Alto Springs was was an early-day Texas Settlement established in 1846 with a combination post office and stage stop near the banks of Tucker Creek between present-day Kosse and Reagan Texas.

This webpage also contains a bulletin board for questions from our guests and a listing of the Alto Springs cemetery to assist those doing family history research.


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Photo of early-day Comanches
Photo of an Alto Springs cowboy in the 1880's


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The area around the central Texas region that briefly came to be known as Alto Springs was initially part of a shallow sea and during the ice ages became the seashore of Texas. Around 10,000 years ago, the Paleo people their way on foot from Asia across the Region that is now the Bering Sea. With a massive amount of water frozen at the poles, the Bering sea became a land bridge for perhaps a thousand years. These ancient settlers followed the herds of wooly mammoths as they crossed the land bridge near present-day Alaska and headed southward.

By the 1500's, the region was home to several nomatic Indian tribes including the Yeagues, the Huecos, the caddos, the Apaches, and Tonkawas. Map of Alto Springs area
Alto Springs Location


Alto Springs was established in 1846 with a combination post office and stage stop near the banks of Tucker Creek between present-day Kosse and Reagan.

Alto Springs had a church, a school, and a brush arbor that was used as a community center and served for several years as a gathering place for political rallies and stump speeches.

Alto Springs was considered a possible county seat when residents of Falls County were deciding on a location in 1851. The possibility faded, however, when it became clear that the Houston and Texas Central Railway would bypass the town by about three miles.

Some of the early-day postmasters of Altos Springs included:
Livingston, Middleton, 28 Sep 1857
Trigg, Abram S., 18 Aug 1858
Johns, Wm. H., 10 Apr 1861 (Resigned)
Trigg, A.S., 21 Aug 1861 (CSA)
Steele, R. G., 3 Jan 1865 (CSA)
Leetch, John N., 5 Jan 1866
Winn, Chas. W., 1 Aug 1866
Kidd, Wm. L., 7 Dec 1866

The Alto Springs post office was discontinued on June 8, 1868 and the mail routes were transferred to Kosse. However the village of Alto Springs, located between Kosse and Reagan, maintained its segregated school system. By 1900, the Alto Springs white school had one and forty-nine white students. The colored school system included two one-teacher schools with a total of 140 black students.

Alto Springs class of 1915
Alto Springs School, Class of 1915 (photo curtesy of Milton Turnipseed).

Alto Springs School, Class of 1934 (photo curtesy of Milton Turnipseed).

Alto Springs School, Class of 1937: Top Row:LEFT-TO-RIGHT: Annie Lee McCarver, Wanda Jean Johnson, Margaret Laxson, Mr. W.G. Curry, Miss Nola Hobbs, Daron Laxson, and Robert O. Springfield.
2ND Row: GC. Stone, Travis McCarver, Dorothy Jones, Billy Ed Perdue, C.G. Smith, Bivin Johnson and Darwin Crabb.
3rd Row: Jean Smith, Howard McCarver, Donald Jones, Julia Lee Kay, Ercel Laison, Billie Jean Curry, and Ruby Nell Lloyd.
4TH ROW: Vera McCarver, Jean Lloyd, Louise Williams, Nelda Faye Fenner, Olene Hill, and Charles Stone. (photo curtesy of Milton Turnipseed).

In the 1940's, the community had a school, a church, and several residences. According to Milton Turnipseed, his older sister, Imogene Turnipseed, started school in Alto Springs at the age of five (1942). Her teacher was Miss Mary Truett who later taught first and second grades in Reagan from 1946 until her retirement in the 1950's.

In 1949, the Alto Springs schools were consolidated with the Marlin Independent School District and by the 1980s only a church marked the community on county highway maps.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Walter W. Brawn, The History of Falls County (M.A. thesis, Baylor University, 1938). Marlin Daily Democrat, July 16, 1936.
Milton Turnipseed interview.


In 1900, Delilah and Johnnie Pamplin were living in Wilson County, Texas.

In the early 40's,

Roland Guy and Hazel Pauline McCarver Turnipseed

Roland Guy and Hazel Pauline McCarver Turnipseed of Alto Springs Texas
Roland Guy and Hazel Pauline McCarver Turnipseed

Children: Dorothy Imogene- Born in McClennon County on March 12, 1937.

