died Oct. 1952
Batey, Anderson Lee born: died:1933-only lived 8 months.


GREER, John Wilburn, b 3-5-1806 in Georgia, d 5-13-1870 - lst wife: Sabina McElroy; 2nd wife: Catherine Allen - came to Texas 11-8-1853.
POWERS, Elijah P. (often called Elijah, Sr. - although his middle initial and that of his son are different), b 4-24-1792 in Tennessee, d 11- -1850 - came to State of Coahuila, Mexico (later Texas) in 1834 with his wife and 6 sons, and registered in Sterling Clack Robertson's Colony at its seat of government, Sarahville de Viesca (site of which is in present-day Falls County, Texas).

POWERS, Catharine (McSwarim) - wife of Elijah P. Powers, b 9-17-1789, d 9- -1846.

The 6 sons of the above couple were: William Carroll, Lecuffa, Lewis Barker, Andrew Jackson, Elijah J. (sometimes called "Elijah, Jr.), and Francis Marion Powers. POWERS, William Carroll, b 6-7-1816, d 6-1-1866
POWERS, Eliza Jane (Curry) - wife of William Carroll Powers-, and daughter of Thomas F. & Matilda (Rogers) Curry - also pioneers to the State of Coahuila, Mexico (later Texas), b 12-23-1823, d 1-5-1869
POWERS, Thomas - son of W.C. & E.J. Powers, b 8-14-1846y d 9- -1846 POWERS,
Andrew Jackson - son of W.C. & E.J. Powers, b 1-3-1843, d 8- -1846
POWERS, Elijah J. (sometimes called Elijah, Jr.), b 12-23-1823, d 1-13-1861 at age 38 years (married Winnie Taylor, who m2 Pleasant M. Beal, and is buried in Covington Cemetery near Reagan, Texas)

POWERS, Sarah Huffman - 2nd wife of Elijah P. Powers (Elijah, Sr.), and her lst husband was Solomon Huffman; b 7-12-1815, d 6-15-1863. Sarah and Solomon Huffman's children were: Lenora, Henry, Blunt Richard, Tennessee., Jane, Nicholas W., Elisa, and Safronia Huffman.

ETHERIDGE, Infant Son of G. Boykin & D.B. Etheridge, b & d 2-18-1873

ALSTON - Son of Andrew Jackson & Mary Dorcas (Barclay) Alston, b 11-20-1886, d 9-13-1887

O'NEAL, Mary L - daughter of J.R. & M.J. O'Neal, b 12-30-1883, d 6-1-1884

POWERS, Francis Marion, Sr., b 8-14-1826, d 1-14-1877

POWERS, Elizabeth Penelope (Curry) - wife of Francis Marion Powers, and daughter of Thomas F. & Matilda (Rogers) Curry, b 9-9-1830 - date of death not on tombstone (She was alive in 1892)

POWERS, Susan G., b 10-19-1851, d 8-28-1852 - daughter of F.M. & E.P. Powers

POWERS William L., b 9-4-1847 d 12-21-1869

POWERS, Laura Lee, b 7-4-1861.4 d 3- -1872

POWERS, Martha ("Mattie"), b 12-28-1865.9 d 6-3-1866

WATKINS, Willie E., b 7-20-1866, d 4-19-1867

POWERS, Theodore (called "Tabor") - son of F.M. & E.P. Powers, b 8-20-1867, d 3-10-1872

RIGBY, W. B., b WOODALL, Lizora LOWREY, L. F. LOWREY, Mary M. WOODALL, Jessie FAW, Infant Son 5-27-1820, d 2-23-
- daughter of F.M. & C.D. Woodall, b 10- -1886, d 11-13-1886

son of T.D. & M.M. Lowrey, b 5-24-1858, d 8-21-1880
- wife of T.D. Lowrey, b 3-2-1835, d 9-6-1881
- daughter of F.M. & C.D. Woodall, b 8-4-1887, d 8-8-1887 of A.E. & M.T. Fawl b 10-13-1895, d 10-14-1895

WEATHERLY, R.A., b 9-11-1853, d 4-14-1872

ETHRIDGE, W. G., b 11-25-1814, d 12-18-1873

ETHRIDGE, Walter Lee, b 7-15-1889, d 5-6-1890

CURRY, Elizabeth A. (Ethridge), b 11- -18421 d 12-13-1868 - wife of Thomas L. Curry

HUFFMAN, Nicholas W. - son of Solomon & Sarah Huffman, b 2- -1840, d 3-11-1879, aged 39 years, 1 month, 7 days

HUFFMAN, Lilly E. - daughter of Nicholas W. & E.A. Huffman, b 9-16-1872, d 7-29-1873

HUFFMAN, Julia A. - daughter of Nicholas W. & E.A. Huffman, b 10-26-1864, d 12-2-1868

HUFFMAN, Johm H. - son of Nicholas W. & E.A. Huffman, b 1-2-1868, d 6-29-1871 CURRY, Thomas F., b 2-13-1799 in Georgia, d 7-15-1885 - son of Thomas & Satsa (Vann) Curry, and husband of Matilda (Rogers) Their 11 children were: Eliza Jane, Martha, Mary Ann, Rebecca Ann, Elizabeth Penelope, Thomas Levi, Joseph, Minerva, Matilda, Sarah L., and John Curry.