Dorothy Imogene Turnipseed, Attended Altos Springs School in 1942.


Buttrill, J.W., born Sep 16 ??; Died Feb 04 83

Cain, Sallie A.; Born Aug 08 1847; Died Jul 02 1927; Mother.

Cain, Rev Thomas R.; Born Sep 02 1854; Died Mar 19 1929.

Cain, Catherine; Born Jan 19 1900; Died Feb 16 1928; D/o Thos. R. & S.C.

Cain, Mrs. Mary R. (Swann);Born Sep 25 1817; Died Oct 18 1915; W/o Thomas J.

Cain, Thomas J.; Born Jul 29 1813; Died Aug 17 1886.

Cain, James A.; Born 1847; Died ??

Cain, Mrs. Louisa; Born 1849; Died 1907; W/o James A.

Davidson, Dr. G.L.; Died Nov 30 1887.

Davis, Sallie; Born Sep 16 1859; Died Feb 21 1885.

Davis, Robert; Born Mar 02 1859 ; Died Aug 08 1860; S/o W.M. & M.E.

Davis, William; Born Jun 05 1832; Died Aug 23 1874


Davis, Ada Lee; Born Dec 04 1891; Died Aug 30 1902; D/o Wiley & Icy

Fenner, Mary J.; Born Apr 11 1843;Died Nov 10 1897; W/o S.J.

Garrett, R.; Born Oct 04 1901; Died Aug 13 1902.

Hudgins, S.L..

Hunt (Infant); Born Aug 07 1892;Died Aug 07 1892; D/o W.G. & L.R.

Kidd, Rev Wm L.;Born Jul 24 1825; Died Dec 30 1892.

Kidd, Rebecca; Died Jun 22 1885; Age: 87 yrs 4 mos.

Kidd, Webb;Born ???; Died Jan 18 1883: Age: 87 yrs 10 mos

Kidd, Maggie V.; Born ??; Died Apr 04 1873; W/o E.Z. Age: 33 yrs

Kidd, Dr. T.O.;Born ??; Died May 27 1867

Kimball, Claud Livingston; Born Sep 22 1878; Died Dec 04 1879; S/o S.M. & E.V.

Lehn, J.H.; Born ??; Died Jul 22 1883 in Falls Co, TX

Lewis, Mrs. P.G.; Born 1830; Died Sep 24 1878 Age: 48 yrs W/o F.A.

Oliver, Beary H.; Born Dec 14 1870; Died Sep 12 1880.

Owen, Oscar T.; Born Nov 24 1875; Died Jun 13 1899.

Price, G.W. ; Co E 35th TX Cav CSA

Riddle, T.J.G.; Born Jan 14 1858; Died Sep 15 1900.

Riddle, R.F.; Born Nov 30 1857; Died Mar 25 1899.

Riddle, V.; Born Sep 21 1876; Died Jun 19 1900.

Riddle, E.R.; Born Jun 28 1897; Died Aug 14 1900.

Riddle, E.W.; Born Feb 20 1900; Died Oct 08 1900 (infant death)

Rogers, Charles W.; Born Nov 20 1867; Died Jul 19 1892; Born in Kosse, Limestone County, TX S/o Larkin & Mary (Aycock)

Rogers, Joseph B.; Born Jun 06 1806; Died May 02 18--

Rogers, Thomas; Born May 12 1872; Died Jun 29 1873; S/o H.J. & L.M.

Tally, Alma A.;Born Mar 13 1868; Died Aug 26 1880; D/o A.D. & J.H.

Thompson, Maggie C.;Born Nov 03 1902; Died Nov 03 1902; D/o W.R. & M.C.

Thompson, James Foy; Born Jul 14 1891; Died Jan 24 1908; S/o W.R. & M.C.

Thompson, Sarah L.; Born Apr 01 1884; Died Apr 01 1884; D/o W.R. & M.C.

Warren, Emery Gillis; Born Nov 02 1893; Died Jul 30 1907, S/o G.W. & M.E.

Warren, G.W.; born Sep 18 1856; died Mar 06 1925



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