CURRY, Matilda (Rogers) - wife of Thomas F. Curry, b 7-13-1805 in Tennessee, d 3-8-1881 - to Texas in 1834 with her husband and his parents.

TAYLOR, James A. - son of Reuben & Rebecca (McCall) Taylor, b 1-1-1874, d 7-1-1874

HUFFMAN, Blunt Richard - son of Solomon & Sarah Huffman, b 5-3-1833, d 10-30-1854

TAYLOR, George R. - son of E.R. & Mary Taylor, aged 11 years - no dates TAYLOR, William J., b 11-15-1822, d 10-5-1852 - lst husband of Elizabeth Ann Aldridge, b 1823 in Autauga County, Alabama, and whose 2nd husband was John W-Etheridge; and a brother of Elijah R. Taylor. TAYLOR, Elijah R., d 6-17-1861 - aged 52 years TAYLOR, James K. son of Wm. J. & E.A. Taylor, b 7-27-1852, d 1-25-1860

TAYLOR, John T. son of Wm. J. & E.A. Taylor, b 5-14-1845, d 9-3-1867

ETHERIDGE, Eli W. - son of John W. & Elizabeth Ann (Aldridge-Taylor) Etheridge, b 9-24-1858, d 8-7-1865

ETHERIDGE, Mary L. - daughter of John W. Etheridge & his lst wife, M.A. Etheridge, b 9-5-1850, d 7-29-1863

ROGERS, Matilda J. - wife of J. W. Rogers, b 7-17-1859, d 4-25-1875 TAYLOR, Mary - wife of Elijah R. Taylor, b 11-12-1815, d 1-6-1882 mcp , Ethel - daughter of , b (tombstone is almost totally destroyed). d 1880 (this

O'NEAL, Gordon 0. - son of J.R. & M.I. O'Neal, b 9-9-1872 - only one date on this tombstone

HERRINGTON, , b 7-23-1872, d 4-5-1880 - aged 7 years, 8 months, 13 days

HERRINGTON, L. A., b 3-22-1846, d 2-6-1874

McCALEB, George Washington - son of Zill Harrington & Mary Elizabeth (Martin)

McCaleb (both buried in Blue Ridge Cemetery in Falls County, Texas), b 9-30-1825, d 11-11-1890

McCALEB, Mary (Cude) - wife of George Washington McCaleb, and daughter of Timothy & Serena Cude, b 12-7-18315 d 9-7-1872

JOHNSON, Lillie E. - daughter of J. & M. Johnson, b 4-1-1851, d 9-25-1881

ETHERIDGE, John - son of G. Boykin & D.B. Etheridge, b 10-12-1869, d 7-18-1873




POWERS, Lewis Barker -- son of Elijah & Catherine (McSwarin) Powers, Sr., b 5-31-1820 in Tennessee; d 9-18-1869 - Rep. of Texas Army/Indian Fights )

POWERS, Nancy Caroline (Barron) wife of L.B. Powers, and daughter of Capt. Thomas H. Barron & his first wife, Elizabeth (Carnall) 8arron POWERS)

John W. M. -- son of L.B. & N.C. Powers, b 10--29--1848, d 8--10--1886;)

husband of Susan Roberts -- daughter of Thomas Roberts & his 2nd wife, Narcissa (Cartwright) Slater Pierson Roberts -- see * below )

POWERS, John W.M., Jr. -- son of J.W.M. & S. Powers, b 6--5--1870, d 12--5--1871)

POWERS, James H., b 4--15--1869, d 12--24--1889)

DAVIS, Sarah Catherine ("Sallie" Powers) -- daughter of L. B. & N. C. Powers, and wife of J. K. Davis, b 1849, d 1--23--1869 -- Aged 20 years)

POWERS, Elijah F. -- son of L. B. & N. C. Powers, b 11--1--1856, d 2--26--1880)

POWERS, Infant Daughter of Henry Lewis & A. Rebecca (Asbury) Powers, b 9--15--1874, d 9--22--1876)

POWERS, Infant Son of Henry L. & A. Rebecca Powers, b 4--23--1877, d 4--24--1877)

POWERS, Infant Daughter of Henry L. & A. Rebecca Powers, b & d 8--26--1876)

POWERS, Infant Son of Henry L. & A. Rebecca Powers, b & d 12--17--1882)

* POWERS, John W. M. -- died in Wichita, Kansas -- his wife, Susan Roberts Powers, is buried in Woodland Cemetery at Rosebud, Texas.)

This page serves as a bulletin board for Cedar Springs,Wilderville, and Rosebud where former residents, teachers, students, historians and other interested parties can obtain and exchange information about this area of Falls County. Anyone having anything to contribute in the way of stories and photos are urged to contact Len Kubiak

If you have any information of a historic nature to post on this webpage, please send me an email.

Len Kubiak

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